Limiting Distractions, Among Other Things.


Charlie Got Paid.


The Phillies finally came to an agreement with manager Charlie Manuel and locked him up through the 2013 season with a two-year extension that will pay Manuel in the neighborhood of 7 to 8 million dollars.  Considering the outcome of the deal, I have to think the delay was probably caused by Manuel wanting a third year.  I assume his age and maybe the age of this core of players that have come along with Manuel made the Phillies tentative to extend past 2013.  It’s still a nice payday for Charlie and it almost makes you forget how close this guy was to be being gone.  He’s come a long way since 2006.  From Howard Eskin dubbing him “Elmer Befuddled” to fans doubting he knew how to make a double switch, Charlie didn’t exactly lay a traditional foundation for becoming the most successful manager in the team’s history.  Everyone loves him now, though.  I guess we’re just lucky he got so much smarter starting with that Mets collapse in ’07.   Another positive of this deal is that it is one less distraction for the team.  They already are getting questions about Chase every day, you don’t want the season to start and have doubt surrounding the manager as well.


Speaking of Utley, his unknown status has resumed the love affair people in Philadelphia have with Michael Young.  I heard on sports talk yesterday someone had claimed to see Michael Young in Philly, and assumed it was for some type of physical examination.  Of course, Michael Young was playing an exhibition game in Arizona while this was allegedly going down.  I think fans are more in love with the idea of Michael Young than they would be if Young actually materialized in town.  Young is a nice player, and he’s actually having a good spring, but if you’ve talked yourself into the Rangers taking Joe Blanton in a trade for him, it’s time to wake up.  The Phillies would have to make the salaries match here, I would imagine.  Young makes 16 million.  They’d have to dump Oswalt, or Blanton prospects and another player perhaps to even think about getting this deal done.  Obviously Young is a better option than Wilson Valdez, but you’d have to weaken the team elsewhere to make it happen.  And, those who are ready to trade Oswalt for Young have missed the boat.  This team is riding with their starting pitching, they are stuck with that philosophy at least for this year.  If Utley can’t play this year it’s going to be patchwork with Valdez and then maybe when the trade deadline comes around they can add a veteran player, not someone in Young’s league, but someone like the great Ty Wigginton who gets his name thrown around every year.


You know what I can’t stand?  When products don’t do what they are designed to do.  I’m talking about simple things, here.  I don’t get mad with golf balls when they don’t fly higher and straighter.  I know that’s my own fault for believing such claims, but I think sometimes you should be able to have a certain expectation about how something is going to perform. Take dish towels.  I know, not the manliest topic, but don’t you think you should be able to buy a dish towel with the expectation that it will absorb water?  That seems given for anything called a “towel.”  The phenomenon of towels not absorbing water is really gaining some momentum.

I know what you’re thinking.  Grossy, stop buying 12 dish towels for 99 cents, but this isn’t a get what you pay for issue. I’ve had cheap towels suck water like no one’s business, and just recently I had the privilege of using a towel from Williams-Sonoma.  Classy stuff.  This towel not only just spread the water around the dish I was attempting to dry, but it left little pieces of towel lint behind.  So, after drying, I had a wet and somewhat dirty plate.  I can’t tell you how livid that makes me.  Sometimes you can tell by feel.  The towels have this plastic finish and you know they are decorative, but that’s not always the case either.  I guess I am saying be careful when you get a dish towel.  And, I think if they don’t absorb water you should be able to take them back to the store, light them on fire, and put them in the manager’s back pocket.  A donut with no holes is a danish.  A towel that doesn’t absorb water is rain gear.

Quiz of the Day:  Opening Lyrics. Category: My Achilles Heel.  My Score: 7/19.

Not sure if I will get another post in today, so I’ll put the quiz up now.  The quiz yesterday was not popular at all. Apparently the Civil War is not such a fun topic for everyone.  I guess I can understand that.  We all have our weaknesses. Music would be one of mine.  If all these songs came on the radio I would say, yeah I’ve heard that.  But, I have no idea who it is, or what it is called.  So, everyone enjoy murdering me on this one, but deep down you’d rather know who A.P. Hill is, admit it.


8 thoughts on “Limiting Distractions, Among Other Things.

  1. Also 7 of 19, and I’ll go ahead and come out in support of the Civil War Quiz even if it really consisted of typing in random names rather than responding to any of the prompts. And I’ve gone from thinking I had an “outside shot” at naming A.P. Hill to being downright annoyed that I forgot him. Also annoyed that Jubal Early and Dick Ewell weren’t on the list, hello?

  2. i um, liked the quiz yesterday…it is perverse to say…civil war, my fav war:) the romance, the bromance, the justice seeking.

    anyhow. didn’t take it cause i knew i would fail. names and details. not a q thing.

    already i am cocky and confident i can crush this song lyrics thing…but i am sure 3-Putt has some doubts.

    i’ll give an update

    itty bitty Q

  3. 12, but it probably should’ve been 14 or 15. Had a few distractions going on here at work while i hammered away at it. Also, although i got it right, i would hold the second one by the world’s best selling artists up for protest.

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