The Public Team Super Bowl.

I am out of town for a couple of days and I didn’t get to watch the conference championship games like I normally would have. Of course I saw enough to know that my picks went 2-0, fending off a pair of backdoor cover attempts. Clinched a winning post-season, which after my regular season feels about as good as picking up a participation trophy. Anyway, some thoughts on the games, from what I saw, and if anyone out there wants to enlighten me, they can have at it.

This came up while getting occasional game updates in the car today…Todd Collins? How? Why? Obviously the Bears were in some trouble with or without Cutler, but I don’t understand Collins. They saw what he could do this season, and yet there he still is as the back-up. The best thing that can happen when Collins is on the field is he gets hurt. Anything else is costing you points or field position. I didn’t really see Caleb Haine, but at least a heartbeat out there? Probably doesn’t matter, but how do you hamstring yourself with Collins in the back-up role?

Did Rex Ryan take this loss worse than his players? I saw him after the game, and he looked crushed. Just devastated, thinking about tears. Ryan is a loudmouth, and maybe needs a tad of perspective, but he certainly cares. I think he likes coaching the Jets more than the players like playing for the team. What’s his value as a coach? It is hard to say definitively. I think he’s gotten about as much as you can out of the last two years…neither of those teams were good enough to win the Super Bowl.

Now that we have the game that I said I wanted out of this final four…are we really ready for it? These are two of the most successful franchises in the history of pro football. The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls. Six Lombardi trophies. Note there is no Andy Reid trophy. Is everyone ok with this rich getting richer scenario? I guess I am, because it produces what should be a pretty good game and I still have something to complain about. Talk about the best of both worlds.


How much time is wasted in NFL games? If they snapped the ball before 2 on the play clock for the first 3.5 quarters maybe you’d get another possession or two and we wouldn’t have to see the uninspired hurry up with 5 minutes left.

Fourth and goal and LT up the gut? Really, NY?

I think Namath was probably rooting for the Steelers. If the Jets win another Super Bowl, everyone will realize Broadway Joe wasn’t that good.

I was going to give Dub some serious heat for his Bears nonsense, but I do have to admit he picked the Steelers/Packers at the beginning of the year. But, if there was an “Enough already with the Bears” awful pick of the week, he would have gotten it. Hopefully he can at least admit the Bears stink now and stop trying to bastardize my one good college football theory.

Syracuse is 0-2 since I pegged them as National Champs. You’re welcome. Nice game for ‘Nova.

The AL East is compiling a 2004 All-Star team. Great additions. Andruw Jones bet: average or homers plus 200. So if he hits 17 homers, will he hit .218 or better? Also love that Cashman came out and basically said, don’t blame me when Soriano sucks.

Ok, that’s it. Happy Monday everyone.


24 thoughts on “The Public Team Super Bowl.

  1. dear 3-Putters,

    in honor of raji’s sunday performance,
    this footage brightened my day…hope
    has a similar impact for y’all.


  2. I heard Cutler tore his MCL. I’ve done it, as I’m sure others here have, and frankly, you can get a shot and a brace and play through it. Doesn’t matter though – the Packers owned that game. Cutler comes thru with another DA performance. Love it.

    I didn’t rrealize it until the end of the game, but the Steelers did not score in the second half. They leaned on the D. They knew the Jets would make a stand but I think they gave up some points and decided to close the book on them. That kind of mentality and talent wins SBs.

    I still don’t know which way to go. The Packers O is killing it so my momentum theory gives it to them. The Steelers D is solid, so my D wins SBs wants to give it to them. I think this is a pretty even matchup and the line should be tight.

    Hats off to Polish Sausage Butkis for his “This game will come down to the O-Line” prediction last night. The Steelers O-Line was incredible.

  3. I heard it was a sprained MCL? Either way, one Dave “Darkwing” Webster would call it “fagitis”.

    I think Rodgers is a better QB than The Raper, but it’s his first time in the big game and they won’t be running against the Steelers. The Steelers could run away and hide with this one under that scenario. For what it’s worth, i think the Jets have a good o-line and a pretty good running game, and Pitt still slammed the door on them pretty good.

    • Fagitis. Darkwing. Love it. A sprained MCL is even less than a tear, and you can play with both. Talk radio has been ripping him a new one today, and in my opinion, rightfully so.

      I agree with your entire breakdown, but I’m holding out on picking a team. I heard today that one of the first lines came out had Pitt giving one point and tons of people jumped on it. The latest numbers I’ve seen range from -1.5 to -2.5 for Green Bay. 4th tightest lines in the history of the Superbowl, and the first time the NFC has been favored since the Greatest Show on Turf. I really hope the game lives up to the hype.

  4. dear 3-Putt out of town.

    i’ve never seen this before, but FYI, the…has a wednesday forecast of “ice pellets.” not sure what that even means?

    i do know, i am wearing wool socks and gloves inside, and i am still ffrrreeeezing.

    since when did philly become the new boston? i want a refund.


      • okay. YOU SERIOUSLY JUST MADE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF and my major life decision to move south…remember, DC, i signed that five year contract, dozen cookies and hours of babysitting each week!


  5. Probably the thing I will remember the most is how much I resented the fact that my dog has to go outside to poop, and also how long it takes her to do it.

  6. I should clarify that “go outside” means that the dog has to be walked, usually about a mile. We don’t have a fenced-in yard.

    • some guy froze to death in a car, last night in pa.
      sketchy story. but, um. i dunno.
      believe me, the way my body responds to cold…i started to imagine what that would look like.

      florida anyone?

      let’s take this show on the road.

      and, and DC…get practical, if you’re gonna live up there and eat fresh maple syrup, compromise by turning your basement into a mini-indoor-track with a giant dog poop hole in the middle?! i expect more creativity from that great brain of yours…


  7. Cutler couldn’t plant and throw before he got hurt. When other players call you out, you have issues. Your teammates should stand by you (and his have) but the real story comes from other players.

    -14? I’d let my dog crap inside.

  8. No. It’s just really really cold. You can manage for about twenty minutes but much longer than that you would need some specialty clothing. Toes and fingers are the first to go even if you are wearing gloves and thermal socks.

    I once went skiing in Quebec when it was -26 at the summit. If you didn’t cover all exposed skin, it was literally instant frostbite when you added in the wind from skiing.

  9. and about the OSCARS…

    OKAY, and 3-PUTT, we have no film making standards, IT’S official. apparently neither does by father and a large chunk of film critics.

    DUDE, while i do not stand with BK and blast the concept of Facebook…and I DO THINK Eisenberg deserved an actor nomination …to my dismay, this generic pop culture film received a best picture nom, and MORE CRINGE WORTHY, received a best EDITING (who what twins?) and best screenplay nom…

    worst screenplay nomination since Titanic, and was that even nominated?

    i’m kind of sick to my stomach about this. i now have no faith in my film credibility.

    and also, and also – this seems to prove recent rumors that big production companies can really influence the oscars.

    it’s not about art. sometimes. sometimes it’s only about the money: hollywood. baby. just another day at the office.


  10. I don’t have the same issue with the screenplay. I don’t think the movie is that freat, but I think the writing is decent, and the dialog is pretty sharp. I know there are some lines stuck in your head you don’t like, but I think the writing might be the best part of it. What’s it up against? There aren’t any sterling scripts jumping up in my mind.

    • yeah, you’re right. i jostled this in my head after i ranted…hmmmmmmmmm. yeah, some of the dialogue was fine. i think “kids are all right” and king’s speech did well, too with nominations…should see that one, according to pops q.

      and kids are all right was just a mediocre script as well, both seemed to reek the occasional maloderous cliche.

      um, i just…not like you and i are ones to talk, q especially, but – social network was sort of like – yeah, very hollywoodized pace of plot, some god awful cheeeese, stereotypes and cliche. the eisenberg character pretty much the only non-cliche.

      i just hate the smell of cliche in high art.

      i expect that from the oscars, this is outstanding film achievment, no? or is it like trying to win miss america and you’re tina fey?

      i dunno.


    • yeah, i’m a lil puzzled?? i wonder are they thinking: night beside spouse, v. night risking life? and they choose the latter? fishy. frozen fishy. q

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