Triple Header.

Over/Under For the City of Brotherly Love This Weekend: 2.5 Wins.

Quickly, in reference to the headline, how about the Mets and Rockies playing a daytime doubleheader yesterday?  How old-school was that?  The Mets got swept, and got you back home in time for dinner.  Of course they used to schedule doubleheaders.  Day-Night, or Twi-Night Doubleheaders.  When I was about 5 I think I called them Twilight Doubleheaders, which obviously makes no sense.  Anyway, no doubleheaders this weekend, but three of the city’s four sports teams will play on Saturday, two of them in playoff series, and the other is the team the city really cares about.


Flyers kitten just rolled out of bed.  He is in bad shape.  He’s sitting next to me right now and he just cracked a raw egg into a glass of tomato juice then gave me the kitten finger.  Despite the Flyers decent effort last night, they still got shut out, which means there will be plenty of concern.  Goal scoring droughts in the playoffs are as sure as the sun coming up in this city.  We all remember the Ottawa series when they scored 2 goals.  It was 10 years ago, but we all remember it. The key for the Flyers is to not adopt the fans’ panic, and keep trying to get to Ryan Miller.  They can’t squeeze their sticks too tight, in hockey parlance.  Good news is Bob looked pretty strong and it wasn’t as if Buffalo blew the Flyers off the ice.


The Sixers are blessed with absolutely no expectations.  All of the goodwill they built up during the year by turning themselves into a playoff team and putting out good effort would be a little tarnished if they got man-handled in 4-straight by the Heat, but I don’t know anyone who genuinely thinks they are going to win the series.  If you happened to be a Sixers fan, it must be an odd position to be in.  You are massive underdogs, you want to say this season was a success, but looking ahead there’s really no sign that this could get a whole lot better any time soon.  The majority of the eyes will be on the Heat on Saturday to see how they respond to a playoff scenario.  Is there going to be another gear there?  Will the Sixers expose something a better team will be able to take advantage of?  Can the Sixers win a playoff game without the Mayor of Mixville behind a microphone?  Lot of questions…


Cliff Lee was all filthy last night against the Nats.  It is such a joy playing the Nats when Blanton doesn’t spot them a 5-run lead.  Lee’s “command” problems look like a one and done type of thing, but he is a guy that occasionally gets hit hard.  Hopefully he can stretch the gap between those instances as far as possible.  The best news out of Phillies-dom might be that Chase Utley ran yesterday.  Sounds like it went OK, and more importantly Chase seems to be making incremental progress toward returning.  I think some people feared the worst and thought Chase wouldn’t play this year, but now it seems almost inevitable that sometime next month, or maybe around the beginning of June he’ll at least give it a go.

Phillies open the series against the Marlins with Roy Oswalt against Javy Vazquez.  The Phils are facing a lot of big names from the previous decade.  We had Lowe, Livan Hernandez, and now Vazquez.  Florida is off to a decent start, they are sitting in 2nd place in the division, but the Phils will be a little jump in competition for them.  Good news is that the Phils miss Josh Johnson, the Marlins ace.  Kid looks like he is dying to throw a no-hitter this year.  Bad news is that Joe Blanton will not miss the Marlins and we’ll have to see in the series finale whether or not he’s figured out his mysterious problems from the stretch.  Phils are right on my winning formula this year, winning every series, we’ll see if they can make it five straight.

So, if we have 3 Phillies games, and 1 Flyers and Sixers game each, are we going Over or Under 2.5 wins?


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status: (-475 Skeeball Tickets)

So, Bruce Chen twirled a masterpiece last night to beat me.  If you need any further proof that something amazing is going on here, well…I’m doing all I can.  To be 1-6 at this point isn’t just remarkable, it’s pretty much unheard of.  I’m telling you, when the Blue Jays blew that lead this week it was a sign.

Today’s Selection:  Texas (+115) over New York.

Ivan Nova, I’d like to introduce you to the Texas Rangers line up.  Chuck and Duck.


Quiz of the Day:  Celebrity Mug Shots.  Category: TMZ Fodder.  My Score: 18/24.


11 thoughts on “Triple Header.

  1. thank you. that quiz hit the spot, almost as good as a rita’s run.

    13. not bad for q. she rarely gets above a 50.

    permanent fairlure…

    couple things about your post, i know you won’t like them…

    1, the cat usually responds to she. mabe ya wanna integrate that if you want wins.

    2, no i in team…go phils. no lee, no halladay, i only see a sea of red (parted as needed).


  2. No Pronger again for Game 2.

    I don’t think defense is the issue right now as Buffalo’s offense stinks. I miss him on the power play big time though.

    Hate to say it: Buffalo 2, Flyers 1

  3. yeah, it’s more a question of offense at this point. if they don’t break out, they’re going to lose the series. i don’t want to think about that right now, so i’m predicting a win, 4-2.

  4. Sabres/Flyers game was absurd from an officiating stand point, that’s for sure.

    I did watch it in an all philly bar here in NYC, Wogies. Shockingly, the fans weren’t complete a-holes since i was with a Sabres fan, although we were also restrained-not celebrating like a-holes when the sabres scored or complaining loudly about some of the calls (for example, high sticking while sabres player was getting smashed into the boards)-and i expected a lot worse from the Philly people to be honest so it was a pleasant surprise. That said, I think it was a combo of the type of philly fan (two guys next to us were native new yorkers who had roundabout ways of being Flyers fans) and location since it wasn’t a dive bar or anything crazy.

    One thing that irked me-lot of Phillies gear being worn at the bar versus Flyers gear. I understand there was a Phillies game, but it still irked me a little for some reason. Get on board and rock some orange and black, even if it isn’t halloween yet.

  5. well, that’s a good showing for Philly fans. I’d say, just being in somewhat foreign territory, even if it is a “Philly Bar” probably helps some…

    and, i mean TECHNICALLY the Phillies game got rained out, so who knows what those people were doing…

    I’m not a big fan of wearing the the wrong team to a game. I’m not a huge gear guy in any way, though. I wear a Phillies hat to Eagles and Flyers games, but that’s just because that is the hat I always wear.

    people need to realize it is ok to root for a team without being decked out head to toe.

    They’re probably thinking Phillies is better than nothing, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree…

  6. Plenty of people there, no question. But i think NY has so many transplants you’d be surprised how many bars there are that rep other big teams. Plenty of Philly bars, plenty of Boston bars, there are a few “Bills” bars, lots of ACC bars, stuff like that.

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