In Case You Didn’t Notice…


Michael Leighton Caught Actually Closing Up the 5-Hole.


The Flyers still kinda, sorta don’t have a goalie.  The team placed Michael Leighton on waivers today, which will likely be the end for the goalie who did most of the work getting the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals last season.  Leighton’s last moment of that playoff run was a nightmare, but the team seemed committed to giving him a shot to the be the full-time guy this year.  A pre-season injury and one shaky start last week was all it took for the Flyers to move on.  There is still hope for Sergei Bobrovsky, and in the journeyman veteran category, Brian Boucher is holding down the job.  Not even a team with a perpetual goalie carousel like the Flyers can keep three guys in the rotation.  Leighton is the odd man out for now.  With Chris Pronger out, there are holes on defense and questions in goal, but the Flyers are still chugging along atop the Eastern conference.

In case you didn’t notice…the Miami Heat are actually good.  I still feel a little bit of disappointment every time I see they’ve won yet another game, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are going to be at the very least in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The only team that has really handled them all year, Boston, is now without the services of Kevin Garnett, and looks ready to be passed in the standings.  I think by the end of the year the question in the East will be can Boston stay close enough to 100% to give Miami a run, and can that complete overhaul in Orlando possibly work?  I don’t care about the answers to those questions, but they are the questions.  Around Philly, the Sixers are going about their business, methodically ruining their lottery position.  Evan Turner alternates playing 2 minutes and then looking pretty good once every 8 games. Doug Collins has a plan, and it’s to get the 16th pick in the draft.

In case you didn’t notice…The PGA Tour kicks off this week.  There is actually a decent field at Kapalua.  Jumbo Furyk, Graeme McDowell, and Dustin Johnson are all there, but the opening event for 2010 winners still doesn’t draw like it used to.  Of course, this year Tiger wasn’t even eligible, but he wouldn’t be there anyway.  No Phil, no Westwood and no Kaymer either.  If you are waiting around for Tiger, he’ll probably make his first appearance of the year at the end of the month in San Diego.  Until then, expect some marginal guys to take up the marginally interesting headlines.  The battle for the World #1 will be a story all year on Tour, but it really isn’t going to heat up until the Spring.

In case you didn’t notice…there are college bowl games going on.  Tonight Stanford plays Virginia Tech in the “Discover” Orange Bowl.  I’m old enough to remember when these Bowls weren’t named like golf tournaments.  Shouldn’t it be the Orange Bowl brought to you by Discover?  Doesn’t that sound better?  Anyway, it’s already the 3rd of January and we are still a week away from the National Championship game.  Won’t someone think about these kids’ class schedules?  The big story thus far in the Bowl Season was TCU beating Wisconsin to finish the season at 13-0.  Reaction to the game went as follows:

Person one, “Hey TCU finished the year undefeated.”

Person two, “T.C. who?”

Person one, “What?”

Good for TCU, I guess.  Maybe this will help the playoff argument.  Maybe I’ll grow wings and learn how to fly.  Anyway, buried amongst the NFL playoffs next week is Oregon/Auburn.

And, In Case You Didn’t Notice…Mila Kunis broke up with Macauley Culkin.  So, polish up those OK Cupid profiles boys, she’s on the market.



3 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t Notice…

  1. College football postseason is a colossal fail on the tv scheduling front. It is beyond me why they moved the national championship game off of new year’s day. Doubly worse that they moved it from week 17 of the NFL season (bor-ring) to teh first week of the NFL playoffs.

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