Quick Hits and a New (Possibly Short-Lived) Feature.


Pete Rose Approved.


Ok, over the last couple of years I’ve never gotten into a good groove that properly mixes my love of making picks and baseball.  We pick our way happily through the football season, throw out some basketball picks, but the long summer drags on with not even the slightest nod to gambling.  This, I shouldn’t have to tell you, is a shame.  A while back I attempted to use baseball to prove the Greatest Theory of All-Time, which is that if everyone loses in the long run, if you picked against me, you should eventually win.  Well, I think I lasted about 50 games and was breaking even.  No fun.  To try to kick things back off with a slightly different twist, I am going to present the MLB Underdog of the Day. Betting baseball is tricky.  The money lines can get a little outrageous.  For example, you would have had to lay 260 dollars to win 100 on Halladay opening day.  About the same for Cliff Lee.  It’s tough to stay ahead of the game that way, so I am going to look underdogs (-105 or better), and I’ll take one every day for 100 theoretical Shrute Bucks and we’ll see how I do.

DAY ONE:  Seattle (+138) @ Texas.

Am I insane?  Betting against Texas in Texas seems foolish, but shouldn’t this line be a bit higher?  It’s influenced by Seattle’s phenom, Michael Pineda, who tore up Spring Training and makes his debut tonight.  The Rangers are countering with Alexi Ugando.  Texas’ winning streak and Cruz’s homer streak end tonight.  For the record, 100 dollars wins me 138.


Apparently there was one coach who didn’t vote for Connecticut as the National Champion.  Is the question, why?  Or is it why do they have a poll after the tournament?  I guess it is so Butler can tell recruits they finished 2nd in the polls in 2011.  I’d like to get up in arms about this, because it is the one poll all year where the coaches choices aren’t made public, but I just don’t care.  Not after last night.  Also, if this is a passive aggressive shot at the sham the tournament turned into this year in some people’s minds…well, I can respect that too.  Sometimes even passive aggression has a place.


Quiz of the Day:  Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Characters.  Category: Nostalgia.  My Score: 12/12.


24 thoughts on “Quick Hits and a New (Possibly Short-Lived) Feature.

  1. Haha

    That’s great analysis. I know the “Rangers” are your squad, but it wasn’t anything personal.

    Perhaps you’d like to do a guest post on how an AL pitcher goes 1-4, or explain what in the gosh darn heck you are talking about.

  2. Haha.

    Well you aren’t Southeastern PA’s premiere assistant tennis coach for nothing.

    All around sportsman.

  3. Well you have 30 minutes of unimpeded Phillies on at 7:05.

    Personally, I’ll be watching the baseball game.

    The Flyers are annoying the bull corn out of me, so that will be a periodic score check/hope for the best. with the playoffs so close, it’s tough to get real jacked up for the Sens.

    Huge Sixers game. Don’t have to tell you that, also don’t have to tell you that I don’t really care. I’d watch the first 3 minutes to see Hawes get all his touches, and then turn back at about 9:42 and see what’s doing.

    or, you can watch Glee.

  4. Upon further review, perhaps not the night to watch the Phils.

    I’m hanging in and taking the punishment.

  5. Yanks game looks like a repeat. 4-0, 2 HRs, CC cruising. Did someone replace Tex with a player who actually realizes the season starts in April? Good golly. Trade him, quick.

  6. Yankees look good. I’m not really surprised.

    Although, I’m a little worried about the Twinkies this year. I think they might take one on the chin.

  7. Twins look like they’d have trouble breaking out of their bracket in women’s olympic softball. I’d feel bad for mauer and morneau, but eff them. Their window is closing, that’s what they get for not testing free agency and letting the mgmt get complacent.

  8. I’m not sure if their window is closed, but they seem to be a bit short on pitching and that division is a bit better than it has been, I think.

  9. Doesn’t it kind of make sense actually? Aren’t most waitresses/female employees of golf clubs some form of european?

  10. as i type, there is a guy standing at the front desk, pitching office supplies to our admin assistant (who is awesome and hilarious, fyi)…

    guy: “so you usually go with staples, why?”

    admin: they’re right around the corner from here…and fast.

    guy: well, i’m not sure if you’re a Phillies fan…

    admin: sort-of

    guy (at 90 miles an hour speech): well, maybe you’ve seen our signs at the stadium, then, for wb mason…tough night for phils, last night…hope that bounce back…

    3-Putt, file this sales man under the out of control: out of control category…

  11. who but WB Mason showed up at your office?

    big time.

    you might want to get on board. I think they do individual cup coffee nonsense…

    • i thought they were just office suppliers? q

      ps, i do not trust much besides fresh brewed and starbucks (if necessary) instant…i’m a caffeine snob, unless desparate, as you know……………………..32 ounces of D and D, please:)

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