Power Cords, Snow Surrender and the Lost Buffer Zone.

I guess I have to start with an apology. I’m sure most people weren’t expecting a pick or a lovely lady today, but I was going to throw one up anyway…maybe even pick the Pro Bowl. Surprise! But, the power cord for my computer is currently just outside Richmond. Virginia and I am not. So, all that valuable research I put into selecting the proper picture ends up being for naught. I also don’t even know the line for the Pro Bowl, so the whole segment is really trashed. I’m not sure why it is the case, but I am incapable of leaving my sister’s house without forgetting something. Pair of gloves, charger, the power cord. I could explain them all off as extraordinary events, but the real truth is I am probably just disorganized.

You win, snow. I wasn’t even around to have to dig out of this one, but the aftermath alone is enough to make me dream of warmer climates. Actually, the cold isn’t that big of a deal, but the unrelenting string of “snow events” has got to go. I think there has been snow on the ground since Christmas and after that foot and a half I’m sure we won’t see grass until March. I know this is commonplace in many areas and I’m really not concerned with other people’s snow stories or snow toughness. This one is all about me. I’m tired of the snow, I’m tired of the idiots saying, “so much for global warming.” It was only a few years back that we got about six inches all winter. Let’s go back to that.

Jeff Fisher got canned, which of course eliminates the guy Andy Reid could point at when people asked how he still had a job. Fisher’s tenure was even longer and less successful than Big Red’s, and I imagine being buried in Tennessee had a little to do with his longevity. Nice friendly market. Like Jerry Sloan in Utah. I think Andy is now the most senior head man, but he still doesn’t have a Super Bowl. I guess the only person left to point to now is Bill Cowher.

The power seems to be slipping from Andy fingers lately. I guess it could all be coincidental, but he doesn’t seem to have all the control anymore and his job looks like it could be on the line next year…something I never thought would happen. Immediately after Fisher was let go there was speculation he could end up here as the defensive coordinator. That’d be great for the team, but maybe bad news for Andy. Fisher is the kind of coordinator you hire to eventually take over as head coach. Looks like it was just another rumor, but with every passing week and month it looks like the protective shell around Andy Reid is getting chipped away. Incidentially, that protective shell, if you were wondering, is made out of candy.

In closing I’d like to extend a big middle finger to everyone who doesn’t clean the snow off the roof of their car. I hope you get buried under an avalanche of tickets. Just so you know, I don’t feel like engaging evasive radar while I am driving behind you. Get in touch with reality, or at the very least I hope you get stuck in a ditch.

All right everyone, taker easy, Go Tiger, go NFC, go Charlie Sheen, I’ll see everyone (probably still in text only form) on Monday.