Will You Compromise?


Henry Clay.


It seems a little odd to be talking about this on Opening Day, but the Phillies aren’t playing and I am not particularly interested in non-Philadelphia March baseball (Jayson Heyward just went deep! Hand over the pennant!).  I think I might be among the least alarmed football fans in the country. I believe they will be playing NFL Football on schedule come the fall.  It’s the only solution that makes sense.  A lot of people don’t share this refreshing optimism.  The doomsday scenario is Sundays without the NFL.  Especially after the baseball playoffs this could be incredibly difficult to swallow.  The void this creates in Sunday television will be immense.  Already we hear some grumblings about what could be plugged into these choice time-slots.

A couple of days back I heard the new Pac-12 (now with more Utah!) would be considering moving some of its games to Sunday if the NFL wasn’t playing games.  Moving in college football seems like the most logical solution.  Now, I don’t foresee myself getting excited for Oregon/Oregon St. on a Sunday afternoon, but maybe that will do it for some people. I think the degenerate gamblers will be in bed with this idea.  You’ll suddenly have a lot more experts on Pac-12 football floating around if that is the only place to get a little taste on Sunday.  Saturday does still seem like the best day to hold a college sporting event, though.  Are we even going to pretend that anyone cares about playing the day before these guys need to be back in class?  I know a small number of games are played during the week, but what’s the projected attendance for a football team to Monday classes after a Sunday road game?

In addition to college football filling in some gaps on Sundays, the legendary Sports Guy rifled off a tweet mentioning that FOX could partner with some high-profile high school programs and bring an NFL level of production to your local football juggernaut.  This is a pretty crazy idea.  ESPN has shown some high school games in their past featuring premiere match-ups or big-name recruits.  I don’t think it’s a real ratings coup for them.  I imagine the audience is fiercely regional.  I could see areas getting behind their local teams, but unless these high schools start playing a national schedule, how would it really work?  Also, can you bet on high school football?   I hate to keep bringing it up, but again, let’s not pretend it isn’t a factor.  I would like to see your local high school quarterback getting crap for ruining someone’s fantasy team, though.

I guess I am just wondering how desperate everyone will be for football?  Would you jump on a college bandwagon? Would you try to figure out what the UFL is and where they actually have teams?  Would you take in some Friday Night Lights?  I don’t think I have that in me.  That’s just the honest truth.  If there is no NFL, well then, I think I will just wait for it to come back.  I’m such a shill for the league.  Sure, I will miss my heated, low-stakes fantasy football and I will need to figure out how to blow some Sunday afternoons, but I’m not so desperate as to force myself into watching something I don’t care about.  That’s fraudulent.  People will talk themselves into it, though, I’m sure.  I’d love to hear if anyone is scouting local high school teams or studying Temple’s schedule.

Quiz of the Day: US Vice Presidents by Letter.  Category: 2nd Fiddles.  My Score: 13/17.

Hint:  Henry Clay not on the list.  The man just could not ever catch a break.


10 thoughts on “Will You Compromise?

  1. glad the picture’s back up on this post, maybe it was my computer…yet i was worried.

    always worried about the pictures. that’s q.

    anyhooos…i was surfing around featured wordpress blogs today. someone wrote about their ocd…good for them…

    i feel a lil dirty saying i liked this (attached below) guy’s bio…almost like i am cheating on this blog, i consider myself a blog-monogomist except when i am self-blogging.

    anyhow…enough of the q for q jokes…here’s the dude…



  2. hahahahahhahaaa…god, i am a blog bleep. dumb q. well, you never free advertise in my neighborhood? what, SaSsy wellness not good enough for the real jocks? giggles. q

  3. 10. presidential stuff is probably one of my weaker areas. most of the ones i got were either recent or were presidents later. and i just wrote King for K and it worked.

  4. also i am probably one of the few people who really would not care if there was no football this season. i am sick of fantasy and that was the only reason i really watched to begin with.

    you could always watch nascar for a while…

  5. was not a popular quiz. apparently the great compromiser, henry clay, does not have as many fans as I anticipated.

    throw in a mid-19th century historical reference and you lose everyone.

    I’m not afraid to watch some NASCAR. I’ve watched them turn a few laps this year. No one was happier when Jeff Gordon ended his drought. Next up, Little E.

  6. I also had 10. Pretty surprised how few vice presidents I actually knew. Like ZD I was pretty much typing in the names of presidents and hoping that they had been VPs. Except in doing that I missed Nixon who I knew was a VP. And also I missed Al Gore. Not sure how that happened.

    • interesting.

      in unrelated news i just sold a ticket for tomorrow night’s game for $400. Cliff Lee Mania!

      • that’s NOT funny, mr!

        and in other IMPORTANT NEWS…

        i wanna start the season off right….

        here goes.

        Dear 3-Putt,

        I know that I can prove my Phils fan-ness. The following is my current resume:

        1, 8 years of 630 drives to school listening to the 610 originals…Al, Al, and Tony.

        2, i kept my road appointments this morning, when fellow staff delayed theirs due to inclement weather SIMPLY to maximize my pregame on 97.5

        3, I am wearing a red cardigan today.

        4, i am thinking about the red sox, but my heart is literally racing with excitement for Phils madness. i don’t know if i will sleep tonight.

        5, i have decided that i can still LOVE the Phils more than the red sox, even if i own two red sox hats and no phillies (except a winter hat).

        6, the phanatic is my best friend.

        7, i can like the Phils even if the Red Sox have a better logo.

        8, i’m a hometown (one word?) girl.

        miss Q pa.

        ps, GOOOO PHILS….just so you know, i am predicting Phils will have 88 wins. i like that number. is that good enough for playoffs?

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