First Round Palaver — With Updates.

Big Three.

* Looks like pretty good scoring conditions shaping up.  Plenty of guys, slowly moving up the board.  Rory McIlroy, Ross Fisher and Goosen still leading the way.  Noted uber-athlete, and the man who can broad jump Rae’s Creek in a single bound…Dustin Johnson is 2-over par, however.  Great ball speed off that driver, though.  Tiger even through 3 holes.

* Ross Fisher, a noted “that guy” has turned in 33 shots.  Am I rooting for him to bogey 10 and 11?  Yes, yes I am.

* Usually in the lead up to the Masters there is a lot of talk about how the course will play.  I didn’t hear a ton of that this year.  Maybe the course has settled into a comfort zone and we can expect similar results.  I like when it plays a little firm and fast.  It brings the whole field in, and by Sunday things are right on the edge (where a bad shot or a bad putt can turn into a train wreck).  I like my winning scores in the 8 to 12 under range for Augusta.  The years it played around par didn’t seem quite right.  Not a ton of fast starts out there this morning, a lot of pars–period.  Hopefully a couple guys plunge into the mid-60s by days end.

* The leader board is showing Retief Goosen eagled the 1st hole.  Is that possible?  See what happens when I remove the 3-Putt Territory hex off a player?

The Masters Tournament will get underway Thursday morning (while I am still safely tucked into bed), when two of the Big Three strike ceremonial tee shots down the first fairway.  I’m sure I’ll be chattering about the first round all day, but just in case some wild things happen before I stumble out of bed I thought I’d set up a little open thread.  If someone wants to watch the feed of the opening tee shots and report back, go right ahead.  I’m quite sure Jack will pipe one down the middle, of course with the course changes, he’d probably have to nut another driver and then bump a wedge into the par-4 first hole.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure the Masters website has a feature group, there is Amen Corner coverage, ESPN comes on in the afternoon…we’ve come a long way from 4 to 6 pm on USA.

Nick Watney goes at 8:40, be sure to root him in, he’s anchoring my Ultra Exclusive, Invite Only Masters Pool Team:

  1. Watney
  2. Kaymer
  3. Casey
  4. Donald
  5. Stricker
  6. Fowler

Pretty formidable, eh?


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