It's Underdog Time.


Baseball Underdog(s) of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Rain Out.  Financial Status (-100 units)

Well, yesterday we got rained on.  Shame, because I was feeling Carl Pavano.  Looks like the Twins are jumping straight to Liriano today, so I can’t go back to that well.  Also, to make up for the miss yesterday, I’m going to fire off two selections.

Thursday’s Picks: Tampa (+120) over Chicago and Detroit (+120) over Baltimore.

Are the Rays going to lose every single game they play this year?  I think they might eventually win one, and with David Price on the mound, today will be as good a time as any to get in the win column.  You don’t often get an ace-caliber pitcher as an underdog, and so I have to jump on Price against Edwin Jackson.

I think Baltimore might already be a little overvalued.  The undefeated start came to an end yesterday, and I think they drop a second straight game tonight against Brad Penny and the Tigers.  The Orioles are a nice story, and are likely greatly improved, but they aren’t just going to steamroll through the season.  They’ll lose some series, starting with this one.


In other underdog news, the Phillies and Roy Halladay are pretty prohibitive favorites against the Mets this afternoon. Jon Niese is the kind of pitcher that gives the Phillies problems, so this will be a good test for the lineup that has done a nice job so far.  Halladay was good on Opening Day, but he’s so dominant that there is actually some room for improvement.  I look for him to be a bit more economical today and maybe get into the 8th inning or so.  It’s about winning series for the Phils.  Whatever they have to do, however ugly it becomes, they just have to pile up those series wins and the rest will fall into place.  I’d expect a less offensive game than the one we saw last night, but hopefully the Phils will pull it out and head to Atlanta with plenty of momentum.


Rory McIlroy is tearing up Augusta National.  He’s 7-under and has a 3 shot lead through 16 holes.  McIlroy blitzed through the first round of the British Open last year in similar fashion, but couldn’t deal with the elements in round two and was unable to fully recover.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of Rory, but one of my main issues with him is that he really hasn’t won anything, so if he changed that this week, I’d have to begrudgingly give him some respect. Tiger back-to-back bogeys to start the back nine to drop to 1-over, Dustin Johnson in with a disappointing 74, Vijay and even more disappointing 76.  Phil just on the course.


Quiz of the Day:  Name that Sandwich.  Category: Late Lunch.  My Score: 18/25.

I’ll be upfront and say some of these pictures are not that great, but you know, this one just for good times.


16 thoughts on “Quickly…

  1. 3-Putt, I went to take the quiz. pressed go. looked at the pictures, and it was like looking at everything i want but should not have. i had to stop. dear god…the food quizzes have got to go?! jk q

  2. he won in charlotte last year.

    he has 2 wins i think, one on the euro tour as well.

    but, that’s in 3 years now?

    hardly lights out.

    people like mark wilson get two flukey wins in a month.

    I think he carries himself like he’s already had this brilliant career and he’s really done nothing.

    • just a sample, cherry picked quote from Rory today,

      “I seem to play well in the big occasions.”

      except when he shoots 80 after an opening 63 in the British.

      that’s kind of what i’m talking about.

  3. it’s going to be quite an atmosphere at Fenway this weekend.

    i can’t imagine being this fired up for a season and then welcoming home an 0-6 team.

  4. 16/25

    Monte Cristo was my crowning moment.

    The Red Sox must have been decent-sized favorites in their games. You should be fadding them from the start.

  5. yeah, i was a little late to the show with the sox

    i thought about them the very first day, but it’s hard to really like Cleveland regardless.

    and today, they were basically pick ’em, so no dice.

    the only way this is going to be interesting is if I win or lose a lot, so far, looks like losing has a head start.

      • Maybe I am mistaken, but I’m pretty positive it wasn’t 185. I want to say maybe -120/-105 or something like that

      • ok, never mind, i’m brain dead. i looked it back up and it was +155. i think they might have started before I even checked and i was thinking of a different game.

  6. cruising out of yoga, i turn on 97.5, schwartzman is rambling about the red sox fans being worse than yankees fans to claim “most obnoxious fan base.”

    and i’m like, what what??

    then i get a flashback to wearing a yankees hat after 9/11…in harvard yard. a local approaches, “get that bleep off your head.”

    maybe i had lice or something, i dunno…

    then, since i’m all fair-weather q…i am delighted to learn that the phils are now 5 and 1. and we have some stellar batting averages to brag about?

    can i get a what what blah blah blah dododododooo….

    (yeah, that was a rap cheer)…

    go phils. go phanatic. q’s back in town.

  7. 19/25, although i think two were “gimmies”. I typed in “turkey and cranberry” and got the gobbler and then bacon and eggs and it gave me the green eggs/ham thing. Whatever. I do what i want.

    Bandwagon is open apparently, hop on.

  8. haha…

    some very generous scoring, but I think rightfully so.

    I think i typed in “Thanksgiving sandwich”

    and…it gave it to me.


  9. Boom….I give you my karma.

    The series this wknd feels hollow with them wallowing at 0-6. They’ll probably break out, no way they get swept, so it makes it almost anti-climactic.

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