Phils Have Day Off, Let’s Meander.

Tough Spring So Far for Jayson Werth.

Anyone out there wondering how Jayson Werth is doing with the Nationals?  I have to admit, it’s been a little bit of an out of sight, out of mind thing for me, but I do enjoy when Werth’s name pops up and he immediately starts getting buried by people in Philadelphia.  It’s an incredibly immature thing to do, it’s cocky and short-sighted, but that is who sports fans are.  There is no use in trying to hide it.  Werth never quite got “it” here.  Sure, he was a favorite with female fans, but that will only get you so far.  As soon as Werth left people started to turn on him.  His sound bites have done nothing but fan the flames, and confirm what people suspected all along…Werth could be kind of a, you know.  For Washington this Spring, Werth is hitting a smooth .167 and has clubbed 0 homers in 24 at-bats.  That’s calculator error dollars per home run.  Isn’t spite and smugness, fun?


You know what I don’t care about?  The NFL Draft.  I don’t care if they televise the thing.  I don’t care who shows up.  I don’t care how much rookies get paid.  The best part of the Draft is always when it’s over and you can take 15 minutes and see who everyone picked.  This saves you approximately 71.75 hours if you don’t watch the actual coverage.  And, if you happen to be obsessed with the draft, I don’t think you need to see the guys shaking hands.  It’s the analysis that interests people?  The ennui?  Something brings the people back, but I don’t want to hear discussions about who is going to do what and where on draft day.  I want to hear discussions about how the labor deal is going to be resolved.  You know, so these guys getting picked won’t become immediately locked out, or part of a union that has dissolved, or whatever is currently happening.  Back to the moderator boys.  You can set up a nice green room in 24 hrs.


John Smoltz is going to play in a Nationwide Tour event in Georgia at the end of April.  Observing Smoltz from my gilded perch, millions of miles away, he strikes me as a classic case of a golfer who thinks they are far better than their actual game suggests.  Don’t get me wrong, Smoltz is a nice player, but if your claim to fame is being the best Atlanta Brave at golf and fleecing known pigeon Michael Jordan out of some cash, then I’m not sure you are ready for prime time.  It’s great for publicity for the event, but I have a feeling Smoltz has probably talked himself into a top-ten.  Last year it was Jerry Rice making an appearance in a Nationwide Event and shooting 27 thousand.  I wonder if actual pro golfers get a little offended that so many other pro athletes fancy themselves as players.  I’d imagine maybe a good 5% of pro athletes probably have said something like, “I’ll probably try the Champions Tour someday.”  Like the Champions Tour is on par with the local Stag Day, or something.   I know golf doesn’t take feats of strength, but come on, it’s a little offensive.  The only thing I’ve ever heard a golfer brag about was ping-pong.


I guess we have to acknowledge the end of the G-Funk Era?  Thanks to Haas for the heads up, the melancholy news is the great Nate Dogg has passed away.  I’m no hip-hop aficionado, but Nate Dogg was pretty transcendent.  Everyone at least pretended they knew the words to “Regulate.”  You’d pipe up when you knew a line, “Sixteen in the clip…” then you’d trail off.  Classic stuff.  Nate Dogg was also probably the most influential nickname persona of our time.  Every single person named Nate in the free world has been called Nate Dogg.  Documented.  So, to the greatest talking rapper of all-time, I guess the only thing to say is, hope you are in the East Side Motel in the Sky.


Quiz of the Day:  3-Letter Word Blitz. Category: Simple Vocab and Speed Typing.  My Score:  40/50.

This is just a quick little blitz.  Fun for all.  If you aren’t a great typist, you could struggle a bit.  I’m decent.  Not great. Pam Beesly gets a perfect 50/50 here.


6 thoughts on “Phils Have Day Off, Let’s Meander.

    • 17, too…now, i wasted 20 seconds, cause…i read the directions and am SO NON-COMMON SENSY sometimes that i though there were only 50 three letter words in the English language so i started to just type 3 letter words.

      then i get frustrated when none are accepted and then
      i realize there are clues….DARN IT.

      i could have been a contender.
      story of my life: close but no cigar.
      did anyone ever play “shifty sam” on apple 2e?
      nerd alert.

      dang it. q

  1. i am a female and never a fan of werth. he did have a stranger/ does have a strange batting stance. not as classic as rose, but interesting. always captivates the q.

    2000’s….that was the free taco lovin’ jacoby ellsbury (and of course, Tommy B) decade for q.

    and since they look nothing alike Werth…

    obviously, i don’t care about him. um, yo…my mom wants to make a shirt for the Phillies games…using her old Werth t…”NOT Werth IT.”

    prob a popular saying. now my mom and the Werth…hmm, well, he apparently looks like my cousin from central pa.


  2. 20 spot.

    Comments in reverse order:

    Regulate is one the greatest rap songs ever. It was a clear black night, a full white moon…

    I like when a celebrity type tries to play golf on some sort of pro circuit. If they succeed its a good story and if they fail it makes me feel better about my game.

    I hate the NFL draft more than Funk.

    I hate Funk more than I hate Werth.

  3. I have to agree about Regulate.

    It’s a party saver and a mood changer.

    that songs comes on and everyone feels just a little bit better.


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