Anyone Care About This Draft?

Wake Me Up When We Get Patrick Peterson.

I was in the car yesterday at around 6 pm when I heard on the radio that the lockout had been lifted by a judge somewhere.  My immediate thought was that the ruling would make almost no difference in the current labor situation, and from what I can gather, I was correct.  This morning we had NFL players showing up to team facilities only to be told they could not work out–if they were even allowed inside.  I guess they can sit around, watch Oprah and have a Coke or something, but stay away from the weight room.  The NFL requested a stay, immediately appealed the decision and when you leave all this on the stove for a while about the only thing left in the pot is the fact we are dealing with a-holes, here.

They’ll eventually figure this thing out, but not before the draft.  I’m sure some Eagles fans had hopes of shuffling Kevin Kolb off to Arizona about 10 seconds after the court ruling for a U-Haul’s worth of picks, but that’s not happening.  What we’re headed to on Thursday is what should be the most boring draft of all-time.  Teams can’t trade players, they can’t negotiate with the players they pick, and mixed in with all the mundane analysis and projections will be lockout speculation.  Bad TV programming gets worse.  I feel less interest than ever surrounding this year’s draft, is that the case?

I partially blame the quarterbacks.  Almost all drafts, in the hype stage, come down to the quarterbacks.  There are a lot of names out there this year, but they all fall short of capturing undivided national attention.  If Andrew Luck was coming out and 5 teams were falling all over themselves to trade up to #1 to get him…well, that’s intrigue.  This year, no one is creating that kind of interest and the Panthers may take Newton by default.  Think this Newton kid is going to be a bust?  Probably.  Do we have to take him just to be safe?  I guess so.  After Newton you’ve got Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, and some fan base is going to be crushed when their team selects Andy Dalton. It’s not a great year for the QBs.

I mentioned last year that there is always one guy in the draft that I would want my team to pick up.  It’s not always the #1 prospect, and I favor some positions more than others, but it bounces around.  Last year I wanted Joe Haden.  I think he had a decent year?  Did anyone watch the Browns?  Well, everyone likes a nice shutdown corner and this draft is once again corner heavy.  You’ve got the Prince from Nebraska, you’ve got Jimmy Smith (who has character issues?) from Colorado.  I love a guy with a shady background.  Love it!  Let him fall into my hands.  Smith is tempting, but I have to go with Patrick Peterson.  He’s a beast.  And, he got a 9 on the Wonderlic.  So, he’s that good without being smart.  I wouldn’t be able to get the card to the podium fast enough.

If you’ve got your eyes on someone, or if you’re even going to bother tracking the Draft this year, let me know.  I’d love to hear a decent argument.


Quickly…Tiger is hurt.  His knee.  His achilles.  His knee and achilles.   He’s going to miss the Wells Fargo tournament at Quail Hollow, which is the rare event on Tiger’s schedule.  I assume he’ll pop up at the Memorial?  The US Open?  Who knows.  Lost in the Schwartzel on Masters Sunday was Tiger’s obvious discomfort on a shot coming into the 18th green. The guy’s knee has to be a wreck, his entire body is probably shredded, and the last thing he needs right now is to be missing time.  Poor Tiger.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Standard Loss.  Financial Status: (-730.oo)

Charlie Brown, thoughts on my underdog gambling record:

“Good Grief.”

Thank You, Charlie!

Today’s Selection:  Baltimore +115 over Boston.


Quiz of the Day:  Tecmo Super Bowl QBs.  Category: From the Archives.  My Score: 27/28*

Didn’t see a good one today, so this is the first Sporcle quiz I ever attempted, I think.  I’m fairly sure that was my score the first time around.  It might have been 26.  This time I still missed one guy.


15 thoughts on “Anyone Care About This Draft?

  1. It doesn’t help that there isn’t a “dynamic” player in the draft on the offensive side of the ball. Every single guy seems to have equal proponents and critics, no one is “can’t miss” and Newton just seems hated.

  2. 24 on the QBs.

    The teams can’t trade in the draft??

    The only thing worse for Tiger would be if his injuries are related to PED use. I think we’ve been down that speculation road before, though.

  3. So basically there won’t be any trades other than the Patriots stock piling 2nd and 3rd round draft picks?

    Are Tiger’s injuries relatively normal for golfers? It seems like he has a lot more issues that are odd fora pro golfer. People having their backs go out i get, maybe a knee injury here or there, but the repetitiveness of his and the achilles?

  4. Love the post. Couldn’t agree more about the draft. I could care less. Yes, the QBs are to blame. I’ll check in Friday morning to see which OL or DL that I’ve never heard of the Eagles drafted and that’s about it.

    What I don’t get is how the new CBA will be applied to the draft picks. What I mean is, if there is a rookie wage scale, will it be retroactively applied to this draft class. This seems fairly important seeing how J. Russ cost the Raiders $31 million in guaranteed money. I’d be more likely to take a chance on Newton if a reasonable rookie wage scale was in place (or was likely to be in place after the new CBA). Newton’s got so many red flags that without the prospect of a likely wage scale I’d probably stay away and go with more of a sure thing (if that exists in this draft).

    Can teams trade players they just drafted?

    • I don’t think they can trade rights to the guys they just took.

      Good point about the new agreement.

      I think it would apply to this year’s picks?

      So, if they are comfortable a rookie wage scale will be in place it takes a lot of risk out of the first round.

      which is good I think…

      • That question is literally why so many guys stayed. They’re not sure what it will be, so guys like Luck stayed out for clarity on the situation. Additionally, how do these guys make it into camp at all? The agents can’t negotiate until there’s a new CBA, so the rookie can’t get into camp until that’s done, and that’s always a long drawn out process. Should be interesting. It will basically be a wasted year for a lot of these guys.

    • Brian was right on the money here. Never heard of our guy. But I see he’s got good pad level, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

      • Yeah, No Jimmy Smith. Ravens took him. What do they know about drafting defensive players?

        But you get a chance to take a 27 year old guard–you don’t pass it up.

  5. yeah, I think PEDs are in the back of everyone’s head at this point with Tiger’s injury problems.

    that may or may not be fair. I mean, the golf swing is not too kind on the body. and certainly Tiger’s swing was more violent than others.

    I don’t know if knee injuries are typical, but certainly hip is and maybe knee too…I know Jack has had multiple joint replacements.

  6. And I’m not the biggest NFL fan in the world, but I am usually aware of what is going on, and I wouldn’t have known the draft was on Thursday if you hadn’t said that. I knew it was “coming up,” but with mock drafts having gone on for a while, that could have meant in a week or in a month.

    One of my friends is an LSU grad so we watched a bunch of their games the last couple years, so I saw quite a bit of Peterson. I think it would be really tough to pass him up, he just seems to be a cut above everyone else. I know you want that franchise QB or pass rusher, but every mock I’ve seen has him picked somewhere like 4-10 and says “Peterson, the best player in the draft…”

    When there is a consensus like that I say just pick him. Cam Newton will be awful.

    • I agree on Cam Newton. Supposedly the kid Jimmy Smith out of Colorado is the best corner in the draft, there were just maturity concerns and he’s addressed them.

  7. lil disappointed about the Q uiz today, from a q centered place. i love tecmo, had loved it, hindsight…i just was hoping for something about bread or bagels or stale pretzels for the end of Passover.

    for the record: saving a wedding-gift-bagged-already-ooozing-with-preservatives auntie anne’s pretzel: 200 percent worth the butterly blend of salt and dough.

    im just upset i gave my whoopie pie away………….

    giggles. Q

  8. Tiger basically attributed the knee injuries to the way he used to swing. In all fairness he probably generated more torque on that knee than most, if not all, other golfers.

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