The Action Flick Returns

I Would Have Put Jessica Biel on the Poster, But Whatever.

At some point I stopped watching action movies.  Not completely, but I certainly didn’t see them in the theater, and I would only occasionally catch one on television.  I’m not sure why.  I guess in some ways, I am a slave to my own perceived intellect.  Can’t be bothered watching things explode for 90 minutes.  I’d rather choke down some odd drama instead, and that is what I did/still do on most occasions.  I wasn’t always of this opinion.  We’re talking about a huge fan of the Die Hard series, among others, but eventually I just stopped paying attention.

I think this was because of two things.  First, the action just got too out of control, too implausible.  It’s not like Die Hard could happen, but I think maybe most people have this threshold for feasibility…there has to be some there?  I do, or at least I did at one time and I kind of lumped all these new movies with bigger and more implausible stunts into the “ridiculous” category.  Also, I think I associated the run on comic book movies with action movies.  Any movie about a superhero is very, very difficult for me to tolerate.  I still hold firmly on that, but to group those movies with the true action genre isn’t really fair.

I’ve had a bit of a low brain intensity awakening in the past few weeks.  It started when I was confronted with absolutely no choices for a movie.  I think to myself, why don’t you occasionally not see a movie and then there would actually be something to pick from.  But, I’m looking, and about the only thing I see is The Expendables.  The Sly Stallone and every other juiced up action guy of the 80s and 90s movie.  I remember openly mocking this film when it was in the theaters. I’m sure I was very elaborate with my derision.  Oh, that’s going to be awffffful.  But, I really had no choice.  As I watched, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The plot is, of course, absurd.   But, who cares really?  I found myself thinking it was quite watchable, which is the only thing I was looking for.  Where a horrendous comedy like Dinner for Schmucks, had failed to meet that minimal requirement, The Expendables had come through.

From there, I hit the books.  This was an accident as well.  I was at the bookstore just after Christmas and there were 2 books I definitely wanted, but I had a gift card.  There was going to be a few dollars left over, so instead of having 6 bucks on a Barnes and Noble card I might lose, I said to myself, just get another book now.  I didn’t have a book in mind, though, and I was in a bit of a hurry.  So, I did a quick browse, read the back of something and decided to pull the trigger.  Only when I got home did I realize it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  This was a pretty superficial book. Predictable plot, only good looking people, some sex, some intrigue…you get the idea.  In a flashback to my Dominick Dunne days, I tore through that bad boy in a couple of days.  Satisfied, again.

And, so last night when I decided I needed to rent a movie because I wasn’t sure what this snow scenario was going to be, I had absolutely no second thoughts when getting the A – Team.  Now, this is something I never would have done a month ago.  I didn’t watch the show.  I had no interest when the movie was in the theater, but there I was.  And, it was a good movie.  Better than The Expendables.  By a mile.  Now, again, it’s completely ridiculous.  Rampage Jackson is a terrible, terrible actor.  But, it was entertaining.  Sh-t eating grins, lay-up humor, explosions, Jessica Biel.  It was a pretty simple and workable equation.  I had a grand old time.  Welcome back, action flick.


2 thoughts on “The Action Flick Returns

  1. did i misread, or was there a conscious intent not to reveal the name of that “generic” book?

    and yo, 3-P, i just did some research…while I should be doing other work…um, what in good earth does ACK have to do w/ Nantucket?


  2. It was called The Agency.

    ACK is the airport code for Nantucket apparently.

    I’m going to invent the VRN sticker for people from Malvern.

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