The Worst Feeling

How did I not know that John Stockton’s kid played for Gonzaga?

As I said, not really going to be able to wrap this up like I want to, but just had the urge to mention one thing. As fun as the tournament is, there is one thing about it I can’t stand. It’s that inevitable feeling of the loss coming on. With 63 games it is bound to happen to everyone a few times, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.

I’m not talking about just losing a game. I’m talking about a couple of minutes into the first half and you already know you are doomed. I’m talking about the rare basketball game where there is no run. You had talked yourself into some strategy, some upset, some player and they come out like garbage. It’s often a team you haven’t seen. I imagine some people had the feeling today with Belmont. You get fired up for them, pick them, and then you start to watch. That’s Belmont?

I want a time machine when this happens. Just let me go back and change this one pick. After that I feel like a moron and berate myself. I swear off the NCAA and then try to talk myself into thinking that everyone else tanked the same game I did. Obviously, for me, the game today was St. John’s. Hurt the old bracket, and the ‘Zags of all teams. Those mutts.

It wasn’t all bad news, though. We had Penn State, UConn, UCLA and Wisconsin cover. That’s 4-1. I would have been dancing in the streets if I’d pulled that during the NFL season. Law of averages says that 4-1 is bad news for ‘Nova tomorrow.

Checked the standings of the 3-Putt Territory Pool a few times. I think Horseface was out front the last I saw–never good to be leading the first day, but we’re generally nice and bunched up. Which is to be expected. This thing is going to completely blow up and if you can call the final that might be about all it takes to win this or any pool.
Anyway, here’s to a good Friday’s worth of games. Gotta say on the whole the first day provided plenty of great finishes.


17 thoughts on “The Worst Feeling

  1. I feel like St. John’s brought it on themselves with the whole “white sneakers with my suit” thing. And justifying it on the basis of comfort . . . if you want to feel comfortable on the sidelines, just put on a pair of sweatpants and rock a hoodie. Wearing sneakers with a suit (no tie) looks more foolish than comfortable.

    • ha yeah i was thinking that too about the sneakers when i heard the announcer say he said it wasn’t superstition it was “all about comfort.”

      as if it recently just dawned on him that sneakers were more comfortable than dress shoes.

  2. I’ve always hated Lavin too, so I really don’t know what I was thinking.

    I know almost all of St John’s big wins were at home, but they were awful last night.


    And I can’t believe that no one got all 16 games. I know there were multiple upsets, but aren’t there millions of brackets at ESPN?

    12 has you tied for the lead in our humble extravaganza.

  3. I think the Johnnies just ran into a hot team, and an underrated (for the first time in history) gonzaga team. They’ve won something like 10 straight now?

  4. Fuckin hate Mason. Their coach looks like Coughlin minus the Santa cheeks.

    That was one of the most disapointng seasons for nova ever.

  5. I don’t think it was a disappointing season at all for Nova, maybe the way it ended but overall its about where they should have been. They’re young, they don’t know how to close games and they don’t have a leader, all of which will come with experience. Scottie Reynolds was a big time college player, there was going to be a step back after losing him to graduation. This was a year to build experience, and once Pinkston was done they really had no shot at a tourney run-I think he could have been one of those guys who stepped up and carried them in big games.

    I mean, let’s remember Lappas losing to OD, not to mention his teams missing 3 straight NCAA tourneys.

    • Not a disappointing season?

      They were a preseason top-10 team.

      They’re young?
      They started three seniors and two sophomores. How many teams in the c ountry actually started 3 seniors?

      Scottie Reynolds was a big time player who guided them to a second-round loss against St.Mary’s last year. He got worse each year and ended his career as the most overrated player in the country. He was good because of the talent around him, not because of his inate abilities.

      You say the Cats were too young yet you point to a freshmen as being the missing piece?

      Lappas lost to OD after going through the whole Kerry Kittle calling card scandal, let’s not forget that important piece to the puzzle.

      And to say this season was not bad because of past results is terrible. Does that mean Pitt fans should be happy at the end of this season no matter what happens because the program has never had success before?

      There were expectations in place before the year started and Nova failed to meet them.

      • The only people who thought Nova was a preseason top 10 team were people who didn’t watch them. I didn’t say it wasn’t disappointing, i said it wasn’t one of the biggest disappointments in nova history.

        It’s the big east, there are plenty of teams starting several seniors. St. John’s just graduated something like 10 i believe, g’town, pitt, all had 3 seniors start i’m almost positive, and WVU has a turkish pro who is a “soph”, then all juniors/seniors, one of those seniors is like a 6th yr guy in Mazzula. Uconn is probably the youngest team in the big east, an anomaly in their success being as young as they are, but they have the best player in the country in walker. Nova started 3 seniors, all of whom haven’t made a single stride in their careers and look exactly as they did when they came in relative to their games. By and large, Fischer would have had to carry the team the way reynolds did, and he didn’t have it in him. None of the seniors ever had to be leaders, put the team on their shoulders, turn adversity, etc.

        Reynolds’ career is ridiculous, to be short sighted to say the second round loss was the stamp on his career is wrong. He was flat out running that team, he masked a lot of issues with Fischer, and he got the most out of his talent and the talent around him. Was he the best player in the country? No. Did he have a great career? Absolutely. To think they weren’t taking a step back is ridiculous.

        Yes, i did point to freshman who i believe could have been a different maker this year. It doesn’t change the being inexperienced and young. It means that in the grand scheme, he might have changed things slightly, he could have been an added piece to change the dynamic.

        At the end of the day, Nova’s end was disappointing b/c you always expect more, but it’s right where the majority of nova fans i know (and myself) thought they would end up. They weren’t a final four/elite 8 team, max was a sweet 16.

      • First you said, “I don’t think it was a disappointing season at all for Nova.”

        Then you follow it up with, “I didn’t say it wasn’t disappointing”

        Make up your mind or make sure you clarify it first before you try to retract the statement.

        The only people who had Nova ranked preseason top-10 were people who didn’t watch them?
        Guy, seriously. You gotta stop with this. ESPN/USA Today had them ranked there. I am going to assume a handful of those people watched Nova and knew about their program just a little bit.

        There were a couple teams in the Big East who had some senior starters just like Nova did and I would never call any of those teams young either.

        You make the comment about the seniors they didn’t make a single stride in their careers and look exactly as they did when they came in relative to their games. I agree with you on that. I expected them to show a lot more growth especially their senior season.

        The ironic part about that is Scottie Reynolds falls into the same category. His game was the same when he left as when he came in. In fact he actually showed some regression. How many more bad shots did he take as he got older? How many times did he try to push the ball up the court when nothing was there and then turn it over?

        To think they wouldn’t take a step back when they have 3 seniors ready to fill his shoes is not ridiculous. They had the perfect opportunity, but they failed to come through. If you knew Stokes, Fischer and Pena would all come up that small as group before the season started you had to lie to yourself.

        Most Nova fans thought this team could have easily mae a run to the elite 8. If they played like they were project they get a 3 seed and two easier games to get to the Sweet 16 and then ahve 1 win to reach the Elite 8.

        Do you live in the philly area or do you just assume you know what the majority of Nova fans think and feel? Or do you just assume that how you and your family and a couple friends think is the majority?

        At the beginning of the season you had 3 seniors who each brought something table. Fischer was suupposed to be the leader, Stokes the shooter and Pena the inside presence. Take those pieces and add a coach in Jay Wright who many regard as an elite coach and you have people who think Nova is a good team. And then when you consider the talent Wayns possesses you start to see how good the backcourt could be. To top it off Yarou was seen as the player who could secure the inside and give Nova one of their first balanced attacks and true post player.

        In the end none of it materialized and you’re left with one of the most disappointing seasons in Nova’s history.

        That link will give you a better understanding of how Nova fans feel.

      • I apologize, i meant to say “i don’t think it was one of the most disappointing in history”.

        Whatever you say, you can have your opinion and I’ll maintain mine. Anyone who watched these seniors through their careers and put any faith in them, in my opinion, was misguided. FIscher had never shown the ability to be a floor leader, largely b/c Reynolds took on that role, but Fischer never looked like a leader. Wow, he scored 100 points at Rucker Park. And? Pena has never made strides, and to your point about reynolds most likely regressed.

        It’s largely possible we run in different circles, b/c the vast majority of Nova fans I know are of the same opinion I am. This was a year for the sophs to gain experience, but NEVER was an Elite 8 an expectation. They were overrated at the beginning of the year, of course you hope you’re wrong, but i never spoke to fans who felt that they were a team that would make a tournament run.

        I love your “do you live in the philly area” as if nova fans ONLY live within a 10 mile radius of the school. Do you think you know 90% of the fans of Villanova Basketball? Or just 51%? You know a group, you don’t know “the majority”, and neither do I. I realize you believe that you had to either go to Villanova or live in the immediate vicinity of the school to be a fan, but you and I probably know the exact number of fans, give or take a few. I think it’s pretty arrogant to assume YOU know the majority of fans. I said the majority of nova fans I know, which is a decent sized group.

        Do i think fans aren’t disappointed? Of course not, it’s always disappointing when the season ends. Do i think it’s one of the most disappointing in nova’s history? Absolutely not. It’s not like you sit there and don’t hope fo Fischer to FINALLY step up, or Stokes to not choke-which would be a major change for both of them-but they did, they were exactly who they have always been. So realistically, this is right where they belonged in my opinion.

      • Actually you were the one who introduced the idea about what the majority thinks. So yes, the arrogance point does fit you pretty well, but I’m sure youve been told that before and actually enjoy it.

        It was one of the most disappointing seasons ever. It’s a fact and you can lie to yourself all you want. At some point you need to stop though because no one else is believing it except you.

      • Actually i introduced the majority as that of nova fans I know, not “the majority of nova fans” as you claimed to speak for. And i’d say that since you’re claiming to speak not only for ALL villanova fans but the universal people, you’re by far the most arrogant person who writes here. Keep telling yourself you’re the most educated nova fan out there, know everyone and everything, and can speak for all who have ever watched or cheered them on, CLEARLY you’re the most amazing and important Villanova basketball fan of all time. Please let me know when they’re retiring your jersey, I’ll be sure to be in attendance.

      • Preseason top-10 team with 3 seniors in the starting lineup and they lose in the first round.

        That’s all I need to say.

        Talk to me when you actually know something about college hoops.

  6. BK,

    The best part about proving you wrong is that when you finally realize it you abandon the topic and try to divert everyone’s attention from the fact you are wrong.

    It’s clever, but I see what you’re doing.

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