Jamie Chung Was Going To Pick the Pro Bowl.


Real World Alum Makes Good.


I think she had NFC 55, AFC 41.  I can’t be sure, but that is how it is being recreated in my memory.  Pretty exciting times around these parts when I can once again plug my computer into the wall device.  Thank you US Postal Service. Too bad the computer can’t be powered with my own tremendous brain waves.  Anyway, I wanted an attention grabbing picture to welcome everyone back to the wonderful world of color, so hopefully this will suffice.  The power cord arrived just in time.  Tomorrow we’ll be able to break down the Super Bowl a little bit.  I have this sinking feeling I may run into a celebrity in the next day or two, and the Super Bowl will be picked on Friday.  It’s been a while, but someone got both championships game right…In the meantime here is some news, possibly a few notes.

-Every single good college football recruit in the country is headed to warm weather it seems.  Hard to blame them. Perhaps the country should be divided and the northern states get their NFL teams, and the southern states get college football.  North vs. South, no problems there right?  Aside from the Cowboys, I don’t really see a conflict.

-The Cavs have lost 21 in a row proving the god of sports has a pretty dark sense of humor.  I’m not sure if this proves the “LeBron was right,” point, it just proves that without LeBron the Cavs are terrible.  The Cavs can’t match the flair of last year’s Nets who danced with an 8 win season for a while, but I see no reason why they can’t lose 30 or 40 in a row. Go Cleveland!

-Tiger Woods could fall to 4th in the World Golf Rankings this week.  The only accurate and easy to understand portion of these rankings used to be Tiger sitting at #1.  Now, having him in the top-20 seems a bit like a joke.  The guy is getting harassed on Twitter, rookies are questioning his focus and drive, he was historically bad (for him) at Torrey Pines, and only John Daly saved him from being the saddest story of the week.  Tiger returns next week in Dubai, another place he’s never been out of the top-10.

-I wonder what everyone’s thoughts on Brian Wilson are.  I know I am biased.  The Giants make me ill.  I am just trying to decide if this guy was on my team, would I find him amusing?  I assume everyone has seen the clip of him on George Lopez by now?  I have to admit taking the one hat off to reveal another hat is pretty classic.  I still think he might be trying too hard.  This week he showed up in Phoenix to caddy in a practice round for Pat Perez (noted friend to multiple major leaguers).  Wilson: hilarious or annoying as hell?

-I saw an article on Deadspin on Monday that said no MLB player hitting .299 (since 1975) had ever walked in his last at-bat of the season.  They always tried to get to .300.  That makes sense.  Little differences can sometimes feel much bigger.  It made me think of pizza.  You never see 1 piece of pizza leftover.  If it gets down to the nitty-gritty and there is only one piece left…someone is taking that thing down.  If there is half a pie left, maybe that’s worth saving, but 1 piece? I’m swinging for the fences.

The Wilson Video if you happened to have not seen it….



8 thoughts on “Jamie Chung Was Going To Pick the Pro Bowl.

  1. i thought the brian wilson thing was stupid. the hat part made me chuckle but the rest of it wasn’t funny at all. he’s trying really hard for a zach galifinakis delivery and just falling way way short. i hate him.

  2. I’d say 50-50. He made me chuckle early on a little, that hat thing, some other stuff, but after awhile it gets old. His effort to be “different” and “crazy” just wears on me. The Avatar commercial with the Zack Morris cell phone? Breaking out The Machine figure, et al. NEXT.

  3. i think a good test might be if he could come out straight and still be entertaining. no costume, no gimmick, just have a normal conversation and still be engaging..

    it’d be nice to see one time. he’ll eventually run out of characters.

    also, the first time he blows a couple saves this will all blow up in his face.

  4. Yeah, he should milk this for all it’s worth because he’s at his pinnacle right now. He throws hard and has lingering control problems.

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