Golf Digest has released the top-20 from their latest top-100 rankings, aka the list that makes you feel like a smug bastard or the list that makes you feel bad about your home course.  Most people fall into the latter group.  The complete list will be available early next month, but for now the top 20:

  1. Augusta National
  2. Pine Valley
  3. Shinnecock Hills
  4. Oakmont
  5. Cypress Point
  6. Pebble Beach
  7. Merion
  8. Winged Foot West
  9. Sand Hills
  10. National Golf Links of America
  11. Fisher’s Island
  12. Crystal Downs
  13. Seminole
  14. The Alotian Club
  15. Pacific Dunes
  16. The Country Club
  17. Chicago Golf Club
  18. Whistling Straits
  19. Muirfield Village
  20. Wade Hampton Golf Club

Quite a list, and not too much change from the last rankings in 2009.  Augusta National holds a .38 point lead on Pine Valley.  That’s up from a .36 point advantage last time, so perhaps Augusta is pulling away?  I don’t think I could decide which course I would rather play.  I’ve gone back and forth in my head 10 times just while writing this paragraph.  I think I’d take Augusta, because of the Masters and because I’d shoot a nice easy, breezy 105 there.  Pine Valley is too penal.  I’d be afraid to take the club back on the tee box.  At Augusta I could rip away and then four-putt every hole. It’d be more entertaining double-bogey golf.



12 thoughts on “Jealousy.

  1. I would pick Augusta and then Pebble Beach based on the familiarity with having seen them so much on television. But then I definitely Pine Valley and Shinnecock and Oakmont and, well, who the hell am I kidding. I would love me some Kimberton right now. There’s still a foot of snow on the ground up here.

    I really like the pictures I’ve seen of Sand Hills.

    Whistling Straits I’m not as fond of.

    • so you’d fall over yourself to play all of them except whistling straits? that seems reasonable. and, I’d never heard of the Alotian Club either (assuming you didn’t) but you’ll love the pictures.

      Q–Kimberton’s course is on the fabled 724 or whatever that road is about 10 minutes from your favorite Staples.

      • oie. like the wasteland before the nuclear-ville, aka limerick?

        crushes my spirit that i can’t picture it…but ya know i’ll bounce back.

        and will do a drive by shortly there-after. is thereafter one word for scrabble?


  2. nice post title. also title of a great song.


    1, are these all US courses? i don’t recognize any from my best course of ireland and great britain libeeerrries check-out. but then again, we know q has memory detail issues.

    2, um, what is the possibility that the citizenz’ bank sells a hot toddy?


    • Q.

      This is America and we do everything the best so why worry about some cow pasture in Ireland?

      I kid because I love.

      Yes, these are just American courses. There are World Rankings as well and you would see some courses from Ireland scattered in there, but Augusta and Pine Valley would probably still be No.1 and No.2.

      • DUUUUBBBSS! thanks:) crushingly awesome answer. i hearted my british isles golf book selection from the “new books /coffee table” section of my local library last fall. forget the names, not the awesome images.

        i would look so good sipping tea at those courses. not so much teeing the ball. is that a term?

        AND DUBS, you’re my new brave blogger hero!

        i heard you’d be on Mike Missawhatever his name’s yesterday, and so i listened too…and you really took control of that conversation, man-handled Missawhatever like a back and forth with BK.

        YO YO…i was so proud…i felt like i was vicariously part of a great Philly moment.

        this is when i’m proud to be q, q of 3-puttnation…nice job, way to put yourself out there. i would have been speechless with anxiety…


    • I’ve seen some pics of Pinehurst. It looks great.

      There are so many good courses, it’s got to be tough. You could probably make an argument for all 100 to be in the top 20.

      It would be amazing if you could bring in a critic from another world or something, someone who has never seen the courses, never heard of them and then re-ranked them.

      I believe in Pine Valley, but if it was built 5 yrs ago what would it rank?

  3. You know, there is also a computer game called Links that you can download for about six dollars now. It has many of these courses available for free download–Augusta, Pine Valley, Merion, Oakmont, Pebble Beach, etc. All created by users of the game (hence the free part) and pretty realistic looking renditions.

  4. I just wasted an hour at work re-reading reviews from the golf club atlas. The people who write that are such spoiled brats, I am insanely jealous of them. Oh, yeah, Maidstone is great, second hole sort of reminds me of the 17th at St. Andrews, but you know what courses are really fun are National Golf Links and Fisher’s Island. . . Screw you!!

    So where is the new picture at the top of the page from?

  5. yeah, well good use of work time.

    the people on golf club atlas are pretty out of control.

    i can’t deal with the guys that are too into architecture. the basics, ok, but these guys that run around worshiping Seth Raynor or whatever, I can’t deal with.

    the picture is Fisher’s Island, actually.

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