Happy Easter Weekend…

Flyers Kitten is Besties with THE Bunny.

It’ll be a Flyers weekend in Philadelphia.  By Sunday evening the series could be over, or we could be no closer to advancing a team to the conference semifinals.  Sometimes when a team plays these back and forth series it feels like all the hard work you do in the early games is for naught as the room for error constricts and the contest essentially becomes a three game series.  The Flyers haven’t gotten Chris Pronger back, they lost Jeff Carter to a knee injury, but there are still plenty of positive signs for the Flyers.  In the games they’ve solved Ryan Miller, even just once, they’ve gone on to win.  Does Miller have two more standout performances in him?

Around the league it seems like overtime games have been popping up all over the place, possibly swinging the momentum of a series.  I get the feeling that the Flyers could be headed into one on Friday night.  It could end up being sudden death for the entire series.  To move on, the Flyers are going to have to stay out of the penalty box, forget about Patrick Kaleta, and get as much traffic in front of Ryan Miller as possible.  You aren’t going to beat him often from range when he has a chance to see the puck.  Forget about the bickering, the referees, and everything else.  This one will get decided on the ice.


Ok, enough sports.  The following YouTube clip is probably the funniest 30 seconds of television I’ve seen this year.  I think Parks and Recreation has taken over as the funniest show on television.  The episode last night was tremendous from start to finish.  If you told me a couple of years ago that a 1/2 minute clip of Aziz Ansari would be 100 times funnier than Steve Carell and Will Ferrell working together on The Office, I would have kindly told you that you were insane.  But, I don’t think there’s been a decent episode of  The Office since Parks & Rec turned the corner.  You’re sitting there looking at Will Ferrell, remembering how funny he is, you start to laugh before the bit even starts in anticipation and then it ends up being not funny at all.  Last night’s episode was all right, they are getting a little sentimental and cute with Carell’s departure coming, which is fine, but I’m worried about this show in the future.  Even if Will Farrell as DeAngelo Vickers sticks around.  Anyway, the clip…


MLB Underdog of the Day.  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status (-.53 dimes)

If I go down a full thousand dollars, I think I’ll stop this embarrassing exercise.  Last night King Felix found his groove, Oakland squandered some late chances and the Mariners held on 1-0.  That’s five one run losses in this thing.  If two of those go my way, I’m essentially even, and that’s about the only thing that is keeping me going.  Also, I know at least two people find it hilarious when I lose every day.

Today’s Pick:  Cincinnati Reds (+120) over St. Louis.

Let’s be honest, no one really cares about the analysis, correct?  I thought so.  Go Reds.


Quiz of the Day:  SNL Cast Members.  Category: Lay-Ups.  My Score: 39/40. 

Should have been a perfect score, but had a spelling complication.  Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend…

  1. 25 of 40. Ouch. One spelling complication but that doesn’t excuse the fourteen others I just couldn’t come up with their names.

  2. decent game by blanton, 4 shutout innings from the bullpen and a game winning hit against a lefty for howard (after 4 k’s). nice game overall.

    if bastardo and contreras don’t give up any runs this season it should be a good year.

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