Michael Scott vs. Roger Goodell

Usually the King of Awkward.

Tonight is Michael Scott’s last episode of The Office.  Even though the show has lost some punch in recent years I feel obligated to watch Steve Carell’s last dance.  Nothing can stay fresh forever and when I watch The Office now, that is my feeling.  There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with it, but it doesn’t have the same impact that it once did.  The gags get old or too far-fetched, plot lines are eventually resolved, and the show basically outgrows itself.  It was still a great show, though, and so I feel the need to put it to bed.  It’s not a series finale, but with departure of Steve Carell, it might as well be.

The show took a sentimental turn last week and I think tonight will be more of the same.  Jim is crying in the previews after all, and I imagine the Nard Dog and even Dwight might be total wrecks.  Even with the sentimentality, though, I’m sure The Office will still crank up that awkward meter.  It’s the show’s calling card.  Back when it was really clicking I used to hear about people who didn’t like it because it was too awkward.  Watching Michael Scott made them want to change the channel.  I know that feeling.  It could definitely get uncomfortable, but that was part of the fun.  I might cringe or look away, but I never bailed completely.  I hope they can find some of that magic tonight, and close it out with a good episode.

If awkwardness is your thing, and I know there are plenty of you out there, but The Office doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you’ll want to check out the NFL Draft instead.  It should be an uncomfortable nightmare.  It’ll come at you right from the start with the first appearance of Roger Goodell.  I imagine we’ll see the worst reception a commissioner of any league has ever gotten?  There was a big question about whether the college players should attend the draft, but maybe the NFL should have taken steps to get rid of the fans, because Goodell is going to get hammered.  He’s going to get showered with boos to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.  It may interfere with the proceedings.  An interesting side bet for the Draft might be, do the fans ever relent?  By pick 20 are they out of energy, or do they load up on Roger for all 32 selections?  Let’s not doubt the commitment of NFL fans.

The cloud of the lockout will take a lot of the fun out of the evening as well.  Even with the lockout temporarily “lifted,” I don’t think there is anyone out there who thinks this will end up being decided by a judge.  I have to hand it to Judge Susan Richard Nelson, though, she is hammering the league and seems to be enjoying the opportunity.  The NFL hasn’t had much luck in the courts recently, and the ruling by Judge Nelson is the latest blow.  All reports indicate she went out of her way to write an iron-clad decision that will be difficult to overturn in the court of appeals.  At the very least she should be getting gift baskets from the players union by the truckload, but even if her decision ultimately sets a deal in motion, it won’t change the face of this Draft–which is no player movement and no deals getting done.  Every pick will get the question, “How do you feel about going to (Fill in City)…..maybe?”  That’s no fun.

The crowning achievement of Draft awkwardness, though, the thing that will would make Michael Scott and the writers of The Office proud will be that green room.  A record number of players, twenty-five to be exact, have accepted invitations to attend the Draft.  That’s a lot of guys, and that’s a lot of waiting.  Also, they are only doing one round tonight, so what are the chances that all 25 guys get selected?  Pretty high, I would imagine, but there’s always a chance.  If someone sits there all night and doesn’t get their name called–that’s rough.  Do you come back Friday morning?  Do you leave around pick 25 no matter what so they can’t get the shot of you sitting there while the staff breaks down the room?   Tough decisions out there.

The good news is you really don’t have to choose between Michael Scott and Goodell.  You can catch the first few picks, then swing over and watch The Office, and you’ll be back in plenty of time to see those final uncomfortable moments. Overall, it’s a pretty interesting TV night.


4 thoughts on “Michael Scott vs. Roger Goodell

  1. I would have put this comment in the post about the draft, but thats like 2 days old, and as the post points out, no one really cares about this draft, so no one would have gone back and read this.

    So heres my question to all the poeple on here that know anything about football. With all the talk about Cam Newton being the #1 pick, I cant help but think back to when Tebow came out. There were rumors he was potentially a 3rd rounder, and that he wasnt going to be good in the NFL, etc. etc. Ultimately he went late in the first round (right?), but I think it was a pick that surprised most people, including those that “know” college football. (ie, the draft gurus). But here you have Cam Newton, likely the top pick in the draft, and i dont see much difference between his skill set and Tebow’s. (Admittedly, i didn’t watch much of Newton). But Tebow did it for 3 years. Newton, one year, really? Tebow had the character and intangibles. Newton, not so much, right?

    Why are the same people who were so down on Tebow, so high on Newton? I just dont get it.

  2. I think if you had to boil it down to one thing, it’s that people don’t like bible thumpers.

    But seriously, there is a cavernous separation in arm strength/general throwing ability here.

    You still have to be able to sling it to play in the NFL and Tebow throws quasi inaccurate change-ups and Newton zips it with some accuracy.

  3. Also, Tebow had to compete with Bradford while Newton “lucked out” that Andrew Luck stayed in school. Newton wouldn’t be looking quite as good if Luck was coming out.

    The QB situation of teams like CAR, MN, AZ, TN, SF etc. was so horrid last year that teams seem willing to overlook some serious flaws. It’s desparate yes, but just ask would you rather reach for a guy like Newton or Locker and hope for the best or have to say with a straight face that DA will be our starter again this year.

    That and like Mike said, Cam has the physical attributes that make teams drool (but so did J. George, J. Russ, R. Leaf etc.)

  4. yeah, it’s shocking how many teams need QBs. And, they are going to reach for them. Just like the Broncos reached last year.

    You can’t do much without a franchise QB, and you certainly can’t excite the fans, so away they go every year….

    Should Carolina take a surer thing? Who’s the safest player in the draft, Von Miller? Peterson?

    only die-hards get excited about people like that.

    everyone knows Cam Newton.

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