Have a Sweet Weekend.


Awww....See what I did There?


Don’t forget Valentine’s Day people.  Those conversation hearts aren’t going eat themselves.  Want a great date movie? I suggest, Sanctum.

But really, the more important thing this weekend, aside from getting the jump on Valentine’s Day is figuring out what to do with yourself the week after the Super Bowl.  Think about how much time you devote to football on the weekends during the season.  Now think about filling that gap.  You can only sleep so much.  You aren’t a cat.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of pop to the sports calendar this time of year.  Some thoughts…

1.  Tiger is playing decent golf in Dubai.  The problem is, it’s Dubai, and you can only see this on tape delay or in the middle of the night.  After a slow start, Tiger shot 66 in the 2nd round to better the 2-day total of both Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer.  What does this mean?  Not a whole lot.  In the grand scheme of things we know Tiger still isn’t right and we know that Westwood or Kaymer’s career will never sniff his.  The interesting subplot would be if Tiger can get himself into the final pairing with Rory McIlroy.  McIlroy has spoke openly about Tiger lacking intimidation and about not being familiar with “that Tiger.”  I’d love to see what happens if Rory gets an up close look in the final round.  Also, a Sergio Garcia sighting.

2.  You know how you know that hockey isn’t that big of a deal?  No one cares about the travels and travails of Peter Forsberg.  This guy makes Brett Favre look decisive.  And, I know it’s not really the same thing, but Forsberg was done, he was back, he was in Sweden, he was done again, now he’s back with the Avs.  Starting to get a little annoying.

3.  Todd MacCullough now plays pinball competitively.  I think that speaks for itself.

4.  Villanova vs. Pittsburgh on Saturday.  Classic Big East tussle.  Pitt has scratched its way to the definitive top spot in the conference.  Villanova could use this win.  Come seeding time, if you want to make a run, it helps to be a #3 or higher.  My gut says this is too much basketball team for ‘Nova to handle, but if they make their 3s, who knows?

5.  Read a Mickey Mantle biography called “The Last Boy,” by Jane Leavy.  Pretty heartbreaking piece of writing.  The depths of Mantle’s flaws and troubles are hard to comprehend.  Despite the cringe worthy stories about him, what still shines through is the stature Mantle reached, especially among his peers.  There was, perhaps, no finer teammate in the game’s history.  Recalling being ask to participate in a Mantle roast, one teammate offered, “You want me to make fun of Mickey Mantle?”   History will never allow us another Mantle, the lessons of his life and time are fascinating.

6.   Joba Chamberlain showed up to camp overweight?  My question is, how can you tell?  Oh, it’s never to early to start stirring the pot.

The Quiz of the Day:  “Name that City by Famous Landmark.”  Category: Geography.  My Score 20/25

*I’ll be losing this one to some people I’m sure, but I think I did all right for someone that’s only been to two countries in his entire life.

Enjoy the weekend everyone…


20 thoughts on “Have a Sweet Weekend.

  1. I said it before, i’ll say it again, next year is really ‘Nova’s year-actually the year after even b/c Pinkston is an idiot.

  2. Nova’s bigs have improved a lot this year, but they can’t match Pitts inside game. Cats gotta shoot lights out to hang with Pitt.

    Give me Pitt even though I still like Nova to win it all this year.

  3. MGG – Just was perusing boston.com and came across a interesting tidbit…

    Tim Wakefield arrived and chucked it back and forth with Clay Buchholz for a while. Daniel Bard, Scott Atchison, Brandon Duckworth and Tony Pena Jr. also got some work in.

    REALLY? Duckworth? ReallY?

  4. yeah, a lot of people were struggling over there, I guess.

    not surprised he didn’t pull it out.

    the real story is apparently that he and Sergio hate each other. As in did not speak a single word during the entire final round. looks like it served them both well. Good times!

    Also, i heard tiger just hauled off and spit on one of the greens. classy. and, a fine is expected to be coming?

  5. This is what happens when you let the bag room staff into the clubhouse. (From Sobel’s column.)


    Strange but true story relayed to me by PGA Tour veteran Kris Blanks this week.

    Prior to his opening round at Spyglass, Blanks used the facilities in the locker room, but a few minutes later realized he had left his cellular phone inside. Already warming up on the driving range, he sent his caddie, A.J. Eathorne, inside for the phone — only to find out it was gone.

    So before they teed off, Blanks and Eathorne went to the pro shop to report the missing phone. It was then that the story really got strange.

    Blanks had the idea for his caddie to call the phone. When she did, he heard his ringtone — the Jamie Foxx anthem “Winner,” featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I., if you must know — playing in the front of the shop. When he realized it was emanating from a security guard, he questioned whether the employee had the phone.

    The security guard assured him that he simply had the same ringtone. So Blanks had Eathorne call the phone again — and again it started ringing. It was then that the man fessed up, pulling the purloined phone from his sock and handing it over to the pro.

    That’s some pretty good sleuthing by Blanks, putting the “spy” in Spyglass before posting a first-round 2-under 70 on the course.

  6. reminds me of the classic bag room tale of my youth.

    co-worker finds a pair of gray oakleys in a cart. promptly pockets them.

    guy comes back about an hour later, says, “have you seen a pair of sunglasses?”

    kid goes, “Gray wraparounds?”

    Guy, “Yeah.”

    Kid, “Haven’t seen ’em”

  7. I guess we can update #2 on this post again. Forsberg was done, he was back, he was done, he was in Sweden, he was done, he was back for two road games, now he’s done again.

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