Should Have Been A Good Sign.

You DO NOT Sweep Sixers Mini Donkey.

I guess it was sometime about 3:30 when Lou Williams lofted a (prayer?) three-pointer over D-Wade.  When it splashed down, perhaps we should have taken it as a sign that good things were going to happen for Philly sports on Easter Sunday.  LeBron’s inability to get by Evan Turner, Elton Brand’s partial block and another Miami final-second failure sweetened a series that will ultimately end with the Heat moving on.  I felt good for the people who went down Sunday, and for Sixers fans in general who deserved a game in this series for putting in the hard time all year.  Doug Collins said he doesn’t believe in moral victories, but the Sixers got one, and they needed it.  All Heat losses are good losses.


Forty-Eight shots.  That is what it took, through about 65 minutes of hockey, for the Flyers to force a game seven in their series against Buffalo.  Total domination from the skaters for the most part, and it’s a series the Flyers honestly should have won by now but you can’t win if you can’t stop the puck.  The Flyers cannot stop the puck.  The simpler the shot, the more distressed any of the 3 goalies look.  Goalies have been pulled in 3 games, two of them wins, and Lavy has exhausted all options.  The rest of the guys deserve a better fate.  We’ll save our ultimate judgement for when it is more appropriate, but my pessimism was reaching all-time highs this afternoon.  At one point I demanded a hand-written letter of apology from Ed Snider.  We might still get to that point.  In the meantime, we’ll hope the Flyers keep coming in waves and that someone, anyone gets in front of the occasional puck.



8 thoughts on “Should Have Been A Good Sign.

  1. yeah, i mean the problem with that is, John Vanbiesbrouck wasn’t really that good when he was here either.

    i’m still not entirely sure that i’ve gotten over signing beezer over curtis joseph.

    that day kind of ushered in the modern era of horrid goalie decisions.

    this year may be the worst, though, because otherwise they might have their best team since maybe ’97.

  2. Yeah, I was kind of referring to that.

    I don’t even know what to say about the goalie situation. I mean, who is left to trot out there? Tommy Soderstrom?

  3. gotcha.

    i think some people remember beezer as a good goalie here, i’m not sure why, maybe becaus of the nickname.

    it’s hard to ruin 3 goalies in 6 games, but Lavy is trying his best.

    but, at least we’re not in Vancouver. Not sure what will happen there if they blow this one..

  4. It could be worse, you could be Vancouver. Have a Vezina trophy finalist who you had to bench b/c he couldn’t stop a beach ball and then have his backup go down with a torn hamstring. Talk about a confidence booster.

  5. hah, yeah, we’re on the same page there.

    it’s like a cumulative impact here.

    it’s like we’ve been trying to make a #3 starter the ace of the staff for 20 years.

    you can do worse, but eventually you’d hope the people would realize that you need a real ace.

  6. It was good to see the Rangers and Knicks roll over and die to keep the ineptitude of the Dolan run franchises going. Don’t upset the apple cart fellas.

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