Last Weekend Until Opening Day…


You Can't Spell Lidge Without "DL"


What did I say yesterday?  The Phillies need to get out of Florida.  Brad Lidge took the mound yesterday, got two outs, got shelled and left with a shoulder problem that is going to land him on the disabled list.  Lidge, who usually brushes off his injuries with a dose of optimism seems a little concerned about his latest ailment.  Just mark it down as another hole the Phillies have to plug before things get underway.  At least this one they are better equipped to handle, especially in the short-term.  Ryan Madson, he of closer stuff and questionable mentality, or Jose Contreras the Cuban fountain of youth will probably get the nod while Lidge heals.  I’m just relieved Roy Halladay is a focused android, because who knows which guys are going to be behind him on Opening Day.  Between injuries and Spring Training malaise, next Friday can’t get here soon enough.


What can make us feel a little better?  Did I take a shot at Jayson Werth this week?  The Nationals announced that Werth will be filling the number 2 slot in their batting order.  Werth finally hit his first spring home run, and has drug his average up into the .260s, but I think most people still had him pegged as the 3rd or 4th hitter in this lineup.  The Nationals refer to Werth’s ability to get on base as the reason he will hit 2nd, and that is all well and good, but usually when you pay a guy 126 million he’s looked at to produce a few runs as well as score them.  That’s a big chunk of change for someone running around doing a Tom Herr impression.  I could see leading Werth off before hitting him second, but this is the Nationals.  They have a storied history of losing, and who are we to question their actions?  Work on that sacrifice bunt, Jayson!


Sunday at Bay Hill was once the day that Tiger drained a clutch 15-footer on the 18th hole for the victory, delivered his trademark running fist pump and then Arnie Palmer fit him with a blazer.  He’s won the event six times.  Does he have any chance to make it a lucky seven?  After a pretty clean 68 on Friday morning it looks like Woods might actually be around for the weekend.  If Gary McCord was writing this right now he’d say that Tiger is “officially lurking.”  There is a lot of youth in front of Tiger, so even though he’s 5 shots behind Spencer Levin, it feels a bit closer than that.  A lot of experience and veterans gathering up around Woods as well.  It should be a nice finish.  If Tiger wins this thing, the hype for the Masters will be wonderfully delicious.  Can’t wait.


College basketball game of the day is Ohio State vs. Kentucky?  Lots of talented freshmen will be on the floor for this one.  Imagine some of the names that would be in this game if kids couldn’t leave early for the draft.  What would John Wall be averaging this year, 25 and 12?  Of course, I guess if Wall was still around then Calipari would have had a harder time getting Knight.  Trade-offs.  Depending on how the games go tonight, there aren’t a whole lot of name brand match-ups left in this thing.  There’s a good chance the final in the East will be between marquee teams, but you have to feel for the people in San Antonio a little bit.  Someone send some Cinderella pixie dust down there so Kansas doesn’t run over these teams.  And, I hate to say it, but ship the Southeast bracket off to the NIT.  I’m over it.


Quiz of the Day:  Movie Posters.  Category:  Hype.  My Score: 20/24.


9 thoughts on “Last Weekend Until Opening Day…

  1. Nice Kick Jimmer while he’s down column by Reilly today.

    Takes heart to write that the day after he lost.

    Said I wasn’t going to read him anymore, should have listened to myself.

    He must be a miserable SOB to hang around with.

  2. Hah! I was coming here to post about Reilly pulling a hit job on Jimmer. Of all people. Classic that he waits until after the loss to post it.

    14 on the movie posters.

  3. Jimmer would at first glance appear to be a Reilly kind of guy too.

    Is there anyone out there, aside from the occasional BYU fan, that thinks this guy is going to be a great pro?

    It’s like, oh too bad your run is over and by the way your best player is going to suck in the NBA.

    Rip him for going 3/15, but this seems like reminding the losing kid in the AA high school state final game that’s he not going to play in college.

    How about Nolan Smith? No thoughts on that rancid stink bomb he unleashed? Spread the hate, Rick.

  4. haha tom herr impression. love it.

    16 on the quiz, better than i expected. have only seen half of those.

    havent read reilly yet. like you, i swore him off but still find myself reading it when bored. did you catch that one recently about different athlete’s names? awful and pointless.

  5. Yeah, Herr in 85 or 87 was the gold standard for the modern day 2-hole hitter. I’m not sure which year, but he’s always my reference point.

    Didn’t catch that Reilly piece, though I kind of remember seeing the headline I think. I wonder what percentage of his email is hate mail vs his fan mail.

  6. was there some iron man event the Phils raced in over the off season that we didn’t hear about?

    in other news, 12/24 on quiz.

    gosh, i had high hopes. last of the mohicans. the best book i only read one chapter of and loved LOVED the soundtrak…never saw film. the sountrak song “elk hunt” (of course) is the featured accompaniment to the first ballet piece q ever choreographed…guest artist for the GV dance club concert, 1991 baby!

    ah, the memories…raise your hand if you took dance for PE credits! 3-Putt, you had amazing flexibility in those jazz hands.

    friday digressions by q

  7. yankees sign millwood. between him and colon, it’s gotta be pretty exciting nabbing 2 guys this offseason who finished in the top 5 for the cy young award…in 1999. and freddy garcia was 9th that year…hahahaha.

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