New York Finally Gets Their Man.


It'll Be Just Like the Ewing Era.


I think if Carmelo Anthony tried a little harder and had the cooperation of the teams involved, he could have become more annoying than LeBron James was in the days leading up to the Decision.  It was headed that way for me, and considering Carmelo is no LeBron, that’s saying quite a lot.  This whole process went on long enough for me to have no choice but to form an opinion.  Of course, since Melo’s final destination is with the Knicks, I hope he fails miserably. Everything I would have to offer in way of an opinion about this deal I already said in the post about Anthony’s possible trade to the Nets.  It’s all the same except the Knicks have fans and actually play in New York.  Other than that, Carmelo still isn’t going to win a title any time soon, Denver is still screwed, and go back to your regularly scheduled programs.

I will say it is a relief that the Knicks got their man even if they still might not be better than the 4th best team in the East?  I’d hate for  the upscale NY fans, the Giants/Yankees/Knicks conglomerate to suffer the indignity of losing a player to the Nets.  At least Cliff Lee chose a contender.  At least Andy Pettitte retired.  But, Newark?  That would have hit home, especially after they couldn’t lure LeBron over the summer.  Maybe if they had gotten Carmelo first then LeBron would have felt comfortable being a Knick?  Is LeBron/Melo/Amare better than LeBron/D-Wade/Bosh?  Maybe we can find out in a couple of years if all these guys decide as a group to switch teams again.

You know what might be a real positive to take from all this concentration of talent?  I think contraction might be right around the corner.  If  a couple more star players get sucked onto these mega-teams that are developing in Miami, LA, Chicago, NY, Boston, OKC, etc., then it is going to be harder and harder to run a team in Memphis.  There is still a team in Memphis, right?  Or the Hornets, or Bobcats, or any other of these teams that people don’t care about.  Maybe when Chris Paul goes wherever, during the whole process of him being wooed, while everyone is distracted, David Stern can pull the plug on about four teams.  Hey, it’d be a start.



11 thoughts on “New York Finally Gets Their Man.

  1. How good is Carmelo Anthony?

    I mean right now as a Sixers fan, you can get excited about Doug Collins if you have nothing better to do, but in the end you have to talk yourself into Jrue Holliday and Elton Brand and Iguodala and Evan Turner. Best case scenario? First round playoff exit.

    If the Sixers traded Holliday and Iguodala and Turner to the Nuggets for Anthony, you would then be talking yourself into Carmelo Anthony and Elton Brand and Jason Kapono. Best case scenario here? First round playoff exit, am I wrong?

    So what does Anthony bring to the table?

    And what has he done in Denver? Six first-round playoff exits and one trip to the conference finals?

  2. yeah it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out. i would chacterize him as quite an offensive talent and most likely a defensive liability. did the knicks get chauncey billups too? is he still real good or past his prime?

    i was talking to someone yesterday who was trying to drum up some support for a igudala for steph curry trade…i would do that in a second. would that be a fare trade? i have no idea if there is actually any real talk about this or not

    • I would also trade Iguodala for Curry in a second. The question is why would Golden State make that trade, especially since Currey is still on the rookie contract. (I made that fact up, I have no idea if its true, I also don’t know what it means. I’m guessing Igoudala makes a lot more than Curry though.)

      • yeah, i don’t think those salaries would match up for a trade unless GS threw in some big contract. But, I have no idea who is on their team.

        Even though, I don’t really watch the Sixers, I am tired of Iggy being around. I think Curry is probably a better offensive player, but not much else. I don’t think that would really help the Sixers that much.

        they’re just screwed, and this little run to a first round loss isn’t helping them either, because now the draft pick this year will be worthless unless they get lucky. It’s good for actual sixer fans that they aren’t embarrassing, but long term, pretty pointless to go 41-41 this year.

  3. i like these mega teams building….makes the NBA actually interesting. The NBA doesn’t work if talent is spread all over these uninteresting franchises. drop toronto, minnesota, memphis, NO…

    The playoffs should have some very good matchups: Miami, Chicago, NY, Boston, Orlando are all pretty good teams in the East and 1 of those won’t make it to the conference semis

  4. i agree, once you get down to the conference semis or so, there should be some real good matchups for basketball fans.

  5. Billups is an expiring contract (~$16M i think comes off), and the plan is to get Melo, use the cap space to go get Paul/Williams and have your “big three” of Melo-Amare-Paul/Williams. Will it work? Who knows. I know billups is too old to play D’antoni’s system, that’s for sure. He’ll be wheezing up and down the court.

  6. So is Rick Reilly saying that (1) it is unfair that Denver Nuggets heartlessly traded Chauncey Billups to New York even though he wanted to stay in Denver, and (2) it is also unfair that Carmelo was traded to the town where he wanted to play, and (3) it is great that Peyton Manning plays for the Colts? I’m a little lost.

  7. Rick Reilly has turned into one of Santa’a elves. All he does is group people as naughty or nice based on whatever iditotic criteria he makes up, then he spins it all around and writes an after school special.

  8. The crazy thing is, he used to write stuff that had almost no substance. Sometimes it was actually funny, but it was all fluff. He wrote a couple Dan Jenkins rip-off novels with the good golfer fantasy version of himself as the lead–also fluff.

    Then I look up one days and he’s moral judge of sports in America. Did he forget he spent a portion of “who’s your caddy?” talking about John Daly’s junk?

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