The Anti-Bellwether.

When You Aren't Lead Sheep.

I had a thought the other day that immediately amused me.  This isn’t terribly hard to do, but I rarely share.  I think this one is worth mentioning.  I either heard a song, or someone was talking about a band in some context and I was a little surprised to have heard of the band.  I want to say it was Arcade Fire.  Now, I know absolutely nothing about Arcade Fire.  I don’t know their songs.  I don’t know what kind of music they play.  I don’t know if Arcade Fire is a guy, a girl, if it is like Good Will Hunting and someone in the band is called, Timmy Fire.  I’ve got nothing.  What I do know is that they have “Indie” attached to them in some way.  And to me that means, not mainstream.

So, I imagine way back when the absolute dorkiest of the music dorks discovered Arcade Fire they felt incredible.  Here was this new and great band that no one knew about and they could be cool and listen to them all by themselves.  Well, eventually the band gets more and more mainstream and what I thought of when I recognized the name, “Arcade Fire,” was that if I had heard of this band there is almost no way it can still be Indie or still be that cool.  Take an authority on obscure music and create the exact opposite–that’s me.

When it comes to music I am so far behind the trends that I usually miss them entirely.  I thought that was pretty funny, and it made me think of how it applies to other areas.  Anything trendy, or wanting to be elitist probably has people like me who are just about the absolute last person on board or the last person even aware in my case with music.  I imagine there are little niches of socialites who know they need a new bag when they see some random walking down the street with it.  Or scotch aficionados head back to the drawing board when they hear someone order their favorite 18-year old creation with a splash of Coke. Everything has trends, you know.  From hat brims to sustainable fish, there are always the people who get in early and then the people stumbling behind, and then the absolute last person.  Sometimes it’s fun to be last, I think.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result:  Winner!  Financial Status: (-123 Finskys)

Zach Britton folks, get on board.  He ends a long and  miserable losing streak for me.  There’s fight in this old dog yet, I’m telling you.

Today’s Selection:  Tampa Bay (+115) over Minnesota.

After Manny split the Rays have loosened up.  The Twins are still a hot mess.  Two in a row?


Quiz of the Day:  Internet Logos.  Category: You spend how much time online?  My Score: 18/30.

I feel like I’ve been on a selfish good run of sports quizzes lately.  Bombed this one.  Even with some random guesses.


11 thoughts on “The Anti-Bellwether.

  1. Underdog of the day:
    Arizona +130 (Check that number for me though).
    Why? Because we can’t hit right now. Especially lefties.

  2. The other way that goes is that trends are cyclical, so if you are far enough behind the times, at some point you become hip again. It seems to be roughly 20 years. Like if you were still sporting a high fade from 1990, this year you would have been on the cutting edge of hip again.

  3. That’s true, I guess especially with fashion and the like. I think some things once they’re out of the bag though…

  4. i’m looking forward to the quiz, in the mean time, this whole philosophical blah blah you did a nice job with, um, got me thinking….

    the fact that i LOVE whole foods, yes in the now corporate sense, but mostly in the i heart the raw veggie and the “simply” olive oiled meat or two…um, does that make me trendy?

    gosh, i mean, you’ve seen my wardrobe…do i have trendiness in me…now i’m checking myself like i’m looking for ticks.


  5. You could have been on the leading edge of the Whole Foods thing.

    I think its way too mainstream now, its been upgraded to those places like Kimberton whatever. That’s where you have to go if you really want it.

  6. i have a kimberton whole foods bag! remember when i drank their juice? ooops. still heart their soup though….

    hey, actually, i was hitting kimberton whole foods after school in the 7th grade, when it used to be across from the K-waldorf school!

    boom, bought me a nice lil karob and yogurt sandwich.


  7. My boss is 15-20 years my senior and “newly” single. So he’ll call me on mondays/fridays to discuss his social life in NYC, and whenever he mentions a restaurant or bar, that’s when i know it’s jumped the shark and i can never return. He is my social anti-bellwether. And it’s awesome.

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