Screw Castillo…


I feel the same way about Mets as Miles feels about Merlot.


Luis Castillo.  Are you kidding me?  You know what I hate about this move?  Everyone says, what’s the worst that could happen?  He stinks and it doesn’t cost you anything.  No, the worst that could happen is you bring in some broken down old Met, start him because you don’t trust your guys and he has name recognition, he hits the right side of my 40-time (6.136 seconds) and then what?  You go back to one of the guys you just benched at the last minute?  The reports on Castillo are he can’t run anymore.  He can’t hit anymore, and the Mets just cut him (paying him 6 million to go away).  He’s not good enough to make the Mets.  What’s next?  Ollie Perez in the bullpen?  Not to mention that bringing in Castillo pretty much confirms that no one knows when Chase Utley is going to play, and if they do know it is a date that isn’t even a dot on the horizon at this point.  I loathe Luis Castillo.  I feel sorry for the people in Lehigh Valley if that is where he ends up.   NO METS!

Good News from Today’s Phillies Game:  Roy Halladay had a nice outing against the Red Sox.  It was a second straight game against a front line starter for the Phils, but they eventually squeaked a few across and beat Jon Lester. Halladay’s less than stellar effort in a minor-league game last week looks like it can be chalked up to Halladay not giving a cat’s hind end about a minor league game.  Brett Myers better look out on Opening Day.  Are there odds on Myers getting overstimulated and either blowing out his arm or walking 8 guys on April first?  I’d take a taste of that for the right price.

Bad News from Today’s Phillies Game:  Shane Victorino and Raul Ibanez collided going after a fly ball and Victorino left the game with a bruised eye and sore jaw.  This is what you get for trying in Spring Training, guys.  Another little scrape for the Phils to get over, but you see something like this and you have to be relieved there wasn’t any kind of concussion. That’s one of the worst words to hear in sports these days, and the Phillies need every healthy body they can get.


4 thoughts on “Screw Castillo…

  1. yeah…

    well, he’s off to a great start. “Confusion over a hotel reservation delayed his arrival.”

    now, he’s not playing today.


    he was coming from Port St. Lucie…

    guy is a total dog

  2. That kind of surprises me, actually.

    It felt like they were really talking themselves into him.

    Makes me wonder if something else is up, or in the works.

    By the way, I’m listening to 97.5, they just announced this and the whole place where they are broadcasting from just exploded I cheers.

    Pretty classic.

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