The Mouth That Roared.

...Through a Bag of Doritos.

Rex Ryan.  Egomaniac?  Master of Motivation?  World’s Greatest Decoy?  Never met a camera he didn’t like?  Something is going on here.  Rex Ryan seems incapable of shutting his mouth, and considering the Patriots’ history of using bulletin board material I wonder if he should have strayed from the blueprint he established last week when the Jets finally took down the Colts.

How much credit do you want to give to Ryan’s brashness, though?  The Colts were a battered mess, Jim Caldwell did everything in his power to lose the game, and still the Jets needed to sneak through the back door.  It wasn’t the most convincing win, but Ryan hardly took a breath before moving the crosshairs to his next target.  He had actually started talking trash on the Patriots during the Colts week, but once the game was official, Ryan zeroed in on Bill Belichick.

Ryan’s theory is that the Jets and Patriots are even.  The only way to come to that conclusion is to say they both won a meeting during the regular season.  The Jets won at home way back in week two, a game that feels like it was played five years ago at this point.  The Patriots won their more recent home game in slightly more decisive fashion, 45-3.  So, one game each, but not exactly a Steelers/Ravens type of split.  The Patriots will be home again for this one, but Ryan sees a draw all the way up through the rosters and coaching staff.  According to him, it’ll all come down to Ryan vs. Belichick. They hold all the cards.

I’ve never heard a coach say something quite like this.  Sure, coaches take blame all the time after a loss, but this feels like Ryan is setting himself up to take the credit.  I understand NFL coaches must be single-minded, and I’m sure there are a few egos out there that match Rex’s, but I’ve never seen it manifest like this.  Not only is Ryan pointing all the attention at himself, he’s doing it by calling out the most successful coach of this era, and a coach who he acknowledges thrashed him in their last meeting.  Why?

For me, I feel like the Jets must know they aren’t in a great spot here.  Everything went New England’s way in their last meeting, but even so, it’s hard to imagine the Jets making up six touchdowns this time around.  They’re underdogs. Pretty large ones for a game at this stage of the season, and Ryan is robbing them of their chance to take advantage of that. There will be no rallying around the “no respect” issue like Seattle did last week.  There will be no chance that the Patriots allow their heads to swell and maybe New England comes out sluggish.  Nope, Ryan took care of all of that.  He sharpened New England’s intensity and robbed his own team of their underdog mentality in one short press conference.

I spent the afternoon yesterday trying to figure out if there was a logical explanation for what Ryan was doing. Maybe he’s superstitious to the point where he thinks he now has to make every game, “personal.”  Or maybe he realizes it is going to take an alignment of the planets for the Jets to win this one, so he’s setting things up to take the fall himself, rather than have that scrutiny fall on the players.  But, if the Jets lost this game quietly, I don’t think there would have been much scrutiny.  They are more than a TD dog, and no one is really expecting them to win.  In house disappointment would have been all Ryan had to think about, but now we have all this.

I’m sure Jets fans will say they love it.  It’s Ryan coming to life the parodies of him at KSK, and I suppose if you are a Jets fan you must buy into the bravado.  But, it seems a little hollow to me.  Ryan is just crowing for the sake of crowing at this point.  He wants the Jets to the top story on ESPN.  He wants to be part of that story.  He got a taste during Hard Knocks, and now can’t resist?  I’m not sure, but I wonder if any of his players are thinking, when is this guy going to shut up?



6 thoughts on “The Mouth That Roared.

  1. I think he’s doing it to protect Sanchez.

    If the Pats win all the blame comes crashing down on Ryan and Sanchez’s poor play will get minimal attention.

    And if the Jets somehow win he can easily spin it and say, “The Pats slipped up, I had the right calls, but the players executed them to perfection. Without them playing the way they did none of it happens. And that all starts with Mark doing what he did today.”

    I know this may sound weird, but I never liked the underdog role. I want to be the best going into a matchup. I want to know I am the superior opponent and if I did what I need to do then I can’t be beat.

    As an underdog I need to play the perfect game and have some things go my way. That’s not a fun spot to be in.

    Yes, and underdog role can motivate you. But the thought of knowing you are better before it starts is how I like to do it.

    • That’s interesting, but if you truly believe you’re equal (as Ryan is saying) then you believe it’s just disrespectful and you don’t think you need to play the perfect game. So it becomes more motivational.

  2. I just think it’s hard to shift out of it if they happen to win…

    and, i have the feeling it’d be right on to Pittsburgh, or the next team.

    it’s personal between him and dick lebeau or some nonsense…

    and, i think everyone would chose to be the favorite, especially in a team sport. I think maybe you misunderstood a little bit. Yeah, you’d rather be better, but sometimes you aren’t, and the Jets aren’t this week. There’s no doubt about that in my mind. But, Rex is calling them equal. And, I think one way a dog can win aside from playing the perfect game is to catch the favorite off guard, or really rally around being underdogs. i think that is what happened in Seattle last week. They were up for the game, hasselsnatch pulled a few throws out of his ass and they won.

    i think Ryan fanning the flames increases the chances they get NE’s best game right from the first snap. I mean, you beat a team by 6 TDs, that has to breed some overconfidence, but I think the Jets will miss out on that now.

    but, yeah, i’d always rather be the Pats in this scenario.

    • I don’t think I do 10 things during a normal day, let alone one where I am snowed in.

      Back in the day the list would be like, sledding, snow football, ride around in the car and try not to get stuck in a drift.

  3. hhahhahahaha…did you make snow-phanatics?

    sledding was nothing to mess with. also, i remember always wanting to make an igloo and felt too dumb not to be able to figure out how to construct one…early signs of a failed-one-semester-civil-engineering-major-wanna-be.

    i also remember a blue puffy patched down coat that i was forced to wear outside. there are several photos of a 4 year old screaming in that coat, funny how the strawberry shortcake mittens didn’t mitigate the distress?


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