Nice Expectations.

2-8 in Our Last Ten, Taste It!

When I woke up this morning I thought I’d missed the basketball playoffs.  I start clicking around the usual sports websites and the Knicks are plastered all over every front page as if they’d won the NBA title.  Why were they all over the place?  Well, they beat the Magic.  In OT.  Carmelo had 39.  The win ended a six game losing streak during which the Knicks lost to such dignitaries as the Pistons and Bobcats.  It bumped the Knicks to 2-8 in their last 10, and kept them firmly entrenched as the 7th seed in the East.  Now, I know it is a very slow couple of days for sports, but is this really a big deal?  Because Melo called it must-win?

It seems to be a big deal for Knicks fans.  I have to admit to going on Facebook to make this point, but so be it.  I saw multiple Melo-gasms all over the internet last night.  MELO!!!!  KNICKS BABY!!!  How basketball starved is this fan base? I give Sixers fans credit at least for knowing the team is still garbage.  They beat the Bulls last night.  Thaddeus Young rained down 21 points, but no national attention.  I guess I’m just saying it must be nice to be a Knicks fan.  It must be nice to be so easily stimulated.  We’re counting down the last dozen games or so before you get throttled in the 1st round, and you’re getting excited about breaking a six-game skid and staying 4.5 in front of those aforementioned Bobcats.


I have to admit I’m getting lured in by all the promotion for Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12: The Masters.  Sometimes I like to play it all high and mighty with video games and state that I haven’t owned a system since original Nintendo.  That’s true, but it is also very misleading.  Video game addiction is like anything else.  I’m still the same guy who spent most of my 1st year at college playing Bond.  Hell, a couple of years back I got re-addicted to Baseball Stars, playing an emulator on my computer.  It’s always there under the surface.  This Masters video game is very tempting.  I don’t think I’ve played a PGA Tour game since about ’02, but we’re talking about digital Augusta National here.  It’s good that I don’t own a system, because you could probably kiss the next month of my life goodbye.  That said, if anyone has this game and wants to invite me over for like, a weekend, I’m open.


Couple of quick NFL notes.  First, Titans owner Bud Adams guaranteed they’d be playing games in 2011.  Season will go on as scheduled, stop worrying about it, folks.  This is either a refreshing burst of optimism, or an indication that Bud Adams has lost his damn mind and is speaking out of turn to try to comfort his ticket-holders.  Who knows, but I have maintained all along that I think the two sides will agree before any games are lost so the only way I can frame this is to say, “hey look, now even the owners are agreeing with me.”

The other thing I wanted to bring up is moving a bit under the radar.  As the draft nears it feels like Cam Newton is being slowly picked apart by people who appear to have an agenda.  This isn’t about where Newton should go in the draft, but more about how many people there are out there that seem to genuinely dislike Cam Newton.  The latest blast comes from a Pro Football Weekly draft guide.  In the analysis of Newton, writer Nolan Nowrocki goes off the field for some of Newton’s negatives.  He calls him selfish, fake, a poor leader, not dependable.  It goes on for a while.  Not singling out this one guy’s intentions, but in general it seems like people are saying, forget this guy as a player, I don’t like him as an individual.  Now, that certainly has a part in the draft process. If someone is a bad guy, he’s a bad guy, but I wonder how much Newton’s background at Florida and then his transfer to Auburn are playing a part here.  Is some of the criticism due to the fact that people think Newton didn’t really play by the rules in college?   I think by the time the draft rolls around Newton is going to be considered a risk to take with a top pick and then he’ll either be judged as a bust or a steal who fell because of trumped up concerns.


Quiz of the Day:  Phillies All-Stars 1980-Present.  Category: Unnecessary Knowledge.  My Score: 73/77.

Joe Cowley….not on the list.  Some real shockers, though.  So, a humorous guess could take you a long way.


14 thoughts on “Nice Expectations.

  1. Without even attempting the quiz, Im going to put it out there that 73 is an astonishing score, even for someone who was practically raised in the Phillies dugout.

    How disappointed were you in the 4 that you missed?

  2. FYI – The link takes you straight to the answers, so you may want to fix that. And now that I see they have given you years and positions, Im slightly less impressed than if it was just a blank list. Nevertheless, I expect I will only get about 40.

  3. oh, whoops.

    yeah, that would kind of defeat the purpose.

    i don’t think it’s quite as impressive as you think. I probably could have gotten a lot without prompts, but it helps and without them i dont think anyone else would have taken it.

    the ones i missed were relatively recent, actually.

    just guys you wouldn’t think ever should have been on an all-star team.

    I think there are about 9 or 10 very hard ones on here including the ones i didn’t get.

  4. 67. I can’t believe some of those guys–esp. the ones I missed–made an all-star team.

    And I’m shocked that V. Hayes was only on there once. I confidently typed in Hayes expecting the late 80s and early 90s to light up like a Christmas tree. No love for Charlie???

  5. Yeah, I think at the end when I was just guessing I tried Charlie Hayes again even though I’d already used Von and didn’t need a 3B.

    There were 2 absolute shocks for me on there. Like, would have bet everything I had against them being an all-star

  6. Knicks fans are completely off their rocker, but the reason for the optimism is the belief that if they get in Melo/Amare could make some noise. I don’t buy it, i’m looking out to Deron Williams coming, coupling him with Melo and Amare and then getting excited. That said, there’s a lack of real news in the area and i think in the black hole this was just a random story that was blown our of proportion.

  7. yeah, like i said i understand it a little bit, but Knicks fans are certainly out of control a bit.

    it’s like they said, nothing is happening, who will buy a nice dog and pony show? oh, right, knicks fans.

  8. I could have sworn Rheal Cormier was an All Star one year. I hated the guy, but there was one year he was lights out and fit into your theory of a guy catching a buch of teams in the right spot and situations.

    • that’s a real respectable guess.

      Real Crappy-ier as JCK liked to call him was certainly known to have the odd good season or 1/2 season.

      You’d think if Ricky Bottles and Cans Bottalico can make a squad then so could Rheal, but set-up men never get any love.

  9. Had to look it up. In 2003 he went 8-0 with a 1.7 ERA appeared in 65 games and pitched 84.1 innings. I probably messed some of the stats up but the record is dead on. Short term memory is…

  10. 56. can’t believe dickie thon and marvin freeman weren’t on there…

    doug jones made me laugh until i realized i was thinking of barry jones.

  11. hahaa..

    I missed Doug Jones as well.

    Missed Byrd, Slocum if you got’em and tom gordon as well.

    Got Kevin Gross basically as a joke after trying Don Carmen (also a joke).

    Doug Jones might be the hardest one on there. Or Dick Ruthven. Or Glenn Wilson (who I got after I tried Gary Redus and Phil Bradley).

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