The Warming Glow of Hypocrisy.


Turn off your Dang Brights!


Don’t you love being a hypocrite sometimes?  It’s refreshing.  I had a great moment of hypocrisy one time when I was driving to a baseball game with my cousin.  During the trip I had been railing against bad drivers, especially those that make turns out of the wrong lane, people who refuse to go an extra hundred yards to turn around, that kind of thing. When I see it happen I become enraged, tout my own textbook driving skills, and usually offer one of my standard incredulous lines like, “is this clown f*cking serious?”  Anyway, after my dissertation on driving we get down to Broad Street and at the last second I decide I want to park in the Spectrum lot so I dart across a couple of lanes of traffic real quick.  Done and done.  The exact situation I had just talked about and I didn’t follow through.

I’d like to think it was an isolated incident, but I’m not sure that it was.  I try to not to be too hazardous on the roads, but sometimes I can’t live up to my own ridiculously high standards.  Take high beams for example, the bright headlights, whatever you call them.  I am very sensitive to these lights.  Not physically, just I don’t like it when people follow too closely with them on, or are slow to flick them off when you pass on a two-lane road.  These days with souped up headlights and all the SUVs, sometimes it feels like you are sucking on the bad end of some brights, but you actually aren’t.  I give people the benefit of the doubt, but when they realize it, and flick their lights off after they pass me or whatever, it makes me a bit angry.

I actually don’t use my high beams all the time, because I don’t like incessantly flipping them on and off, but sometimes you need that extra bit of illumination.  Well, the other day I was driving with them on, totally forgot about it, cruising on the back roads and probably passed about five cars.  I blinded them all.  When I realized what I had done, you know what I thought?  “Ah, screw ’em.  They’ll live.”  Then I realized I was a hypocrite once again.  I’m sure behind the wheel isn’t the only place where this behavior makes itself apparent.  A nice double standard can keep you sane.  But seriously, if you see me on the streets, turn off the brights.  It’s ridiculous.

Quiz of the Day:  U.S. Presidents.  Category: People You Should Know.  My Score: 43/44.

I thought this was appropriate today.  Kind of slow day, most people are rocking the long weekend, I guess.  Ease back into things with a quiz honoring the Presidents.  I admit I’ve probably taken this one before, but it seems like I always forget one guy and today was no different.  We had to memorize the Presidents in 5th grade.  I think we might have had to know them to get into the classroom in the morning.  Was getting into the classroom the prize?  That doesn’t sound right.  Anyway, I knew them all then, but no longer.

8 thoughts on “The Warming Glow of Hypocrisy.

  1. I got all 44 today but I have played that quiz before. There’s another one where you have to name them in reverse chronological order.

    My hypocrite moment in the car usually involves a crosswalk. When I am a pedestrian I get all outraged whenever all the cars on the road don’t immediately stop the moment I think about using the crosswalk. But in the car, in Boston, you’re looking for goddamn Mt. Auburn street and why in the hell is that street one way the wrong way, and then, oops, was that a crosswalk?

    • you two make me feel awful. in fact, so awful, i won’t even try this one. details, again. i know like… a bunch of white dudes then a mixed race one? the names? i dunno. i just call ’em pres. go usa. whatever you call your leader.

      gosh, i probably know 6

      wait i am shocking myself.
      fine. i know 11.
      oh and abigail adams?


  2. Is it hypocritical to say Syracuse will beat Nova tonight? Cats shot lights out last time these two played and now Stokes is out. Can’t see Nova shooting that well again.

    Cuss 65 Nova 62

  3. I don’t think it’s hypocritical. You didn’t say they were going to win out.

    I saw an article last week I think that said Stokes would be missing more time…so you didn’t make it up

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