Did Everyone Catch This Video?

This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen in a long time.  The first thing I thought was that I was happy this didn’t happen in Philadelphia, because the fan base here doesn’t need any more of this kind of attention.  I don’t know if there is an epidemic of bad fan behavior and cops/security handling it poorly or if we just now see everything on video, because all you have to do is hold up a cell phone.  This incident, combined with the beating that occurred outside Chavez Ravine during the opening week of the season, has gotten baseball off to a tough start in the PR department.

Somehow we’ve got to contain the belligerent fans a little better, do a better job of cutting people off from alcohol (open the tailgating lots a tad later), or come up with some plan to put an end to these types of incidents.  Can you imagine if you had your kid down at the game and witnessed this?  It’s like a bad action movie.  And, the cops obviously aren’t prepared for this type of situation.  They appear to be afraid of the guy.  Now, would I be afraid of this guy?  Absolutely, but I’m not a cop.  Justice on the concourse is never going to end well.


To lighten the mood a little bit, here’s a picture of Cliff Lee from High School:


I'm Picturing a Cummerbund.


If I was a member of the Phillies, I’d have some t-shirts emblazoned with this image and start passing them around the clubhouse.  I suppose maybe I’d wait until after a good start, but this is really something else.  Do we think the sides are shaved here?  How Mid-90s-tastic did they get down in Arkansas?


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Friday’s Result, WIN.  Financial Status: (-175 tokens).

Well, don’t look now, but the great streak ended.  Quietly on Friday evening while everyone was out chasing cheap shots and loose morals, 3-Putt Territory’s own AL Rookie of the Year pick, Kyle Drabek, managed to toss in a quality start and the Jays ended up beating the Angels, ending my long run of futility.  It felt pretty good, I must admit. Especially after I watched Cliff Lee get pounded as a huge favorite earlier that night.  It’d be tough to pick against the Phils.

Today’s Pick:  Toronto (+150) over Seattle.

King Felix is on the mound, but all that means is you get likely the worst team in the AL as a commanding favorite.  I love Felix, but the Mariners offense terrifies me.  He’s already suffered one hard luck loss this year, why not another? With Toronto’s power, they can run into one and win ugly.  It’s the best option on the board with the truncated schedule and a lot of close match-ups.


Quiz of the Day:  Name that Mullet.  Category: Beautiful Hair.  My Score: 15/16.

Pretty easy quiz, but had to do it for the great, great pictures.  A wise man once said about things like this, “You have to want it.”



19 thoughts on “Did Everyone Catch This Video?

  1. Kenny Powers is a character in an HBO show called Eastbound and Down. It’s about a broken down former pitcher (Kenny Powers). It’s pretty over the top. I thought the 1st season was funny, the 2nd season didn’t quite match up in my mind, but it’s got a big cult following…

  2. I watched that video a bunch, and honestly, I’ll be curious to see how the cops get out of this. Granted, the guy was probably keith moon drunk, but he doesn’t take a swing at them, he actively tries to avoid confrontation and I don’t see any aggressive moves he makes. Its like the one cop just decides “eff this guy” and starts hammering away with the baton.

    • AGREED! cops need a lesson or two in mental health and traumatic brain and etoh de-escalation.


      stop it.


  3. yeah, i agree.

    I think they freaked when the taser didn’t do anything to the guy. I don’t know if that is because of the jacket, or because that guy was just a beast, but I think they panicked.

    and, then the clubbing was totally unnecessary in the context of this video…

    but, it doesn’t show the whole story.

    regardless, they’re probably in trouble. Although did you catch the video of the Maryland student getting destroyed by the cops like a year ago? Similar situation with just a total overreaction. Not sure what the outcome was there.

  4. As for the video and the beating of Bryan Stow…appalling doesn’t begin to cover it. One of the best parts of baseball is watching some six year old in the stands, wearing a team jersey, totally focused for nine innings of baseball…where else will he or she sit still for that long?? Certainly not school. And now who wants to bring their kids to a ballgame just to have them caught in the crossfire? Not to mention the 99% of adults who can manage to remain non-violent at a sporting event. It’s really a shame that safety has to be an issue in everything we do.

  5. I agree, there was a time when I thought people got a little carried away with the whole “kids at a game” thing, but that was more in terms of hearing profanity, things of that nature.

    but now it seems crowds get more and more belligerent, especially the higher you sit in a stadium. Apparently the upper deck in LA is basically every man for himself. That’s pretty crazy.

    When I go to a game now I always hope that I am not sitting amongst a nest of douches. If I was taking a kid, I’d be even more worried. I could explain away some F-bombs, but I’m not sure about the tasers.

  6. Tase me bro! That’s still one of my favorite lines of all time. But it underscores the fact that the police in general seem to act with carte blanche all over the place. I don’t want to harp on the police, but there’s also a video of this cop in Alabama (maybe Arkansas?) choking an EMT who he pulled over. It just seems to really be escalating within the rank and file of the departments.

    And the stadium staff also needs to do a better job of policing their fans. It’s pretty obvious when a guy is too tanked to be served, there’s no reason to keep feeding those people beers and drinks. Maybe the rising ticket prices are a negative b/c now people drink way too much outside the stadium, so it doesn’t take much once inside.

  7. right, i don’t want to come off as blanket-statement making this guy is scotch free innocent. i just have fundamental issues with the process of de-escalating a situation, when in my experience, in homeless shelters and such…i have had to plead a case for individuals to be approached differently, because a cops behavior was incendiary and inhumane and actually, resulted in putting some past individuals i worked with in social work – both at greater risk to themselves and to another person.

    i am disgusted by this video. but appreciate 3-Putt bringing it to my awareness.


  8. I think this is going to be one of those things where they say the cops were put in a difficult position. And, certainly they were.

    I don’t want to blanket statement cops either.

    they probably need to be better staffed/trained/prepared for this type of thing.

    a lot of things going wrong.

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