Clock Changing Weekend.


Beirut Courtesy The Goodyear Blimp.


Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend.  That means you can get one full hour weirder on Saturday night.  I expect everyone to check back in on Monday with their tales of debauchery (I’m hearing now it’s clocks forward. Seems less fun, but so be it).  Something about the Spring makes me miss playing Beirut.  I think I wrote an entire post last year lamenting that I don’t really play anymore, but the fires really start burning when the weather gets a bit nicer.  I don’t have visions of frat basements, more like casual all day affairs, forcing the shorts even though it’s only 55 degrees.  That was college.  Lazily splashing foam in people’s grills from all angles.  Rain!  Anyway, someone invite me out for some Beirut on Sunday.  I’m feeling it.  I can’t miss right now in my head.


As we talked about this morning, the brackets come out on Sunday evening.  I’ll be making a post then to set up the 2nd Annual 3PT stragglers tournament.  This year, I decided to offer a prize.  It’s not going to be dramatic, and entry will still be free, but I’m thinking a nice gift card.  Maybe Subway?  I’m joking.  I hate Subway.  I’d send you a roll of pennies before I sent you a Subway gift card.  It’d be less insulting.  Anyway, come back on Sunday night or Monday morning to sign up for that extravaganza.  And, with me in the field, you are guaranteed to beat one person.  No limit of entries per customer, either.  Total free for all.


Right now it looks like the hopes of American golf for the week rest on the shoulder of Hunter Mahan.  I have a great nickname for Mahan, but only those in my exclusive Masters pool are privy.  It is not family oriented.  Not even a little bit.  I can say, think of if Mahan had a kid with Steve Jobs and they hyphenated its last name, and then you kind of slurred them together?  I think you are with me.  Anyway, American golf is getting a little overwhelmed by the dang foreigners lately and Tiger and Phil seem content to do nothing about it.  It’s time for these American stars in the making to be actual stars.  Mahan has as much talent as anyone, but I’m not going to go crazy and call him easy to like. He has a tendency to hit some of the worst chip shots ever struck in key moments.  Also, he married a Cowboys cheerleader.


Mrs. Mahan.


Speaking of the fairer sex, everyone seemed happy to hear when Mila Kunis and the Home Alone kid broke up, so I guess I should report that Jessica Biel is now single.  There’s still time, people.  And, think it was over a decade ago that the Gear magazine spread changed the lives of so many young boys.  Time flies.  Of course, if JT starts dating Kunis now, it’s like a great man once said, six of one, six of another.


The best thing about Spring Training is stat volatility.  This is also the best thing about April baseball, but it’s nice when you can go from lamenting Raul Ibanez’s slow start to saying Ibanez is on fire in the span of 3 days.  The Phillies are starting to swing it a little bit (They are just pummeling Orioles pitching today).  I can’t decide if I am a Delwyn Young guy or a Josh Barfield guy, but I know for sure I am not a Jeff Larish guy.  No worries, Chase, take your old sweet time. We’re good.  Victorino/Howard/Ibanez is like Ruth/Gehrig/Meusel right now.  Kevin Gregg do not bring that weak stuff in here.


Quiz of the Day:  Liquor By Bottle Picture.  Category: You’re a Drunk.  My Score: 24/32.

Seems appropriate for the weekend.  Everyone have a good one.  And, see you all Sunday evening or Monday for tournament coverage that will border on being too extensive.  And, Picks!



11 thoughts on “Clock Changing Weekend.

    • haha!! i assumed 3-Putt, God of all useless knowledge, had known this…be as I used to lose one hour to my bday weekend…now it’s earlier and my best friend does…well, sucks for her….but i read this post, and assumed this was some code for “get weirder…” aka, and we can delete that hour? that’s one way to look at it right?

      gosh, well since i was really educated on the liquor (is wine considered liquor?) niboli…well, maybe i can crush this quiz…should i drink something first?

      right, sleepy time tea…here goes…


      • wow. i stopped at 4. way too hard for a bryn mawr girl

        dude, nailed my favs though…malibu and tanqueray.

        bedazzlingly dry q

      • between watney and dustin johnson, looks like butch doesn’t really need Tiger at this point.

        johnny miller said the same thing today, though.

        i’m sure tiger will love that when he hears about it.

        he’s too stubborn to ever go back.

  1. Observation…

    I love how the clowns on espn kill Joe lunardi as if the guy acts like he is the be all end all. They rip some of his picks yet the guy is never on tv to defend himself. He’s quiet as can be and year after year he is on the money. It’s not like he has an agenda by picking one team over another. He knows how the committee thinks and bases his picks accordingly.

    Eat a deezy Bilas.

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