Movie Awards.


Forget the Oscars.


The Oscars are Sunday.  I think red carpet coverage starts Saturday afternoon.  Someone get on January Jones watch for me.  Anne Hathaway and James Franco are hosting.  Nervous.  I guarantee they do some type of musical number, and I bet Franco weirds out the entire audience at least five or six times.  He’s on another planet.  I doubt they live up to the glittering insults Ricky Gervais offered at the Golden Globes.  I haven’t come anywhere close to seeing all the right movies.  So, I can’t really weigh in on the Oscars.  I didn’t see King’s Speech, Black Swan, Winter’s Bone, True Grit…the list goes on and on.  Instead of that, I’ll just offer some observations in the form of awards that don’t exist. Everyone on board?  Great.

Non-Doomsday Documentary of the Year:  Catfish.  Why do all documentaries have to be such downers?  I like some of them, but it’s all the world is ending, look how awful the human race is, etc.  It gets tiring.  I snagged Catfish out of the Redbox machine not knowing a thing about it and was really surprised.  I don’t want to give anything away (there are twists), but it’s about social media and you really have to see it to believe it.  Also the winner of, “The luckiest documentary film makers of the year award.”

Easiest To Watch Movie of the Year:  Secretariat.  It may have been my favorite movie.  I’m serious. Keep in mind my odd bias toward horse racing movies and Secretariat in particular, but really they could have made this about 4 hours and I would have sat there with no problem.  Plus, you know the bow is coming at the end.

One Hit Wonder:  Jeremy Renner.  He was such a bad ass in The Hurt Locker.  There was something atypical about him, and you thought he was going to be great in everything.  Then comes The Town.  He’s essentially the same guy, but it’s a little hollow this time and his accent is borderline horrible.  Oh, well, it was a good run.

Skinniest Kid At Fat Camp Comedy of the Year:  Easy A.  I can’t believe I actually just typed that, but I just browsed a list of comedies to refresh my memory and this may have been the least humorous year in movie history.  Sorry state of affairs.  Easy A has some genuine laughs, mostly coming from Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Emma Stone’s parents.  Second Choice, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?

Comedy Tragedy of the Year:  Dinner for Schmucks.  A distinguished category.  I already tore this movie apart and questioned Steve Carell’s career, but it bears repeating.  Never, ever see this movie.  Along with Grown Ups, Get Him to the Greek, The Other Guys (by reputation)…just a tragic year for big budget comedy.  Will Hangover 2 disappoint in 2011 as well?

Three Movies That Could Have Been Better:

  1. Greenberg
  2. Ghost Writer
  3. The American

I liked all these movies, but there  was something missing in all of them.  It was the endings of The American and Ghost Writer that I didn’t like.  Especially Ghost Writer I think could have had more drama, or a better twist at the end.  It didn’t do the rest of the movie justice.  Greenberg, I don’t know, maybe I just couldn’t quite get on board with Ben Stiller.

Slightly Overrated Movies:

  1. The Social Network
  2. The Kids are All Right
  3. Cyrus

These were all pretty good movies as well, but I don’t agree with all the fawning and lavish praise.  The Social Network is a great movie for this time, but I don’t know that it is a great movie.  It has a great performance in it, and there are exceptional scenes, but I wasn’t blown away.  The Kids are All Right is a really sharp script, but I think it gets too much critical love.  I honestly think people still think it is cool and edgy to say they like a film just because it doesn’t have something like a traditional family structure.  You’ve got to bring more than that.  Cyrus is a comedy I had high hopes for, and there were some funny moments, but the word that kept coming to mind was slow.  It was a little slow.

Wanted to Hate, But Couldn’t:  Inception.  Inception was one of my favorite movies of the year.  It was very interesting, and I remember when I first saw the preview I scoffed at it and gave it some name like “The Dream Matrix.”  I had planned on not seeing it, but then I started to hear good things, sucked it up and went to the theater, and was rewarded with a really good movie.  That doesn’t happen that often.

Stick to TV Award:  Cast of Mad Men.  Jon Hamm was all right in The Town, but it was no Don Draper performance.  I see Betty is in this new Liam Neeson movie.  Doesn’t look good.  Roger has had a couple of roles, but they just aren’t clicking.  I’m sure AMC isn’t breaking the bank for these people, so we have no choice, but I don’t think there is a movie star in this group.

Favorite Movie of the Year:  The Fighter.

Least Favorite:  Whatever Twilight Movie came out.  Sight unseen.

All right, I’m out of steam, please feel free to leave your 2010 movie thoughts.  Tell me what I need to still see.

Quiz of the Day:  Movie Couples 2000s.  Category: Good Looking People.  My Score: 52/70.

I bombed this one.  Didn’t see a lot of these flicks.  And, it takes a bit longer than usual.  I suggest typing last names only if you try it.


12 thoughts on “Movie Awards.

  1. and i’m out of control excited to read this post and take the quiz. looks a lil too long for a work break, so i’ll crush it later today.

    hmmm, i’ve been getting myself a lot of food “treats’ lately…to get through my busy work days…and i’ve been thinking what would be an equivalent reward without the calories?

    this blog? the quizes (sp??)?

    hmmm, 3-Puttville, any other PG rewards for hardwork?


  2. 54, although i hold in contention some of these. I don’t agree that Avatar or The Incredibles deserves to be on there. So voice overs are what we’re doing now?

  3. Haha

    Avatar is real people isn’t it? I haven’t seen it. I think it shouldn’t be on there because it’s an embarrassment.

  4. Middle Men is a fantastic movie. I know it was from 2009, but I just saw it last week and thought I would contribute some movie chit chat.

      • Yes. Luke Wilson was in it along with many boobies.

        P.S. Flyers have 84 points with about 20 to go compared to last year’s 88 for the entire season.

      • wow, luke wilson and boobies.

        um, the flyers thing is crazy to think about. when they came on the air sunday against the rangers, they open with, “last year a shootout goal separated these two teams,” and I constantly forget about that. how the flyers fell into the playoffs and were lucky to have a chance to make that run. so much better positioned this year.

        and hopefully this year they can end the Rangers season again, in the playoffs.

  5. i would like to model my future parenting off of these two in easy a: Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci

    and, well, it wouldn’t fall far from the tree that my kid could end up like that chick.

    amazing. q

  6. Despite the hype, the Kings Speech was really good.

    Agree with Inception. I waited until it came on DVD. I thought this was the best movie of the year because of it’s rewatchability. Anytime a director makes an actor who is perceived as a weakling (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) look like a believable, quasi-bad ass, I think they’ve done something right. Also, isn’t it kind of ironic that Christopher Nolan did that with both Gordon-Levitt & Heath Ledger? Coincidence or is Nolan a huge fan of 10 Things I Hate About You? I really like Tom Hardy too. His character was hysterical in Rock N Rolla, and he will be all over the news when the next Batman comes out next summer.

    Cyrus was one of most disappointing movies in years for me. It had some funny moments, but there was something about that movie that totally failed. There weren’t enough moments like the one when John C. Riley threatened to kill Jonah Hill.

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