Olivia Munn Preps You For the Weekend.


The Face that Launched 1000 Geeks.


They are playing the national college basketball semi-finals tomorrow.  To me, the excitement over Butler and VCU seems forced if it exists at all.  Hey look, Underdogs!  But, I don’t know anyone who is really looking forward to watching that game.  The NCAA will have to rely on UConn and Kentucky to carry the show and then hope for the best on Monday.  The best being some closely related version of what happened last year.  Even if we don’t care, per se, that doesn’t mean we won’t pick.  After all, despite knowing nothing I’ve achieved full coin-flip status (6-6) on these tournament games.  Finish what you start…

VCU (+2.5) over Butler–Why not?

UConn (+2.5) over Kentucky–We know Coach Cal has his mind on next year’s recruits.


The Phillies will obviously be the lead story of the weekend.  In town, I’m reasonably sure if you ask someone about the basketball, they will respond, “Final what?”  It’s a pretty interesting series with the Astros.  Brett Myers is back.  They get Wandy Rodriguez tomorrow, which will be a challenge and then possibly J.A. Happ.  The Astros, like a lot of teams in the NL will have trouble scoring, so the Phillies still should have the advantage, but it could be a good indication of how games will play out this year.  I think the most important thing for the fans to grasp onto this year is the end result. If the Phillies win a series, it was a good series.  It doesn’t matter how it happens.  No whining about a sweep if they only score 9 runs total, and no nitpicking the starters if they have the occasional bad game.  This team is built for the playoffs, so they just have to drag themselves to the line.  No bonus points for winning pretty, or winning exciting.

Just another quick Phillies note, I think I will live blog the opener this afternoon, assuming this weather clears out as expected.  So, if you want to drop by and complain about Rollins popping up the first pitch he sees, or if Doc has a no-hitter going through one and you want to come by and jinx it, feel free to comment.  I’ll just be picking pearls of wisdom out of the muck all afternoon.  I have to admit, I’m pretty amped up for this one, it’s been a long wait.  Especially having to watch certain mutt teams start yesterday.


That 5’10” white kid from Illinois college won the college slam dunk contest.  I think he has a really bright future in trampoline dunking, or Slamball…if that still exists.




Quiz of the Day: Before They Were Stars.  Category: Shoddy Pictures.  My Score: 13/24.

After yesterday, this isn’t much of a test of mental acumen, but there’s some pretty funny shots here.


4 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Preps You For the Weekend.

  1. Also thirteen. I’ll be back for the live blog, bringing you the truth from Vermont, where it is snowing. Stupid New England.

  2. All dunk contests should have a height limit of like 6’2″. Small guys dunking is so much cooler than a giant jumping over a stupid car.

  3. I agree.

    the shorter guys look 10 times better.

    the only thing I like with the big guys is checking out how high above the rim they can get. it’s pretty sick when a guy’s chest is at rim level, but they make the dunks look too easy.

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