Poolology–Contest Update.

They're Called Pools. Not Polls. Or Poles.

As much as I’d love to live blog Selection Sunday, that isn’t going to happen.  As everyone knows the first couple hours after the brackets come out are for personal reflection only.  You have to sit down and coax your Final Four out of the darkness.  Later tonight I will probably check in with the world-renowned, “Gut Reactions,” to the bracket.  We’ll all marvel at how easy Duke’s path to the Final Four is and everyone will regurgitate Belmont as their double-digit seed sleeper.  In case anyone out there isn’t patient enough to wait until tomorrow morning to get things underway, the 2nd Annual, 3 Putt Territory Stragglers Only NCAA Pool can be found right here:



Apparently, CBS is a little fascist with their brackets?  Anyway, there were some issues, I gather.  It was impossible for me to tell, because I was the group “manager”.  Anyway, if you were trying to sign up and couldn’t, I apologize.  I’m switching it to Yahoo.  It seems easier to sign up for, just anecdotally.  Since no one successfully signed up for the other one, I don’t think it’s too a big a deal.  Hopefully.  Anyway, the link now takes you to Yahoo.  The necessary information is:

Group Name:  Three Putt Territory

ID#: 104341

Password: stopit

*Click on Join A Group and Enter the Above Info.

For now, all you need to know about the pool is that I am not limiting entries.  CBS limits your entries per username, but if you want to sit around all day creating usernames and brackets…go right ahead.  I’ll be filling out just one bracket, because that’s all I will need–especially since I can enter and change my picks at will.  I’ll let the winner pick their prize.  You send me an establishment that I can access and I’ll send you a nice gift card.  The amount of the gift card will depend as always on sponsor donations and my success at the world famous Sarasota Kennel Club.

Ok, My Gut Reactions…Here’s the Bracket By the Way if You Happen to Live in a Van Down by The River.

1.  I joked about Duke having the easiest bracket, but this year the field is so wide open it is hard to say for sure which number 1 seed fared the best.  Duke, certainly did all right, but you could also make the case that Pitt landed in a pretty soft spot.  If you believe in the power of the Big East then Kansas has a tough road with ND as their #2 and Louisville and Georgetown also lurking.  For the #1 overall seed, OSU didn’t get any favors, in my opinion.

2.  Speaking of the Big East, the conference is in what is at least its 2nd year as the unquestioned super power.  Last year you might remember people picking up to 3 Big East teams to make the Final Four.  Well, there is no doubt that the Big East is a deep conference, but to really make noise you need to be top-heavy as well.  I think whether or not the Big East’s top seeds can make good on the conference’s rep and advance at least to the Elite Eight is a good story line.

3.  My emotions for the snubs are all over the map.  My rational side says Colorado and Virginia Tech weren’t going to win the tournament, and so in the big picture we shouldn’t be worried about them getting excluded.  But, I’m not a big believer in patronizing the mid-majors just because it makes you feel democratic.  That doesn’t make much sense either.  The bottom line is for the individual schools and their fans this hurts a great deal, but come next weekend no one will be talking about Colorado anymore.  This might of have been one of the worst jobs in recent memory by the committee, but the most deserving team will still be standing at the end.

4.  I think my favorite 1st round match-up is Wisconsin/Belmont.  If you haven’t already been inundated with Belmont talk, you’ll hear a lot about them before this 1st round game.  I expect they’ll be one of the most popular double-digit seeds picked to win outright.  The game against the Badgers is a wicked contrast in style.  Belmont scores 80 points a game.  In Wisconsin’s last game there were 69 total points.  Granted that was an extreme case, but still, it will be a great test for Belmont and their shooters to see if they can deal with Wisconsin slowing it down.  I actually think it’s not a great draw for the Bruins.  They’d be better against a team that doesn’t lock it down on defense.

5.  Not sure about the NBA guys from TNT doing the analysis.  It’s great more games will be on, and obviously they need to bring in people to broadcast them, but I’m not sure how into the tournament Charles and company are.  I think they are trying, but so many guys out there love college basketball, live and breathe it, it’s hard for them to step in from doing NBA games all year and measure up.  You can always hope Charles does or says something outrageous to keep it interesting, but in the end I’m already at my limit for Kenny “the Jet” Smith.


All right, that’s all for now, everyone remember to sign up for the pool.  Just follow that link above.  Hopefully that is working.  I mean, do you want to compete against 30 million people trying to win a measly 10 grand on ESPN, or do you want to do this one where you actually have a shot?  It’s a numbers game.  We’ll be back all week with tourney chatter and some absolute mortal locks coming Thursday morning.



22 thoughts on “Poolology–Contest Update.

  1. is this another year where the prize is not spelled out til the winner (q) wins AGAIN?

    that was the best cadbury egg of my life.

    maybe this year, you should doe cakesters, they’re like woopie pies but local (wawa).


  2. Uh, last year was all for pride.

    You might be thinking of the bowl contest, where I offered a prize, but then went ahead and won it myself.


  3. any thoughts on these play in games for the 11/12 seed? I mean, the 16 seeds don’t impact brackets, but now you have to wait until weds night to figure out who an 11 seed is?

    I feel like USC and VCU both suck, but still.

  4. BYU, Florida and St. John’s all in the same half of a bracket? Ick.

    Hate the “first four” games. Hate might be too kind a word. Listen, you have a beautiful thing with the 64 team tournament. Everyone agrees it is a beautiful thing (except I guess the coaches who get fired if they don’t make the tournament and whoever it is who gets money from the postseason.) IT IS NOT BROKEN, SO DON’T FIX IT. Just pick one, UAB or Clemson, and let’s roll.

    ALso not sure how playing an extra game affects the traditional 5/12 upset . I would be all over UAB to beat whomever it is they are playing, but now, not so sure.

    And last but not least, Mabel Jennings thinks it isn’t fair that Alabama State has to play a “play in” game before they can play in the real tournament. They won their conference tournament fair and square. Just let them be a 16 seed! I’m with Mabel on this one.

  5. interesting, would you rather guarantee that one and done, or would you like a game against a team you can beat?

    i guess that exposure against a 1 seed is worth more.

    I also think 64 teams is fine.

    if they keep messing with it, they will ruin the pools. Much like an 18 week NFL season with extra byes would hurt fantasy football. you can’t have arian foster with 3 bye weeks.

    anyway, regarding the pool…

    if anyone ever successfully signs up…let me know.

  6. Team Horseface is registered successfully, although I haven’t filled out the bracket yet. We expect to be in full blown Bracket Horseface by late Saturday afternoon at the latest. (Thanks UConn!!)

  7. ok, nice.

    it looks like it is working now.

    yeah, UCONN….

    is that, Kemba will carry them ala Carmelo, or are they cooked because they just played five brutal games in a row?


  8. are those basketball tournaments?

    stock tips?

    I’ve never heard of them.

    they should just turn the thing into T-Ball. Play all the games then give everyone a trophy.

  9. If you go to the NCAA BB section of espn.com, the headline stories are littered with stories like “Cal Tech headlines expanded STOPIT field.”

    I think it is all part of a conspiracy to expand the NCAA field to 96 teams. “Hey, all these teams are playing in the postseason already, why not have one big tournament? What a great idea!”

  10. Eventually the first round of the NCAA playoffs will be like high school district playoffs: You can be in the tournament if your athletic director says its okay.

  11. This is pretty interesting if you have 15 minutes or so:

    The Wall Street Journal has this thing where they give key facts about the teams in the tournament, but they don’t show you their names until you’ve picked all the games.

    if you really wanted to figure them out, I guess you could, but if you kind of play dumb, it’s pretty wild.

    I ended up with SD State in the Final Four.


  12. BYU I can’t do, but I may have to give SDSU some respect after this exercise. it’s not like anything else i ever tried worked for me.

  13. Apparently I was all hopped up on Jimmer Fredette in the blind bracket. I saw “best player in the game” and somehow thought that this was 1985 and Patrick Ewing was piling up points and rebounds as if they were slices of mouth-watering bacon at a buffet.

    I was all set to drop SDSU to Northern Colorado in the first round. (Even though according to the NCAA this game will be played in the “second round.”) Its either that or the elite eight. I don’t think I can put them in the final four. I can’t decide. I hate filling out the bracket.

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