Afternoon Evens and Ends.


The Most Feared Name in Baseball.


Hasn’t been a February to remember for Cardinals fans.  No Pujols extension and now Adam Wainwright headed back to St. Louis with an elbow injury.  The club fears it may be serious, and things like “Tommy John” and “season-ending” are being thrown around.  I don’t think anyone needs to be clued in on what losing Wainwright would mean for the Cardinals.  They are in a competitive NL Central with the Reds and the suddenly pitching-rich Brewers.  Their deep rotation was their strongest asset, and without Wainwright a lot of pressure will fall on Jaime Garcia to compliment Chris Carpenter at the top of the rotation.  It won’t be easy to replace the 18-20 wins Wainwright has been good for the last couple of years.  The National League is all about pitching and more pitching, but it can be fleeting.  Scary reminder.

Mike Schmidt is not a big league manager for several reasons.  He likes to play golf.  He can make a nice living in a minute fraction of the time it takes to be a big league manager just by being Mike Schmidt.  He likes Florida.  But, also, it doesn’t seem like he can help himself.  He’s got opinions.  He shares them.  He says things that you could never say as a manager (unless you are Ozzie Guillen), and I think he likes that.  I imagine he likes the attention that comes with these sound bites.  He doesn’t want to give that up.  His latest nugget was that Jimmy Rollins should be more like Pete Rose. Or, another way of looking at it would be to say that he thinks Rollins is a underachiever and used Rose as an example of someone who did much more with less talent.  In some ways this is a good observation, but in others it is classic Schmidt just not quite having the pulse.  Oh, just be like one of the best contact hitters of all-time?  Sure, no problem.

How bad is Derrick Favors?  I’m just asking because it seems like the Nets were just dying to get rid of this guy.  Hurry up and trade him before he doesn’t even have “upside.”  Lot of basketball star power leaving the mountains.  I think this is a great deal for the Nets, and dare I say better than getting Carmelo?  Maybe not, but close.  Now they just need to start selling Dwight Howard on Brooklyn, or whatever the next part of the plan is.  Tough work to be an NBA GM these days.  You have to make big moves to set up other big moves.  One falls through, and poof…you’re right back in the hole.

Can someone tell me what umami is?  There is a different taste out there that I am not aware of?  Here I am thinking salty, sour, sweet and bitter, but now there is this Japanese word that loosely means “savoriness.”  It’s confusing as hell, because what is savoriness?  It sounds like the je ne sais quoi of food.  Apparently foods high in umami include fish, vegetables, green tea, and soy sauce.  Who’s dubious (waving my hands wildly)?  But, the reason I’m bringing it up is because there is a burger sensation going on right now in California called Umami Burger.  Now, if you tell me California has revolutionized a food I become a bit skeptical.  I could make the argument they ruined pizza, but this sounds pretty straightforward, putting all their money behind the secret sauce at Umami Burger which I suppose is loaded with umami.  I don’t get to California as much as I’d like, so I won’t be trying this anytime soon, but I think there is time to corner the east coast market if someone wants to rip off a version of umami sauce with me.  Look out Five Guys.

Quiz of the Day:  Popular U.S. Newspapers.  Category:  People Still Read Newspapers?  My Score: 16/20


5 thoughts on “Afternoon Evens and Ends.

  1. uggh. almost. 9/20. got all the NY’s cept Wall Street, and god – I used to have that bleep arrive at my door every morning. never figured out who sent it to me? was prob a prank from an ex…

    hey, 3-Putt Nation, save ya from the mistake I made – when you go DQ in the middle of the winter, wear gloves, and always get the LARGE. God, I am crying now, I could still be sipping my strawberry milkshake.

    what’s this post about anyhow?

  2. 16 of 20? so you’ve heard of or read the newspaper in cleveland, long island, houston, phoenix, or detroit? i surprised myself with 10.

  3. I’m going to *hope* that you are just impressed and aren’t accusing me of cheating.

    I mean after a lifetime of watching ESPN and hearing, “here’s richard justice from the Houston Chronicle or Mitch Albom (vomit) from the Detroit Free Press” some things stick.
    Now, what are the papers in Zurich? I have no clue.

  4. yeah that makes sense with hearing the papers from ESPN, i was mostly impressed and just couldn’t fathom how you knew some of those..but kinda makes sense now. funny you mention it, i haven’t seen any newspapers in zurich, they may only have kindle newspapers over here

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