Some Notes and a New Feature.


I'm Going to Challenge You to A Duel.


I decided on a new segment for the blog.  Thought we were in need of a bit of fresh air.  It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Sporcle, the website that has quizzes on about any subject you can think of.  Updated daily, it’s a nice way to waste a few minutes and test your mental prowess across a number of fields.  Personally, my favorite part of the quiz is seeing the stats after finishing.  I like to rank highly, and then I speculate about how many of the people above me are heartless cheaters.  Usually this number is 100 less my score on the quiz.  I thought it might be entertaining to select a daily quiz, post my score, and then you all can go and try to best me.  I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but stranger things have happened.  If you win, feel free to come back and gloat.  In the more likely case that you don’t measure up, better luck next time.  The first Sporcle quiz of the day:

Words With an “x” in the Middle.  Category:  Words and Stuff.  My Score: 16 out of 20.  Not thrilled with this performance, but I’ll take a gentleman’s B-minus any time.

Other Things:

I heard a commercial for guys who have those dreaded “problems in the bedroom,” today.  It wasn’t Viagra or any name brand product, but a doctor who could help you if all other options had failed.  He promised positive results on your first visit, then he emphasized, “in my office.”  I wasn’t paying close attention, but then I thought about the phrasing and wondered what that meant?  Does he go into the back room, mix up a potion and then you sit there with him playing pinochle until you feel a tingle?  Very odd commercial.

Former Eagle Kyle Eckel posted on his Facebook page that he had heard a rumor Andy Reid was going to be replaced by Jon Gruden.  I guess since Eckel once played, people gave merit to this rumor and it completely exploded on the internet to the point the Eagles actually had to make a denial.  Eckel also came out and said he had no inside information (shock).  My question becomes, if you could start an outrageous internet rumor in the world of sports, what would it be?  I think mine would be “Eli Manning was born a woman.”

Mark Wilson (the golfer) is on fire.  Before this year I was more familiar with Marc Wilson the worst video game QB of all-time, and a historical DA of the week.  Mark Wilson the golfer won his 2nd PGA tournament of the year on Monday in a playoff at the weather delayed Phoenix Open.  He’s over 2 million in earnings for the year, and is way, way better than Tiger Woods right now.  I don’t think the golf world is ready for Mark Wilson to be a top-10 player in the World, but he wins a few more events the most common response to the words, “Mark Wilson,” will no longer be, who?

Lastly, I’d like to say a melancholy farewell to Sierra Nevada ESB.  I had only recently discovered this beer (2009?), and I now I find that it has been replaced in Sierra’s seasonal rotation by Glissade, a golden bock.  I have heard and read only great things about Glissade, and I’ll be looking forward to trying it, but just a few weeks ago I was talking about how I was looking forward to the ESB only to confirm its demise this morning.  A harsh, harsh reality.  I can’t speak in jargon about beer flavors, but the ESB was pretty dang good.  Guess I’ll have to get over it, or perhaps draft a very harshly worded letter to Sierra Nevada in which I suggest they conform their brewing practices to my personal tastes.

Happy Bachelor Monday everyone….talk to you later.


29 thoughts on “Some Notes and a New Feature.

  1. okay…i’m gonna have to read the rest of this post carefully, later…but my gut reaction….

    someone’s sweating a bowling loss…and, well, they’d LOVE to remind us of their supremacy in every other facet of brain and athletic ability.

    (except about losing in bowling to a girl).


  2. i actually lost to 3 girls.

    but, since the only person i beat was one of the great baseball players in great valley history, i feel like i was in good company.

    bowling is dumb, anyway.

    • ps, you also know (deep in that suppressed subconcious) you stole this idea from yet another brilliant scene Q came up with in a co-written screenplay that 3-Putt wants OUTTA there…

      giggles. (cute kitties, come on, you mean CUTE CONCEPT!)

      Q the original duel-er

  3. So I got to take the quiz and I see the clue “Cabs”

    I type “Taxi” into the box and nothing happens. I start to click on the box next to “Cabs.”


    I start clicking everywhere and still nothing.

    The timer counts down. I get frustrated. The answer is “Taxi” and I can’t figure out what’s going on.

    That’s it. I gave up.

    The answers were revealed. I had to type in “Taxis.”

    What the ef cuss?

  4. Yeah, man yous got to read the directions. Hopefully this mishap doesn’t preclude you from playing in the future.

    Spelling can be a bitch on these things, especially every time I guess “Phillippines”. That’s one of my 8 misspelled variations of that country.

  5. Candidates for 2012NFL HOF:
    2012: Drew Bledsoe, Bill Cowher, Bill Parcells, Marty Schottenheimer, Will Shields.

    I see one shoe in…

  6. 16 on the five letter words and 37 on the fruits. I am frustrated that “acorn” was not an answer on the fruits. I don’t care what sporcle thinks that was a picture of. They were acorns, plain and simple.

    • How many of those have I eaten? Now there’s a contest I’d lose.

      Also, was it surprising to see nuts on the “fruit” quiz. Yeah, yeah it was.

      • haha dc, i agree. and i cheated – by wiki spell searching poma…whatever, and still lost.

        i lost at my own game. i even own a book: guide to fruits and veggies, a picture book.


  7. Hahahaha…

    Oh, by the way, I was almost prodded into calling a sports talk show for the first time in my life this week. The host said the NFL Hall of Fame was significantly more difficult to get into than baseball’s.

    In the end it’s not worth talking about it, but what a classic statement. The NFL has a couple worthy classes in a row and we forget everyone who took a snap for the Steelers in the 70s is in.

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