The Sheen.


You Wear Too Much Eye Makeup.


Sheen’s come a long way since he stole this scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Does Sheen have any great on-screen performances?  I know he’s been in big movies, but has he ever been greater than he was for the couple of minutes he was talking to Jeanie?  Well, he might have been greater last night on 20/20, but I don’t think that was all acting.  I’ve never seen anything quite like what I saw last night.  Sheen was manic, he looked strung out, looked like he was on about 15 minutes sleep, and his answers? Oh, my, his answers.

Sheen’s vocab these days seems centered on the phrases “Rock Star,” “Win,” and “Tiger Blood.”  He says things along the lines of, “we win so hard in our underwear before breakfast it’s insane.”  Sheen, by the way, lives with a porn star, Bree Olsen and another woman.  He refers to them both as goddesses, and he refers to Hugh Hefner as an amateur.  Perhaps more shocking, up until yesterday, Sheen retained partial custody of his twin boys (from his marriage to Brooke Mueller).  Cops removed the kids from the house late Tuesday in accordance with a temporary restraining order Mueller was awarded against him following an incident late last month.  The timing with Sheen’s 20/20 interview where the kids where co-mingling with the goddesses seems coincidental.

I don’t really get into much celebrity gossip around these parts, but this story is just too difficult to look away from. Anyone, and I mean anyone can look at Sheen and know he has major problems.  He’s out of the plane with no parachute at this point, but he clearly thinks he’s never been better.  I wonder if we ever get to the point where he have to do a societal intervention on this guy.  Sure, everyone is getting their laughs out of his sound bites and everything else, but it boils down to this is going to have a bad ending.  The more Sheen gets on TV and radio to perpetuate this crazy vision he has of his own life, the longer it will probably be before he realizes he needs serious help.  Like I said, though, it is almost impossible not to watch him at this point, and I think some people are now watching and waiting for the bad ending almost like this is just an extended and more hardcore version of his television show that so many people watched.

I guess I am saying I felt a little guilty watching Sheen last night.  No one should be on TV in that condition, and we certainly shouldn’t be getting entertained by it.  But, in a twisted way, that is what was happening.  I was watching and being entertained, and Sheen was certainly putting on a performance.


11 thoughts on “The Sheen.

  1. agreed with the mixed feelings of that last paragraph.
    i sincerely feel badly for this guy, despite all his OOC actions.

    i just hope he can get support.
    this morning, i was also pulled into a story i think i caught 2 seconds of re: christina a and being found way over the etoh legal limit.

    at some point, i do feel like there are ethical issued r/t the cycle of media enabling the spotlight on these personal and painful moments.

    not to say we shouldn’t see what is happening, but more so – how far does the media deserve to take this before they are part of the fire. basically, charlie is booked a lot of interviews right now. he visibly had not slept last night.

    i dunno.


  2. Can I nominate “we win so hard in our underwear before breakfast it’s insane” as the new 3-putt motto? What an amazing sentence.

  3. Speaking of parenting and being up all night, here is a question for everyone: what moment during the night is closest to dead middle of the night?

    My vote would be 2:54.

    • pretty great estimation. i believe according to the brain’s work through the various levels of sleep, i’d say – if you get 8 hours of sleep (i know, dads can start laughing into crying), um…we hit deep sleep, i think, 2/3 way through then REM starts to wake us back-up and categorizes all this unconscious data…)….my REM cycles wake me up, like a strobe-light thing, my neurologist says I have a sensitive brain. which, obviously, i’ve long been aware of.


      so, hmmm, if bed by 10…that’s right about your estimation. my guess…3:24



  4. i’m not sure what you mean, do you mean what is the worst time to wake up? or what is actually the middle of your theoretical night’s “sleep”

    i’ve always thought there was something magical about 3:00. it’s like a cut off for stories about being out late.

    if you say you were up at 2:30, no one really blinks at that, but once you cross over 3 o’clock, it gets some attention.

    you were up at 3:05? Get your life together.

  5. Haha, yeah, what is the worst time to wake up. 3:05 and 3:24 are also both really bad times, both to wake up and to be going to bed in the first place.

  6. BK- is sheen your mentor? I wish we could have used the phrase ‘tiger blood’ when we were running around in college…

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