Happy Pro Bowl Week.

The Whole Thing Just Screams Awkward, Doesn't It?

There’s no point in ripping the Pro Bowl. Everyone knows the game is a total joke. On the spectrum of All-Star games, where not a one carries weight, the NFL version is easily the most pointless. I think my least favorite part of the Pro Bowl is that it skews career stats. He made 6 Pro Bowls…ok, how many of those were as a 7th alternate? The one saving grace was that the game was held in Hawaii, but they even messed that up last year. Overall, it’s a terrible concept and a terrible game that has to hold everyone over until the Super Bowl. Only that…the Super Bowl doesn’t always give you much of a game either.

Many of the Super Bowls in my viewing lifetime have been miserable affairs. Blowout doesn’t even begin to describe some of the Buffalo and Denver debacles I witnessed in my Super Bowl formative years. There was actually a time when I thought the most exciting thing about Super Bowl Sunday was getting to drink as much soda as I wanted. It was either that or the Bud Bowl. I’m not sure. You wonder why the Super Bowl needs all those ridiculous props and square pools? It’s because the game can very often be terrible. That said, the game has taken some positive turns in recent years with some upsets and good finishes. Some of my Super Bowl highlights over the years…

1. Pats/Rams. The Rams were an old school NFC prohibitive favorite. I was still getting over Drew Bledsoe not playing. One of my favorite QBs of all-time had saved the AFC championship game, but the Pats stuck Brady back in there for the big one. The real memory of this game, though, is that I received multiple calls from JCK, who was in attendance. As the time ticked down, JCK said he was roaming the concourse, looking for someone still selling beer. Then he blurted out that the Pats were going to win. My response? Dude…go back to your seat and watch the damn ending.

2. Steelers/Cards. Obvious bonus points for watching it in Jamaica, but this game illustrates a classic Super Bowl point. You’ve got to pick a team. Usually, it’s the underdog. So there we were (JCK, BK and myself), rooting pretty hard for those Arizona Cardinals. There didn’t seem to be much hope for a game, but Warner and company showed. When Arizona scored what was almost the winning score…we exploded. Of course, then Pittsburgh scored, the Cards lost, and we were over it pretty quick. It was a good last hour, though.

3. Ravens/Giants. This game is memorable for me for a couple of reasons, but I mention it because it was my only Super Bowl pool win. We had a bunch of people over to our apartment and collected some cash for a pool that included guessing the MVP. I happened to hit it, but so did several others. I think I got my money back, which as I stated above is my best performance ever. Of course this won’t stop me from hitting a square pool this year, see if I can do any damage with my usual 2/6.

4. 49ers/Bengals. This was the first Super Bowl I remember watching that was a decent game. My first Super Bowl ever was Bears/Pats…mess. Others seemed to be a race to see how many points the Broncos could fall behind by at halftime. Bengals/Niners was a bit different. I’m talking about Niners/Bengals part two by the way. This wasn’t the best Niners team, but everyone assumed they’d win big thanks to Montana and NFC dominance. The Bengals gave them all they wanted until Montana hit Taylor on the final drive. It was a great game, and one that made me believe in great quarterbacks.

5. Colts/Saints. That ending. That Manning-Face. Poetic.

Others worth mentioning:

Eagles/Pats. Did Donovan puke? Hard to say. The pinnacle of Eagles clock management.

Niners/Chargers. For how bad the Chargers were. I mean, wow. You think of how good some recent Charger teams were and this is the one that made the Super Bowl.

Rams/Titans. Because some close games you still don’t care about. Ugh, awful.

What were your favorites?


12 thoughts on “Happy Pro Bowl Week.

  1. I was just thinking about that Chargers Super Bowl and it blows my mind that was the team in the big dance. Who was the QB? Stan Humphries. Was Natron Means out there? I don’t even know howmto spell his name.


    Bills/Giants was The first game I could really remember. I was the biggest Bills fan ever just for that game. When Norwood went out to kick the FG I kept asking my dad if he’d make it.

    My little mind, well it’s still small, couldn’t wrap itself around the significance of the kick. My heart and stomach couldn’t take the pressure. I went into another room only to hear my mom yell, ” Noooooo!”

    I was pissed and stunned he missed. But my biggest pain stemmed from the fact I had worn a Bills hat all game rooting my pre pubescent balls off.

    Oh well. It was good to experience failure early because I had no idea what the Eagles would do to me over the years.

  2. Wow, no mention of Pats/Giants? The greatest super bowl upset in history? Pretty sure that one deserves a special place, if only for JCK telling me “you have half an hour, then not another word” when i got back to the car, followed by Hatch having to tell her dad in whispers over the phone “Yeah….he’s in the back….no…..he’s got a huge smile on his face……yeah he’s the only one…” Then me breaking out all sorts of add ons that week-golf balls, Giants t-shirts, hats, you name it-just rubbing it in.

  3. Yeah, Stan Humphries, yikes. We talk about the NFC West being bad, but how bad was the entire AFC back in the day?

    I’m not going to put a Giants win on my list, but I’m sure for NY fans that will always be number one. It was an exciting finish and the fact that you and JCK were there together is really a piece of magic.

  4. Bears/Pats is the first SB I can remember too.

    My first real SB rooting interest started with the Broncos in the mid-80s. I was probably just rooting against the Giants/Redskins at first, but then for some reason I never stopped rooting for Elway and the mile high horses. So, absent an Eagles SB win, my favorite SB memory has to be watching #7 finally win in 1998.

    This game had it all. The game was tied in the 4th quarter. It was the first SB in a long time that wasn’t a blowout and/or won by a team from the NFC East not named the Eagles. And Favre lost. Does it get any better than that?

  5. Super Jamaica bowl I. A game BK admitingly was going to root for the Pats before his Doble Giants slid in…nightmare. One of the worst days of my life. Gross, you failed to discuss the party favors, decorations, and unwanted guests (see Runyan, Scott) of the Ravens Giants.

  6. PS anyone lonely in the middle of the night looking for friendly banter? Feel free to post. Since my son gets us up every 15 minutes Im available to chat.

  7. I hear you JCK. But it does get better pretty soon. Not “great” or “like it used to be” but better. Last night we were only up once between 3am and 3:45am.

  8. ugh, parenthood sounds really disorienting…jck, i’ll keep my btown eye open for ya when my philly one cant sleep cause of an upstairs neighbor who (like right now) has raves from 1030pm to 11am. why me, waaaah? i’ll trade you tom brady and ur baby cries for me neighbor and andy reid?

    and when i’m a parent, the kid will drink nyquil w/ me!


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