Waking Up With Wally.

We haven’t had a good Wally Backman clip in a while.  Wally is currently managing the AA affiliate of the Mets in Binghamton, NY.  Last year it looked like Wally had an outside chance at New York’s big league job, but that wasn’t meant to be.  The videos we’ve all grown to love are from Backman’s managerial stint with the South Georgia Peanuts, a team in the independent South Coast League.  Backman gave plenty of access to a production crew from a website, Playing for Peanuts, and they secured the profanity laced footage that has been shown here on two previous occasions.  Looks like they are starting to release some more bits and pieces as they sell a DVD set of their season with Wally.  Thirty dollars seems like a reasonable price, but I wonder if we’ve already seen all the best clips.  In this clip Backman sacrifices some creativity for a machine gun approach, dropping about 40 F-bombs in 60 seconds.


6 thoughts on “Waking Up With Wally.

  1. Hah, yeah. Unfortunately Doc isn’t in this one. But it appears that Wally has become a bit of a youtube staple, so there are all kinds of videos from this show online and old Doc pops up in a few of them.

    I still think the clubhouse speech, the first one, without video is the all-time best.

    Pitchers, read the f*ucking charts.

  2. this one isn’t even funny. at least in the other ones there were memorable lines. here he’s just being an a-hole. i wish the umpire had punched him.

  3. it’s not his best.

    apparently the real funny part is how foul the ball actually was.

    i’m pretty sure he was trying to live up to his spontaneous outbursts for the rest of the season.

    i did go back and listen to the first again, though, and that’s just perfection.

  4. Meant to say, I was searching youtube for “GG profane rants” but wasn’t coming up with anything. Am I using the wrong search terms here? I know there must be some gems out there, perhaps involving Marlon Anderson?

  5. yeah, i don’t think he’d ever agree to be mic’d up.

    i mean, they threw a mic on him for 4 seconds in the NLCS and Cody Ross hit a homer.

    obv, the guy is a jinx.

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