Afternoon De-Lites.


Who is Judging These Things?


This is a picture of one of the Goldens at the Westminster Dog Show.  The winning dog was a Scottish Deerhound.  A Scottish who now?  If I was judging, and I saw this Golden in the back stage area I politely would have told everyone that the show was over, and then I may have tried to steal the dog.  I think The National Dog Show should start fan voting like American Idol.

The Albert Pujols deadline passed.  No contract.  I guess this means Pujols will hit the open market.  If you are St. Louis do you still try to negotiate, or does that just annoy Albert more at this point?  I have a feeling Albert didn’t want an extension that badly.  I’m also tired of hearing the idiots call sports radio talking Ryan Howard for Pujols.  Pujols is going to veto any trade morons, open up the ear devices and listen.  I may have to ban sports radio, local host Tony Bruno said this afternoon that Dave Hollins, “had a great arm in right field.”  And, part of me wept.

I don’t know if there are any pro wrestling fans out there…I certainly am not a fan, but I do like the sound bites the wrestlers give when they are good at them.  No one was ever better than this than The Rock.  One of my college roommates watched wrestling and would always grab me when the Rock was about to do one of his bits.  Well, the Rock came back to Monday Night Raw this week.  I saw the link, thought about it, and then watched him do his thing for about 15 mins.  Can’t act a lick, but can still captivate the wrestling crowd.  I think his ovation probably betters the one Cliff Lee gets opening day.

A Central Bucks East (suburban Philly) high school teacher, Natalie Munroe,  lost her job over her blog.  It appears the material that got her in trouble has been taken down, but from what I understand it was dotted with rants against high school students.  She called them lazy, unmotivated, etc.  So, basically, she was venting the truth about high school kids.  The blog was as general as possible, not listing specific names, and Munroe claims it was about the education system in general, and not her specific classes.  Is this appropriate behavior for a teacher?  Is firing her the solution? Now they’ve created a whirlwind of attention, Munroe will get her 15 mins, there will a possible lawsuit, she could come out on the other side with another job, or some BS writing gig…wouldn’t it just be easier to let her have her blog? Teaching is a nightmare at times I imagine, just like any other job.  Should she have kept it more private?  Yeah, but to think every other teacher isn’t out there nodding their head in agreement is insane.

Quiz of the Day:  Dum Dum Lollipop Flavors.  Category:  Uh, Dum Dums.  My Score: 20/32.

Not sure what to make of my score.  There was a time when I was no stranger to the Dum Dum.  They used to hand them out at a diner to all the cute little kids like me.  Big Ups Minella’s!  But, it was a dangerous game.  God forbid you get banana.  Anything but banana!  See, I’m giving free answers again.

17 thoughts on “Afternoon De-Lites.

  1. 19-32, but i hold it under protest as “Tropical punch” was not accepted as “Fruit punch”.

    I don’t know how you can fire someone for telling the truth and/or making a general observation. At this point, it’s getting ridiculous. You have the general “freedom of speech”, but not really b/c if you say anything out of line or potentially inflammatory or “PC” you’re chastised and get a slap on the wrist.

  2. seems like a chain reaction of rash decisions. Fire someone immediately. They sue immediately. No one can take a second and try to think about a reasonable decision.

  3. yeah, i mean – i don’t know exactly what the blogger said nor what sort of confidentiality she was bound to…in my field, which has some of the most stringent guidelines, demographics and specifics should always remain confidential…but to fire someone for conduct…that is surely getting into messy waters.

    i anticipate the ACLU could be all over this…

  4. I typed in cola, coke, but not cherry cola or whatever it was. Damn it. I suck.

    As for the teacher, she’s a stone-cold idiot.

    If you’re a teacher and you bitch about the kids, how can they keep you? Maybe she forgot who she is there for. If the kids are lazy, motivate them. If they don’t respond try something else. If nothing works and you get frustrated, going onto a blog and bitching isn’t going to fix a damn thing.

    Her motives were self-serving and in no way helped any of the kids that were giving her so many problems. By her complaining online we are now left with kids who are unresponsive in the classroom and a teacher who publicly critizes them. Not sure I see how her decision made any progress.

    Do teachers talk to each other in the lounge about how bad some of the kids are? Absolutley. It actually borders on annoying and it’s a reason I avoid that whole situation.

    But to go online, create a blog and then go off on the kids makes no sense. She’s not coming up with anything we didn’t know and there is no point to it.

    If she needs to vent, go to the gym, drink a beer, whatever. Be a professional and handle the situations as such.

    Fire her sorry ass because there are plenty of recent college grads who are dying to take her job and do something when they get into the classroom.

      • ps, i was still thinking about Dub’s comment while I washed my face…and considered final thoughts for the a blogger and social worker, i guess – i’d never, ever, really, ever…ever put down the dignity and spirit of my clients. and, maybe, maybe, i mean – i believe in free speech as an independent issue and confidentiality of one’s field as separate concern…however, my final response: I THINK MAYBE, IF SHE THINKS THIS WAY ABOUT STUDENTS…SHE DOESN’T REALLY HAVE A PLACE IN CULTIVATING THE CURIOUS MINDS OF OUR NEXT GENERATION? she kind of isn’t cut out, psychologically, to teach? i dunno. that’s my final answer (for now). i think it’s time to put Q to bed, DC and JCK…sorry, i do not envy your position. but your insomnia, at least, is for a good cause:) Q

  5. well said

    i’m just not sure i think this is an offense worth firing someone over. it seems most accounts have her being a pretty good teacher…

    i don’t think it was changing her effort in the classroom, it was just a really stupid way for her to vent her frustrations. just about every person i’ve ever known complains about their work to a certain extent.

    and, like the lounge culture you describe, there really isn’t much difference in intent, in my opinion. Sure, the confines of the teacher’s room is much more private than a blog, but the teachers in that room and this lady are looking for the same thing, a release or sympathetic ear.

    this is her response:

    I have to admit that I don’t like her tone that much, but at this point she’s backed into a corner.

  6. tense times, my coworker’s husband just spent an hour online trying to get ONE game’s worth of phillies seating. they are a lil disappointed, offered only an early season game…

    but, they got tickets…i just heard her say, “get ’em, just go for it, get ’em”

    now that’s a fan.


    ps, what’s with Vick, rumor is that his testing of the interview left the focus group saying he’d blunder and make his mending image worse? i find that hard to believe. he seems … i dunno, changed!

  7. I think Vick is past the point of needing Oprah to rehab his image right now. You have to let people forget what he did. You don’t want to be bringing everything back to the surface again, even if he is apologizing about it, whatever…

    it’s a shame that phillies tickets aren’t only available at the stadium. i would have loved to see the cluster that produced. as is, people were lining up last night.

  8. I haven’t read what she wrote, but i have no problem with her venting frustrations at lazy kids and the academic system in general. For one, she can motivate them all she wants from 9-3pm, but she can’t control their home life. I can imagine the wear of trying to break through to a bunch of kids who’s families don’t care and make no effort, so everyday you have start anew. If she vents, she vents. At this point, everyone vents on the internet, either we acknowledge it as an acceptable medium or we start completely censoring it. If she were in a bar and complaining to people, it probably never would have gotten back to the school and if it had could hae been swept under the rug. The problem is, today the medium to vent is Facebook, blogs, youtube rants, whatever. I don’t think she’s right or wrong, i just think it’s not a “fire-able offense.”

    I’m friends with a number of teachers, and one of their biggest complaints is the system. They get kids in 5th grade who can’t read, b/c the teachers in grades below just didn’t want to deal with them so they passed them. The kid knows it, doesn’t care, and that’s a kid that’s near impossible to motivate. I can imagine that would become difficult, so you start to try and change the system by shedding light on these situations.

    • I just think that saying her actions are okay because everyone else is doing it is a bad road to go down.

      How many times do students say, “Well, he did it too…” only to have the teacher say, “I don’t care what he did, I care about what you do.”

      Another problem with this actually ties a little bit into what BK talks about.

      Schools need to create stronger relationships with parents and the commnity as a whole. And when a teacher complains in a public forum I think it makes the relationship worse.

      The education system has some serious flaws, but a teacher ranting online is not the solution.

      As for kids being passed along, that’s a tough subject to tackle. Do you hold the kid back 1 year, 2 years, 3 years? Where does it end and at what cost? You risk some serious social problems for the kid. Retention is a big a difficult thing to grasp, but I hear what you’re saying.

      • i don’t know what to make of you guys having a discussion without insulting each other.

        pretty wild stuff.

  9. it’s a tough story.

    I can see it both ways. Dub makes good points, but again I just feel like thinking you can be a teacher and not at some point lose it a bit is naive. But, maybe that is just pessimism beaten into us from years of hearing teacher’s complain behind closed doors.

    bottom line, she should have kept a diary, or vented to her friends in person, but I don’t like seeing anyone lose their job.

    and, just to note, this isn’t exactly the roughest school district she’s in. There are probably much more difficult kids to handle, for what that’s worth.

    • Well, to paraphrase someone else, anyone with kids will tell you that they can get frustrated with them. So if you as a parent can see that your kid can be all these things and say things like “i love my kid, but they’re driving me crazy today” on Facebook, she shouldn’t be held more accountable. People vent about everything publicly these days, i don’t agree with it, but its just who people are. As a parent, do you really think your kid is perfect? I think part of it got people up in arms b/c it was a realistic take on the situation, especially the system troubles.

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