Three Themes.

Now, Flyers Kitten...

I’ll have a more significant post coming later in the day, but since all three active Philly teams played once again last night, I thought I should quickly comment.  I’m sure there was some nifty remote work going on in some households last night, but I think the smart people just stuck with the Flyers and rode the wave.  If you stayed up for the extra-inning Phillies affair, you ended up going to bed disappointed.  One resounding theme from each game…

Sixers:  Eye-Popping Talent Discrepancy.  

I’m not going to pretend that I watched the Sixers game.  I also will say I had a pretty good feel for the outcome of this one before it even started.  If you can remember back to when the Sixers were relevant, back in 2001, they faced the Lakers in the Finals.  They put everything on the table, won game one, and then got swept away.  This year’s team is a 10 cents on the dollar version of that team.  They went max effort, almost won game one, but now they’ll likely end up getting swept.  Sometimes you can’t overcome the deficit when the other team has more horsepower.  I said before the series started that it might be the biggest differential in starting-5 talent in playoff history, and it looked that way last night.  Expect a parting shot from Sixers mini-donkey later in the week.

Phillies:  Something About Leopards and Spots.

We’re about a week into a Phillies offensive scuffle that is reminiscent of what we saw last year several times.  I hope no one is too surprised.  They took two of  the four best hitters out of a declining offense.  Can we get a stat head in here to predict what was going to happen?  What concerns me most is that Charlie Manuel is lamenting the lack of home runs.  I hope the guys don’t read the papers.  The last thing they need to be doing is trying to go deep.  You’ve got one legitimate power hitter on this team.  You’ve got one pure hitter in Placido Polanco.  The rest are just streaky SOBs. When a couple of them get going bad at the same time, you’re going to see the Phillies offense you’ve seen the last week. They’ve also faced some better pitching, but these guys are who they are.  You don’t hit home runs by wishing.  Have to focus on a solid 10-5 start, and hope to keep scratching out enough close ones.

Flyers:  All Set (For Now)

Saving the best for last.  The Flyers survived in Buffalo Monday night to nose ahead 2 games to 1 in the best of seven series.  I’d say the best sign was killing off some penalties in the later periods (including a 5 on 3), and the ability of Brian Boucher to stabilize things in goal.  The fate of Bobrovsky, not dressing the game after being a starter, is a tough one to comprehend.  The Flyers, and Lavy, don’t really coddle goaltenders, though.  They burn through them.  They discard them.  If Bob is scarred for life from this benching, well they’ll just bring someone new in next year.  If Boucher goes bad, well, they’ll go to Leighton.  Or build Bob up again.  This is how it goes.  Constant state of flux, it just so happens that right now Boucher looks to be in control and the team has the upper hand as well….for now.


9 thoughts on “Three Themes.

  1. Nice “gamesmanship” by Boucher on that 5 on 3 (so conveniently glossed over lol). Gets hit in the mask, puck controlled off a rebound and looks like a bit of trouble and he slips it off. Well played Mr. Boucher, well played. Also thought it was funny to hear Pang’ers calling it a savvy veteran move and praising it. Just seemed a little off in a hockey game for some reason, same way all the diving going on in the series with the Duck/Preds (alleged, i haven’t watched a single nanosecond of that series). Either way, it worked and certainly saved that game.

      • Would you also like to sell me a bridge in Brooklyn?

        Hahahaha. Look, I’m not hating on him, it was a good move to break momentum and the “veteran move”. Just like a lot of little things that vets do in any sport to get an edge.

      • That’s just it, though. I think he flipped the mask more to protect his own safety than to kill the Sabres power play.

        The guy has a history of mask problems, so I genuinely believe he was concerned about his safety.

      • That was my first reaction when they stopped play, bad luck for the sabres and that sucks. But the more Pang talked the less i was buying, he pointed out they didn’t even do anything to the mask (his opinion), that the mask isn’t wobbling he just throws it off his head, and if you watched the same thing happened in the Ranger game only the guy’s mask flew off is head. I’m not it’s definitive, but i think it was a vet move. Maybe it was slightly “broken”, i’m just not buying. And that’s fine, if it wasn’t it was still a good move by him given the situation.

      • I hear what you’re saying. It would have been interesting to hear Pang’s comments.

        I watched the Philly broadcast, so I can definitely have bias going into this thing.

        How is MSG going to be tonight after Boudreau’s comments? Guy was trying to go Ozzie Guillen.

      • The Garden is going to be on fire, from before they drop the puck till long after. I actually think the Caps are lucky that there’s the extra night off (for whatever reason), so the fans aren’t coming in immediately after he ran his big mouth. Either way, the Garden will be rocking, that dumb*ss opened a can of worms. I can’t wait, its going to be ridiculous, if i were a caps fan i would legitimately not go no matter how much i paid for my tickets. It’s going to be violent and intense.

        And STTTOPPPP it with the “our building is louder” Bruce. Caps fans, your team is the most irrelevant team in NHL postseason history. I don’t care how many times you change your jersey colors.

        Also, interesting blog about the Boucher thing.

  2. You have to admit, Gerbe is growing on you a little as a Flyers fan. You might hate him this second, but he’s a guy you’re also deep down hoping he’s a flyer one day.

    That kid Myers sucks, talk about overrated.

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