Marisa Miller Prepares You For The Lockout; Picks Winner.

Not A Big Ben Fan.

Here we are.  There should be a lot of tear-stained keyboards out there.  The final NFL pick until who knows when.  What can I say that won’t trivialize the magnitude of what we’ve done here this season?  What started as a simple excuse to post a picture of my TV girlfriend, January Jones, really turned into a fine tradition.  Someone should probably put a gallery together and we could vote for the NFL Pick Muse of the year, but that probably won’t happen.  From January to Marisa and everyone in between it’s been a great ride, filled with sporadic pick success, consistent retired player jokes, and varying degrees of cleavage.  I think we can all agree that, in the end, it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you pick the game.  Onward…

KRAFT: Playoff Record, 5-5.

GB -2.5 over Pitt- I’m going more with my heart here, because I can’t stomach the Steelers, but I think GB matches up well and can cause a lot of problems:  1.  The Pats completely exploited Pitt with the pass- obviously Rodgers is playing on that same Brady like level. 2.  GB’s defense can & has been wreaking havoc- they rush the passer well and their secondary is playing at a high level.  Pitt’s passing offense does not impress me- their offense seems to be just wait for Big Ben to elude the pass rush and he will make a play because you can’t cover us for 10 seconds…3.  The difference could very well be GB’s run & special teams:  Dorsey Levens is a big back and may be able to grind out those yards against that tough front 7….Chris Jacke is as reliable a kicker as anyone, and Don’t forget Mark Chmura….what a reliable target


GROSSY: Playoff Record, 6-4

Green Bay (-2.5) over Pittsburgh.

Tough game to pick.  Close.  In the end, I am going to take the Packers.  The pick is 60% analysis, 30% gut feeling, and 10% spite.  I think the Packers are the hotter team.  I think Rodgers is the better quarterback.  I think the advantage of Pittsburgh having “been there before,” is overrated.  You could say the same for the Colts last season and they went down.  Rodgers is Brees in this scenario.  I think some points are going to be scored and the Steelers won’t be able to keep up.  As far as the spite is concerned, I really don’t feel comfortable with the Steelers having 7 Super Bowls.  I don’t like the notion of Big Ben winning this season, I’m afraid the Mike Tomlin monster might grow out of control with a win. There are a lot of issues.  So, in the end, Jordy Nelson runs wild and the Packers win 31-21.

Ok, that’s it folks.  Everyone enjoy the weekend.  Enjoy the Super Bowl parties.  I recommend the “Crispy Rounds” shape of Tostitos.  You’ll thank me later.



8 thoughts on “Marisa Miller Prepares You For The Lockout; Picks Winner.

  1. I had Pack/Burgh in the preseason and went against it last week.

    In my initial preseason pick I had the Pack.

    Time to go against it again.

    Green Bay’s running game is going to kill them.

    Pittsburgh 23, Green Bay 14

  2. Dubs, with that optimism, you’re like the kiss of death to Packers, like Greenberg. Though, actually, he took the Steelers, I think. Just to make the Mike n Mike show it’s usually fascinating self.

    OKAY, I’M WAVING THE WHITE FLAG (AN EXPRESSION 3-PUTT TAUGHT ME, BUT I AM NOT SURE I AM USING CORRECTLY)…BASICALLY, i stopped listening to radio broadcast of super bowl at 21-17. may the best aaron rodgers win.

    i want no one coming near my ton brady SB record.





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