Anyone Care for a Bryce Harper Update?

Click Clack.

Welcome to the anonymity of the Sally League, Bryce.  I’m not going to leave you alone, though.  I’m on phenom watch. Someone needs to hit in the middle of the Nationals lineup and clearly Jayson Werth is not the answer (just continuing my DiMaggio-like streak of taking every possible shot at J-Dub).  I was hoping the Nationals would cave under the pressure and just throw Harper into the fire.  All the more easy for me to track his progress, but they did no such thing. They shipped him all the way down to low-A ball.  Hagerstown, MD.  Not exactly the big-time.  Is there room for Bryce and his eye black in a humble Western Maryland hamlet?

Harper started the season slowly, and I felt my enthusiasm waning, but my most recent check of his statistics brings exciting news.  He’s 6 for his last 10, he’s got a .414 OBP, and Friday he went 3 for 3 with a double, homer, 2 walks and 6 RBIs.  Now, that’s the kind of game that can rekindle the interest in a hurry.  I’ve decided that I can’t watch this spectacle from the sidelines any longer.  The weekend of May 14th, Harper and Hagerstown invade Lakewood, NJ.  It’s the closest the Sally League gets to these parts.  I want to see the show in person.  I’m expecting several volunteers to make the trip with me.  Let me know.  We’ll stop and play golf on the way, perhaps get a cheeseburger, it’ll be a great time.


I know this has probably been said a million times, but it is amazing how many episodes of Seinfeld are rendered completely implausible by the emergence of the cell phone.  I was watching the parking garage episode the other day and while it is still funny, it is also completely ridiculous.  How many episodes are based on the characters not being able to get in touch with each other?  You’ve got Bubble Boy, The Airport, The Party out on Long Island, I feel like it goes on and on.  Sometimes when I am writing something these days I feel burdened by plausibility.  It must have been nice when you could write something about people in the same building wandering around not being able to find each other. I mean, everyone’s funny if you throw out the cell phone.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Friday’s Result:  Loss.  Financial Status, (-63,000 pennies)

Top 5 Worst Gamblers of All-Time:

  1. Grossy
  2. Pete Rose
  3. Eddie Mush
  4. Leonard Tose
  5. Kraft circa 2009

Today’s Pick:  Washington (+110) over Pittsburgh.

Not a huge line, and in such a hole I was tempted to try Kyle Drabek again, but I’m in desperate need of a win, and betting against the Pirates seems as good a method as any.  John Lannan, I could see him developing into Omar Daal.


Quiz of the Day:  Last 40 HR Hitter by Team.  Category: Human Growth What?  My Score: 29/29.

Take your time, deep breath, guess away.


4 thoughts on “Anyone Care for a Bryce Harper Update?

  1. 20/29.

    i dont think i even new soriano played for the nationals. i also missed the 2 old-timers. it didn’t even occur to me to think back that far. and i miss giambi on pretty much every quiz he is on.

  2. Part of being good at sporcle is remembering old sporcle.

    You’re better than that!

    Everyone makes mistakes though, I typed in Greg Vaughn before I remembered that Adrian Gonzalez did in fact play for the Pads as recently as last year.

  3. Yeah, what type of sh*t teams were the twins throwing out there that Killebrew is the last guy? Neither of the Ms did it? Also, i could’ve sworn Brady “Juice Exhibit A” Anderson was the O’s answer.

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