Megan Fox Ushers In the New Year; Picks Winners.

New Year's Resolution: To Be Reincarnated as that Zipper.

Well, here we are.  It’s a shame the end of the football season coincides with back-to-back holidays, because I don’t think the last two weeks of Pick ‘Em have really gotten their just due, but so be it.  Certainly don’t want to trade in Christmas.  Honestly, you can have New Year’s.  This year, we’ll come down to the final week of the regular season to crown a champion.  If there’s a tie, maybe we’ll use the playoffs as the tie-breaker.  I’ll be trying once again to go 11-0 in the playoffs, but for the actual season long contest…this is it.  Been a great year all around.  Endless thanks to the guys who did the picking, and to everyone who comes here to check out the blog.  Another year, another 1/2 million words smarter thanks to me.  Let’s close this nonsense out…

BIG DUB H:  Record, 41-35-4

I need a 5-0 week to win this thing.

Green Bay -10 vs. Chicago:

The Bears keep saying the starters will play the entire game. The line suggests otherwise. I believe the line.

Seattle +3 vs. St. Louis:

I don’t care who the quarterback is for Seattle. Can you really lay points on the road with a rookie QB trying to win a division title and a spot in the playoffs? Plus everybody is in love with the Rams and I usually hate everybody.

Tampa Bay +7.5 @ New Orleans:

The Breesus made some strange mistakes on Monday night and he got away with it. I expect him to continue to make mistakes except this time I’m not so sure his team will be able to recover. Following an emotional win the Bucs are in a prime spot to come out flat. Did you see the Saints celebrate like they won the friggin Super Bowl? Speaking of Super Bowl, this is Tampa’s and they will have a great shot to win this thing.

Washington +4 vs. New York Giants:

Let me get this straight. The Giants killed the Redskins earlier this year, Rex Grossman is the starting quarterback, the Giants have to win if they want a shot at the playoffs, the Skins season is over, and yet the line is only 4? Something smells awful about this game and it is not Eli’s pathetic 24 picks. Washington will win this game.

Miami +4 @ New England:

The Patriots have nothing to play for while the Dolphins are playing for their head coach. And if the coach is gone, a lot of them will be playing to keep their jobs. The Dolphins have historically not been the best matchup for the Pats. Toss in the fact that Miami is 6-1 on the road this year and I will gladly take the points.

That’s how you go 5-0.


GROSSY: Record, 39-37-4

Minnesota (+3.5) @ Detroit.

It’s a tough week to pick games.  I don’t know which teams are going to try.  Have they been trying all year?  It seems like Minnesota hasn’t given up yet.  Why?  I have no idea.  I guess Leslie Frazier has captivated the boys.  Most importantly, their defense looks revived, which is what will carry them to this win.  The Lions have already exceeded expectations.  Time to lose one to remind their fans that they still stink, and will probably stink again next year.

Miami (+4.5) @ New England.

The Pats will probably sprint out to a nice 10-14 point lead and then it’ll be time to yank everyone but the waterboy.  They may run the Wing-T with Gronkowski and Hernandez.  I have no idea.  What I do know is that Tommy won’t be in there.  Who is the back up?  Paging die-hard Pats fans?  Hoyer?  Who?  The Dolphins will stumble into a cover here.  They might even win and save Sparano’s job.  Support the ‘Stache!

New York Giants (-4) @ Washington.

The Giants have a shred of hope left for the playoffs.  And by that I mean they have virtually no chance, but any Eagles fans should be pulling hard for them.  Green Bay would be very bad news.  Muy mal.  I have to think there are different degrees of packing it in, and Washington will hit rock bottom on Sunday.  Not even the feisty heroics of the Sex Cannon will allow them to compete with a team with a little something to play for.  Eli comes up just short of 30 picks and the Giants win by a TD.

Green Bay (-10) vs. Chicago.

Dance in the streets Chicago.  Hopefully you were celebrating from the moment the Eagles messed themselves on Tuesday night, because the next time you win a game, it’s going to be September.  Maybe October.  In some ways it’s actually sad…another kick in Chicago’s tender area, but in other ways, it’s pretty hilarious.  Green Bay should be a high-wire TD explosion in this must win.  Watch in fear Birds fans.

San Francisco (-6) vs. Arizona.

How can I stay away from the Niners in the year when their lines made absolutely no sense.  I feel like if they were hosting the Pats next week, they’d be laying 3.5.  It’s an amazing thing.  No terrible team has ever been favored more often, I’d be willing to bet that.  Here’s a “thank god Singletary is gone, let’s go have some fun,” type of win.  Of course it helps that the Cardinals are in town and will probably be rolling into SF with one eye toward their flights departing home.  Why pick such a nothing game?  Well, it could decide the DA Fantasy Championship.


KRAFT: Record, 43-36-1

St Louis -2.5 over Seattle- And the worst division champ of all time…..part of me is actually rooting for a Seattle Seahawks 7-9 with Charlie Whitehurst as QB in the 1st round of the playoffs, but that can’t possibly happen, right?  Roger Goodell must have spoken with David Stern to figure out a way to fix this game, right?

NY Giants -4 over Wash- Sexy Rexy gets sacked 11 times, Washington cuts Donovan officially at halftime, and the mock drafts with Terrelle Pryor begin in Washington….It is great to have these guys in the NFC East, they just don’t have a clue.

TB +8 over NO- This game means more to TB than NO, so i’ll take the points.  Sean Payton is 0-4 in week 17.

Minnesota +3 over Detroit- I don’t bet against Joe Webb on the road.

Pittsburgh -6 over Cleveland- Pitt can lock up a bye with a “W”.  No excuses, just get it done.


JCK: Record, 41-37-2

Pats (-4) vs Miami. – Brady may be getting his hair curled by halftime but Brian Hoyer still might be better than Henne.

Philly (-3) vs Dallas –

SD (-3) vs Tebow

Texans (-3) vs Jax.

Giants (-4) vs Fore-skins


NICHOLS: Record, 44-35-1

Need a big week.  Not sure it will happen with these picks.  Not a great week.

Panthers +14.5…The Falcons will win at home, no doubt, but I don’t see them going hog wild on the Panthers despite the ability to cover this spread.  Carolina always plays hard against ATL no matter how much of a lock they are for the first pick of 2011.  So, that being said, the Falcons win but in an unusually close game b/w two teams at polar ends of the conference.

Pats -3.5…Dolphins are decent on the road.  Pats are untouchable at home.  I’d take the Pats with anything less than a 10 point spread.  This could bite me in the ass given the Pats stranglehold on the AFC and the desire to rest some key players, but even if the rolled out JCK for QB they’d still cover this spread.

Bears +10.5…This game could be close or either team could run away with it – I just never feel good about it – except for this year.  Both teams have a lot to play for and will play some good ‘ole hard-nosed football and it will be close.  The home team Pack get the W but not by 10.

Giants -3.5…I think I may be 50/50 with my Giants picks this year.  I’m confident that this pick will come thru.  Giants need this for their annual wild card spot which they seem to play for (I guess it’s more fun than actually winning the division).  Big Blue wins by 6.

Rams -2.5…I can’t believe I’m picking St. Louis, and I can’t believe it’s the Sunday night game, but unfortunately it may be the most meaningful game of the weekend.  I have no doubt that St. Louis can muster up enough energy to take this game by 3 and hit .500.


Reminder to the DA Finalists to get your picks in by Sunday morning.  That should do it, hopefully we’ll get the rest of the picks in sometime this weekend.  Everyone be safe tonight, and we’ll back on Monday with the regular blog schedule.


5 thoughts on “Megan Fox Ushers In the New Year; Picks Winners.

  1. anyone with partisan rooting interest in the DA Finals…

    the match-up is:

    Motorboat (Whitehurst and McCoy) vs. Neckbeards (Carolina and Buffalo)

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