Andrew Luck Says…


Good Luck With Clausen.


When I thought about Andrew Luck going to the Panthers I felt kind of how I did when the Clippers won the Blake Griffin lottery.  Carolina doesn’t have the embarrassing history, but with reports claiming they were looking to cut costs during their rebuilding process it didn’t seem like a great place for Luck to land.  It’s not a great market either, but in the NFL you can overcome that to a certain extent.  Whether Luck c0uld have overcome the stench in Carolina…well we won’t know that, at least for now.  Carolina could easily go 1-15 next season whenever that takes place.

The decision also ends speculation of the Harbaugh/Luck package deal.  This is again just for this year, but there was a lot of speculation about Harbaugh ending up in Denver or San Fran and then that team would mortgage everything to get the number one pick, take Luck and completely start over.  It made for a nice story, I guess, and Luck could change his mind, but it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen.  With the uncertain labor situation, there is a little bit of risk for any underclassmen leaving college, and barring injury it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Luck hinders his draft prospects.  Anyway, this is good news for all those teams that accidentally won 5 games this year.  You have another shot!


Here’s a totally unrelated question:  Is Steve Carell still funny?  Or, why can’t Steve Carell get a funny project?  I had the misfortune of watching “Dinner for Schmucks” last night, and what a dreadful experience that was.  The movie got terrible reviews.  It was one of those movies that you catch a preview and you think it is going to be good.  Hey look, Paul Rudd!  Steve Carell!  The Wolf Pack guy!  Then the movie comes out and it’s total radio silence.  No one says they saw it, no one tells you it was good, and you basically forget all about it until you see it on the Red Box machine at the grocery store.

Now, I don’t pay a ton of attention to reviews.  Actually, that isn’t true.  I usually know how a movie has been reviewed, but I don’t factor it much into the decision.  I watch a lot of movies and there are enough occasions where I am entertained by poorly reviewed flicks for me to keep taking chances.  I assume it will at least be watchable.  I don’t have the absolute highest standards.  But, Dinner for Schmucks was atrocious.  And, it checked in at almost two hours.  It made me think, what has Steve Carell done for me lately?  Aside from The Office in syndication?

I think we can all agree that The Office has become, at best, hit and miss.  I still watch it, but I can’t remember the last great episode.  And, Michael has become almost an extraneous character on his way out, and I don’t care about his thing with Holly.  So, he’s leaving the Office.  Let’s take a look at his recent movies:

  1. Dinner for Schmucks
  2. Date Night
  3. Get Smart
  4. Evan Almighty
  5. Dan in Real Life

Hmmm…not exactly a murderer’s row.  Dan in Real Life is decent.  It’s ok.  But, that’s the oldest one on the list.  I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Get Smart, but I think I know the idea.  Carell’s an awkward idiot?  I just can’t believe we’ve gotten here from the Glory Days of ’06 when The Office was kicking and Carell was in 40-year old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine, etc.  I’m also brining this up, because according to IMDB Carell has a ton of movies in development.  So, obviously his ability to get roles hasn’t diminished, but how many more stink bombs are we going to have to sit through?



11 thoughts on “Andrew Luck Says…

  1. I’ll second that Dinner for’ was a bomb (there was like 2 times it caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud).

    Other movies recently seen:

    -The American- This is nothing like I thought it would be. Looking back I think I liked the movie because it rarely made me bored, but don’t be expecting Bond/Borne.

    -Black Swan- Best ballet movie Ive seen (does that mean anything). Not gripping for me, but I actually didn’t hate it. In fact the more time that passes the more I fondly remember it. And it poses a good question: Who would you rather bang: Portman or Kunis?

    -The Other Guys- Pretty funny, worth seeing if you just need some good entertainment.

    -Unstoppable- This is my top pick for mockable movie of the year. I hated it. I thought of 5 ways to stop the train as soon as it started moving. There’s no plot, Denzel is over the top, and it stretches the limits of claiming to be inspired by a true event. This movie was a remake of “Speed” on train tracks— which is more believable, a city bus leaping a 100 foot gap in the freeway, or a popping up and riding on one rail? Spoiler Alert: Hey, how about trying to helicopter in the Marine a few more times? Hey, the train is only going 70 mph, why not try driving along side it to jump on as your first plan? Why try to drag the runaway train to a halt– just jump car to car, get to the front and turn of the engine?
    I found this SNL skit far more entertaining:

    Easy A- CHICK FLICK! She’s not hot enough!

    That’s all for now– Regina out.

  2. That’s really good movie knowledge, Regina. Appreciate that.

    Didn’t like Emma Stone or Aly Michalka, huh?

    Regina is a little picky.

  3. I saw The Fighter, and anyone who wants to see a RIDICULOUSLY good performance should go watch Christian Bale in this movie. Personally, i enjoyed the movie as a whole but i’m in the minority with my ability to tune our Marky Mark and ignore his horrific acting and level of annoyance factor. All in all, worth seeing, especially when at the end they’re showing the real life dick eklund and you see how obscenely Bale nailed it. Could have been a better movie (more focus on Eklund, which i thought was the more interesting story plus it never really chooses a “direction”), but definitely worth seeing.

    Part of me wants to commend Luck, the other part wants me to say he’s a completely dumba*s for doing this. Why risk injury when you’re already the first pick? It’s not like football injuries can’t happen and completely derail careers/draft status (McGahee).

    • i love Christian Bale from such stunning performances as Laurie in Little Women…and the fact that he is the step-son of Gloria Steinam.

      q, too, if looking forward to the fighter…but as she told 3-Putt, from work experience…”rough streets of Lowell,” cry me a river Marky Mark.


  4. Looking forward to seeing the fighter.

    I don’t know if it was the smartest move by Luck. There has to be less chance he gets hurt than a RB, but I imagine he’ll have an insurance policy.

    I’m not sure how it works if there is a lockout. Do they still have the draft, and the players just sit and do nothing?

    Does the draft get delayed? Rolled into super draft 2012?

    Missing a year of football wouldn’t help him, but it sounds like some kind of deal is going to get done eventually. the players can’t afford otherwise.

    • Isn’t there a provision (total assumption here) that if you declared and there was a lock out you could go back to NCAA? I assume that the “professional rule” probably has to have a loop hole if there is no alternative, and in the case of a lockout he wouldn’t be pro b/c the league would be non-operational. It would present an interesting quandary.

      • I’m not sure how it works.

        I think I haven’t looked into it, because I’m more comfortable pretending the lockout isn’t going to happen.

        I did hear that Saban was advising his juniors to think about staying, so I imagine there has to be some stumbling block for coming back to school.

        with the guys who are declaring now, i am sure they are peacing out on school, so they probably wouldn’t be able to waltz back in come September…????

      • Yeah, who knows? This is why the NCAA needs to be a little more flexible at times. Put in a provision for this. Same thing with Mike Williams in my eyes. A judge rules the NCAA mandate illegal, so the kid declares. Then it’s overturned by some other judge, and the NCAA tells him “oh well, you already declared, you’re done.” I just don’t get it. It’s so transparent that they don’t give a sh*t about the kids at all and are only in it for the money. Just disgusting.

        Another “case in point” is the OSU thing. Pryor, et al won those rings, they OWN them. Why should the NCAA Have any say over what they do with them?

      • yeah, the rules are so antiquated. I heard about a kid who had to pay back 5 dollars for a ride he took across campus in someone’s golf cart.

        And, instead of realizing their structure is completely obsolete, they keep trying to fit all these new scenarios into the old guidelines.

        it’s like trying to play blu ray in a Beta Machine….

        doesn’t work, gotta get the new technology. gotta scrap these rules and start over.

  5. did you get to see the ESPN highlight clip of some guy in the Hawaii golf tournament who double bogeyed cause he hit a ball twice that rolled back down the hill to him…they said, “the ball was very attached to him.”

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