The Curse of Gisele?


Is That Brady or Rafa Nadal?


I don’t know if anyone has said this before, I imagine somewhere in Boston there are plenty of Gisele haters out there, but I think it could be possible she jinxed the Patriots and no one realizes it yet.  It might be funny to think the Pats could possibly be jinxed coming off a year where Tom Brady cruised to the MVP trophy, but who really cares about individual achievements?  The Pats are supposed to be the ultimate lunch pail club, team above all else.  The team hasn’t achieved its ultimate goal in a while and along the way there have been a couple pretty painful losses.  The Boston  Red Sox won three World Series in four years before they traded Babe Ruth.  No one knew what was coming. The Pats could win the Super Bowl next year, but then again, look at that picture.



Seriously. What the Cuss?


Originally Flyers Kitten wasn’t planning on making an appearance in these parts until the playoffs started.  In other words, Flyers Kitten was going to just act like any other fan.  But, suddenly and without warning, the Flyers are terrible. They’ve lost four straight.  This alone is not the end of the world, but they’re losing to fringe playoff contenders and capped the skid with a horrifying 7-0 loss to the Rangers on Sunday.  They previously had the Rangers number all year, but the game Sunday looked like a little bit like Boston College taking on F&M club hockey.  There’s nothing like getting your teeth kicked in, but to give up while it is happening is really special.  I don’t know what to think.  Swoons are part of Flyers lore.  All that really matters (see last season) is how they are playing in about a month.  Up until this point there wasn’t much worry, but now, fingers are hovering over the panic button.  I don’t know what to think.  I’m a mess. Flyers kitten says the team needs more Tiger Blood.  We’ll see.


I found it quite ironic that last night on 60 minutes Andy Rooney, the man I love to make fun of, took my stance on the Kindle and similar devices.  Listening to the old man ramble on about feeling a book in your hands and everything else made me feel a little bit like an old man, but I think it bought Andy some slack from yours truly.  I’ll leave him alone for a while.  And, I must say, it was one of his more coherent segments that I can remember.  Speaking of books, I think one or two of you read…if you do, you might want to check out Jonathan Tropper for some light fare.  He’s not going win any Pulitzer Prizes, but he writes this kind of everyman fiction that isn’t easy to come by.  The author I see him compared to most often is, Nick Hornby, who wrote High Fidelity among others.  Tropper is a little more serious I would say and his topics a bit more solemn at times, but he’s still good for a laugh and very easy to read.  I’d recommend The Book of Joe, Everything Changes and the one I’m reading now, This is Where I Leave You.


Quiz of The Day: College Towns.  Category:  Geography/College Game Day.  My Score:  27/30.

There was a quiz on fractions posted today.  Let’s just say you are all lucky I didn’t pick that one.  Can you say, wheelhouse?


11 thoughts on “The Curse of Gisele?

  1. the funny thing is, i read an actual story today about people wanting him to shift to 2nd in the order. that might produce a similar reaction

    • I don’t think you’ll see a reaction if Jeter gets moved to 2nd in the lineup. Gardner belongs hitting leadoff, without question, given his skill set. Jeter’s hit 2nd in the lineup before, so i don’t see it being a huge problem. Granderson is the issue. Where do you stick him? 3-4-5 is already set, so he’d drop to 6, which i can’t imagine he’ll take too lightly.

  2. couple of things.

    a, riveting rant.

    b, gisele jinx? i mean, maybe she should spell her name like giselle from the ballet, then maybe we can talk jinx. but, um, the dude is happy. she’s a hottie. she cares about mother earth. he’s still an mvp. i’m gonna say…this is the curse of … just get it together. every week and player matters. no assumptions about the ability of another person to win “for you.” tom brady, no worries – i’ll still be drinking a cold one in your honor, lubricating in case of another titanic next season. tommy, you can do no wrong. even if your wife is hotter than i am and mispells her name. no wrong buddy. you had me at fourth and one, again and again.

    c, flyers kitten – dude – i’m gonna say it one more time…until you elect the original orange pussy…your lucky days are number….here’s a reminder of your potential.

    d, i can’t wait to take this quiz. hope bryn mawr of bryn mawr is on there….


    • well, not quite. i get your inventor status. but this kitten still has a right to audition for your constructed role, for which she is felin-ally born to play.

      manager q

      • yeah, i think we’ve been through all this before. the cat of which you speak is disqualified through association with you–a bruins fan.

        and also the somewhat arrogant stance that you seem to think you have the world’s only orange cat.

  3. i am a bruins fan.

    true like t swift’s drew.

    bring on 3/27 kids!!

    but i also have, not arrogance, but confidence that muffy is the cutest flyers kitty contender in the philly area. she also has a brother who is the biggest flyers fan i know…


  4. college towns…bombed.

    Went to the fractions and did just okay. The sad part is I just went through a unit on adding fractions with my kids. Getting the correct answers is easy. Beating the buzzer…not so much

    • Dubs,

      when i worked in Boston Public Schools…I learned that there’s a new way to do division (and i don’t understand it)…so long division is now obsolete??…can you confirm this? and if so, are you willing to offer tutor sessions for parents who thought they could help their kids with math homework (cause like, hello, they were math majors and stuff)…but now they have no clue what kids are learning in the 5th grade??

      Thanks in advance. Q

  5. 22 on the college towns . . . and then I did three fractions and realized, this is why I grew up and became an adult: no more fractions homework.

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