Game Seven Open Thread.

Flyers Kitten Got a Makeover.


8 thoughts on “Game Seven Open Thread.

  1. Yes, I said the Flyers would lose this series, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t lived and died with each game. I was even kicked out of an airport bar on Easter Sunday. Tonight I get kicked out of the house…

  2. I love how chippy and mouthy this series has been, just phenomenal, hard nosed, in your face NHL playoff games. Exactly what i needed to remind me that i don’t care about the NBA and it’s unwatchable.

    Poor chicago fans. Just when they thought they were out….THEY PULLED EM BACK IN. Dagger.

  3. I would have felt worse for the people in Vancouver.

    it’s all they have.

    Number one seed, to lose a 3rd straight year to Chicago and to blow a 3-0 lead on top of it?

    i’m not sure if they riot in british columbia, but that might have been the 1st time.

  4. Eh, they’re canadian, they’re used to sucking.

    Can i get a prediction on the Sabres/Flyers game? Score/winner/reg or ot?

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