If I Wasn’t A Phillies Fan…


Harper is Probably Ticketed for A-Ball.


It’s hard not to be totally consumed with the Phillies right now, especially if you are in Philadelphia.  For example, I already know and I am already thinking about how Brad Lidge gave up 3 hits in his first inning of work this afternoon.  I know Dom Brown is hitless, I know Cliff Lee hit a guy yesterday and then settled down, and I know that all of that doesn’t really make much difference.  You can’t help but suck up the info, though, all us Phillies fan sponges looking for any morsel regarding Chase Utley or the position of Dom Brown’s hands.  If we were smart, we’d look around and see what else is happening in Major League Baseball.  Take your mind off the details for a while and look at the big picture. A lot of interesting things are happening around the league…

It seems like the Nationals are afraid to play Bryce Harper too much.  If he did well, it might force their hand. The kid has hit everywhere he’s been, including the Fall League, but I don’t think they want to make a decision on Harper right now.  They want to send him down to A-ball, maybe AA, and let him get the feel of playing a professional season.  He’s 18.  I think they want to bring him into big league camp, show him off a bit, get his feet wet, and then send him somewhere where he can keep dominating.  He’s just 1 for 4 this spring to this point, but if it were me, it’d be awfully tempting to run him out there everyday and see what he could do.  I think the Nats will wait until he literally beats down the door.


I made a joke yesterday about Mike Moustakas starting at 3rd for the Yankees down the line.  It was a joke, but also is a real possibility, I suppose…assuming people eventually go back to signing with the Yankees.  But, the real story is Kansas City’s loaded farm system.  They are stacked in the way that Tampa was stacked, and it makes you wonder if they could possibly make some type of noise in the AL Central.  It isn’t the AL East, but it’s a tough division, so Kansas City is probably isn’t going to shock anyone, but they do hemorrhage off talent to bigger markets so maybe you want to get familiar with some of these guys.  Moustakas is the big name.  He had a .999 OPS last year, hit .322 with 36 homers and 124 Rbi in just 118 games.  I’ll let you project that out.  There’s also Eric Hosmer, who hit .338 in the minors last year with 20 homers and a .977 OPS.  And, of course the Royals already have the most anonymous .300 hitter in baseball, Billy Butler, who could eventually be coming to a town near you to make room for the big guns.  Learn your Royals, it’ll make you sound smart.


What Else is Crossing My Mind:

  1. Neftali Feliz as Cliff Lee’s replacement?
  2. Can the spare parts work for Cubs?
  3. Now that Mark Teixeira has left Scott Boras will he hit over .200 in April?
  4. Will Pujols accept a trade if the snakebitten Cards start 30-40?
  5. If Barry Zito gets bought out, should he move in with Charlie Sheen?
  6. Could Charlie Sheen buy his way onto the actual Indians?
  7. If Chipper is hitting .186 on May 1st will he hang them up?
  8. Can Panda Sandoval keep the weight off?
  9. Is there enough polyester in the world to make Bartolo Colon’s pants?
  10. Will Manny be Manny?


Quiz of the Day:  Events of 1991.  Category: 20 Years Ago.  My Score:  20/24.


8 thoughts on “If I Wasn’t A Phillies Fan…

  1. That’s pretty impressive. I’m getting killed here lately. Gonna have to find a good one for tomorrow.

    Did anyone ever actually know someone who had a turbografix 16? I knew of it, but who bought them?

  2. is that what it was?

    thought it was interesting this happened on the same day that story came out that 7% of all athletes have criminal records or whatever the stat was.

    different standards

  3. middle school? height of my intellect.

    harvard got 5 on this one. went in all cocky like i knew 91 like the back of my hand.

    they’re calling for the diploma.
    no doubt about it.

    yeltsin i kept saying yallin

    kevorkian or whatever, still have no clue how to spell it.

    i am officially trivia impaired.

    brain scan?

  4. 18, sonic and penguins, ugh.

    BYU, please wave goodbye to your athletic programs. I get it, it’s against the rules to have premarital sex at BYU, but to end the kid’s season? If anything he should be slightly commended for being honest about it, and be given a slap on the wrist. I love how they tell you they don’t try and recruit you to be a Mormon, don’t impose on you…..yet then jam it down your throat via the “school honor code”.

  5. it’s a tough one

    because the kid should know what he signed on for.

    whether the consequences are made clear, that would be my question.

    but yeah, they didn’t do so well in the first game without him

    could be the end of the Jimmer Revolution

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