Opening Day.

Fore Everywhere.

It’s time.  Time to dust off the old sticks and sneak out for a round before the floods take us all away this weekend.  It’ll be good for me.  I need a day where I’m not following the Phillies spring training game on my Blackberry.  I’ll have to put my trust in Cole Hamels today, zipper up the phone, and see if I can locate that most mysterious of all locations known as the club face.

Golf opening day is one of the most hopeful times of the year.  I know some people prefer to live in warmer climes and bask in the year round golf that those locations provide, but personally I need my off-season.  Without it I wouldn’t be able to hope I have forgotten some bad habits.  I seem to have more in my golf swing than ever, and maybe a few of them went on hiatus during this 3-month stretch where I didn’t touch a club.  It’s common to play a decent round your first time out.  Of course, you’ll eventually get loose and fall back into all your old habits.

I could list the things that I hope have fixed themselves over the winter, but I have to leave in a little while here and that would be one long list.  I’m going to assume that I’ll putt badly.  Other than that, maybe I can just trot out some standard spring training speak.  “I’m just working on location.”  I’ll possibly let everyone know how I did out there.  I know at least one person who has tentatively invited me to a Member-Guest this year might be interested, or even on the phone with a replacement by this afternoon.  We’ll see.  I’m excited to get out there.  Hope springs eternal, or something.


This just got mentioned in the comments this morning, but in my ongoing quest to figure out my bracket this year, I am going to preemptively eliminate teams from my Final-8 regardless of their match-ups or any correlating upsets I might pick.  Essentially these are my would be top seeds that I am going to stay away from on gut instinct and principle.  For example, ‘Nova should have been on this list last year.

  1. Notre Dame
  2. BYU
  3. Syracuse
  4. Florida
  5. Purdue


You know a stat I’m impressed by?  Kevin Love’s double-double record.  Anytime you can put yourself in Moses Malone territory that is pretty good work.  And, it’s just a lot of rebounds.  I feel like anyone can score 10 points in the NBA on a regular basis, especially on a team like Minnesota.  But, to get the rebounds as well, proves that Love is trying and the Timberwolves miss an incredible amount of shots.  The unbreakable streaks in my own life:

  1. 53 straight lunches of soft pretzels and honey mustard–F&M College 2000.
  2. 51 straight rounds breaking 60 on NES OPEN–Winter 1993.
  3. 46 straight rounds of golf with at least one 3-putt.  May 2009-Present.
  4. 42 straight episodes of Californication downloaded illegally 2008-Present
  5. 27 straight NCAA brackets filled out without ever winning.  1988-Present.


Quiz of the Day:  Famous Michaels.  Category:  Great Names.  My Score: 25/30.

I think I’m going to get beaten here.  After I realized I wasn’t on the list I got flustered and mailed it in a little bit. Anyway, I’m off for the day.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  I assume Bachelor Ladies’ Reunion talk is dominating the water coolers today.  Riveting stuff.


20 thoughts on “Opening Day.

  1. Its an iron head. You can see it if you squint.

    In unrelated news I didn’t link the link.

    Will fix soon.

  2. Together Megan and I scored 16/25. On my own I would have had about 8. Megan thinks she would have gotten about 12 on her own.

  3. It was a little wet and sloppy out there.

    I shot 82. 45-37. 3 three putts, 2 balls in the water, no birdies. 10 greens. It was about what you’d expect. Hit my short irons pretty well. Nothing else was great, but the ball was in play. Had a hook going for about 5 holes, but was on or on fringe of last 6 greens. Ball wasn’t going anywhere. Think that’s about it.

  4. I hit a bleeder into the fairway on 12, but that was still my bogey.

    I made about a 5 footer on 14 for par after running a first putt from the fringe by. Avoiding 4th 3 jack of the day probably gave me the will to finish

  5. as much as i wanted to ace the michael exam. 16…got so bogged down with the george michael thing. was on tip of my tongue. but i was fixated on coming up with a last name…

    when he has two first! ah.


  6. As I bomb about 95% of these quizes, I’m proud of my 22.

    Sporcle rules question: If I knew the answer was Michael Crichton, but had no clue how to spell Chricton, can I google the spelling mid-quiz?

  7. Watching the nova collapse last night was torture, i felt like a red sox fan. You knew it was coming, and it was just getting more and more tense as it went along. It was like a slow train wreck. Only hope is that they run and gun through the tournament, they can’t play defense so they need to just outscore teams. Either way, next yr and yr after are the big years with Wayans, Yarou gets a yr under his belt and Pinkston.

  8. pretty awful.

    i don’t think they have a shot of winning more than one game. they are going to be playing a 1 or 2 in the 2nd round. that’s probably goodnight time.

    i kind of like Bell. anyone? no?

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