Oswalt Leaves Phils For Personal Reasons.

Phils Down to Three Aces.

Roy Oswalt won’t be with the Phillies for their afternoon getaway game in Arizona Wednesday.  He left the team to attend to a personal matter, and those are the only details that are available.  There doesn’t seem to be a timetable for his return, Ruben Amaro said only that he expects him to be back.  There was a lot of speculation about Oswalt’s 3-inning performance Tuesday night, but something like this doesn’t point to an injury.  More than likely, Roy’s head was just elsewhere.  This is the kind of thing you see when there is sickness in a family, something of that nature, so you just have to hope for the best for Roy Oswalt and his family and be patient waiting for details and his return to the rotation. If he does miss a start, it’s likely Kyle Kendrick would slide right into his spot in the rotation.  The Phillies also have two off-days coming up, but they haven’t been keeping guys on normal rest to this point this year.


2 thoughts on “Oswalt Leaves Phils For Personal Reasons.

  1. I did…

    there’s been more information coming out since I made the post.

    I guess there were a lot of tornadoes in the area around his home in Mississippi.

    Should be back for his next start assuming everything is in order down there.

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