Have Pro Sports Franchise, Will Travel.

See What They did With the Hockey Stick and the "J" There?

Before I start with the post, I have a totally unrelated question to ask.  Say you are enjoying a nice condiment.  A pool of ketchup for some fries, for example.  What if you drastically over-squeeze the ketchup?  Do you feel wasteful, and toss the excess ketchup, or do you just start heaping ketchup onto each fry until you use it all?  I’m not one to waste, so I usually try to do my best.


Getting to the business at hand, it seems like some pro teams might be on the move before next season.  Today I’ve read rumors that the Coyotes could be headed back to Winnipeg, and the Kings might be leaving Sacramento for the cozy comfort for Anaheim.  From what I’ve seen it looks like a better than 50/50 chance that both teams have played their last games in their current cities.

Franchises don’t work or end up moving for any number of reasons.  The Kings, maybe 10-12 years ago now were a team that was on the rise.  They had a popular product, a good team and well-intentioned owners.  The fans came out, and the future looked bright in Sacramento.  But, their arena isn’t up to par.  And, they can’t get a new one built.  So, that means it is time to shop.  In the case of the Coyotes, perhaps they should have never been in Phoenix.  That was a result of some overzealous expansion into warm weather cities by the NHL, while smaller, true hockey towns (like Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec City) were left empty-handed.

If hockey returns to Winnipeg, it’s almost a concession that hockey will forever be a niche sport, and I think that is fine. If there is some town in Canada with 100,000 people who can afford and support a team, go ahead and give them a franchise.  I’ve heard for a long time that Ontario could support another team.  I’d be all for that too.  The Nashvilles, Atlantas, Floridas of the world don’t seem like permanent hockey destinations.

I think we’ll continue to see some team movement in the coming years, and possibly even contraction in a league or two as the market kind of re-stabilizes itself.  In the expansion era a lot of these cities were like a 6-year old that wanted a puppy.  Oh, it’s so cute, I want one, I promise I’ll look after it.  But, then, a couple of years later the puppy is a dog put up for adoption.  Even if they have a shiny new palace to play in, sometimes the fit just doesn’t work.  And, that’s why I’d be concerned for the Marlins–even with their new ballpark coming.  I don’t know if Anaheim cares about the Kings, but I’m sure Winnipeg will be totally jacked to have a team back, so good for them.  I hope they get it.


This story is a couple of days old, but it continues to bother me, so I’m finally going to say something.  If you didn’t hear, 2010 AL MVP Josh Hamilton fractured him arm in a wild play at the plate when he tried to tag and score on a shallow foul pop-up.  Brad Penny failed to cover home plate and the Rangers’ 3rd base coach sent Hamilton trying to sneak out an extra run.  Hamilton slid head first, had an awkward landing, was tagged out and ended up injured.  Since the incident, Hamilton has spent his time blaming the 3rd base coach, being petulant, and generally whining like a baby.  His first reaction was to call it, “a dumb play.”  Perhaps heat of the moment, just found out he’s out a month or so, it’s understandable.  But, he didn’t back off, stuck with his story the next day, and added something like, “And I was sick all night on top of it–I think it’s a sinus infection.”  POOR BABY.  Look, Josh, someone who spent a handful of years out of the game because they had a taste for heroin among other things, should have a little more perspective on a minor fracture.  You got your guaranteed contract, you’ll be back.  It’s not the 3rd base coach’s fault your dove in head first, or that you get injured every time you get breathed on wrong.  It looks like some of the entitled, bonus baby brat still lives inside the born again Hamilton.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Rain Out.  Financial Status (-10 cases of Sierra)

The rain out has quickly become one of my more favorable outcomes in this experiment.  I wish I could switch sports, and take the Sabres to give the Flyers a little bit of a boost, but I was stuck looking at a thin slate of MLB possibilities.  I came up with…

Today’s Selection:  Seattle (+115) over Kansas City.

Seattle stinks, but here’s a rare opportunity to bet against Bruce Chen as a favorite.  That’s Bruce Chen.  A hundred years ago when Bruce was on the Phils, I called him Bruce “Two-Chin” Chen, because of his pudgy little face.  Hopefully that isn’t too offensive.  Slim underdog pickings today.


Quiz of the Day:  Shoe Brands.  Category: Bobos.  My Score: 18/20.  

I think I’ve actually owned only 6 of these brands.


11 thoughts on “Have Pro Sports Franchise, Will Travel.

  1. 19/20

    I have no idea what that clog company is and it didn’t rig a bell when I saw it.

    If I squeeze too much keptchup I won’t try to make up for it by putting more of it on my fries. Instead I will dip my sandwich into the ketchup (as long as it’s not like a hoagie or something).

    We have to find a sporcle that asks you where franchises originated from. The Sacramento Kings originated from somewhere then went to Kansas City and now who knows where they’ll end up.

    Bruce “Two-Chin” Chen reminded me of the article previewing the Flyers/Sabres series and a sign that appeared at a game:

    “Now, for a little fun. Remember when the names Michael Peca, Richard Smehlik and Alexei Zhitnik filled the Buffalo roster in the late 1990s? How about this classic sign seen in the Wells Fargo Center:

    “Hey Peca-head, You Smehlik like Zhitnik!”

  2. ha, yeah i saw that one today. it is appropriate, but I thought it was too hard going back to all those old MLB and NFL teams.

    i got 36/66. a lot of those were just blind guesses, though.

    Except for pottsville.

    My all-time, least favorite sabre without a question is miroslav satan. but, that’s a decent sign.

    also, i’d like to call a minor foul on deadspin for posting the original wally backman audio today like it is some new find and hasn’t been all over the internet for a year and a half

  3. i gave up at uggs and vans. so 2. too much of a spelling challenge, and i actually though the ugg was the clog looking plastic stuff.

    i have so many cognitive deficits. but i know 3-Putt knows this.

    seriously though, i find your ketchup comment offensive…it’s kind of like – and i don’t think you deny this – you’re a condiment snob.

    if q, for instance, spilled too much salad dressing on a caesar, you’d send it to the trash. stat.


  4. please read the whole scenario. this pertains to dipping.

    if you accidentally dump a whole bottle of ketchup on your fries, well…they’re ruined, because they get soggy.

    also, you have no control over the allotment of ketchup.

    if you don’t dip your fries and instead slather them…well, I have to conclude you are kind of an idiot.

    when dipping, you can go in for extra ketchup and maintain the integrity of the fry.

    lettuce doesn’t have much integrity to begin with.

  5. G – any chance you can find footage from Kevin Na’s 9th yesterday? The description (on his way to shooting a 16 on a par 4) sounds very similar to something I would do…

    “[H]is tee shot sailed into the woods, where Na eventually found the ball. He called it unplayable and teed off again, but not with better results. Along the way he whiffed one stroke, ricocheted another off his thigh, tried two shots left-handed and watched the ball barely sputter forward on another stroke.

    All while still in the woods.”

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