Smoltzy’s Going Pro.

Look Out Tony Romo.

I read a book once and in the beginning it talked about a pyramid of really good golfers.  The bottom rung made up of guys who were, “the best player you know,” and the tiniest point at the top being tour pros.  The point being even if you are very good at golf–you still aren’t that good.  Celebrity golfers could have their own pyramid.  Many athletes and celebs become good players.  A lot of them have the time to work at it, the guys from other sports have a good athletic base to work from, but often their skill is overblown.  You see it manifest in these made for TV events they trot out before the US Open.  Sure, it’s fun to babble on about how Michael Jordan thinks he could play on the Champions Tour, but then you flip on a camera, push him to the tips at a real golf course and he can’t break 90.   There are a couple of guys out there that are good in their own right, not just for an athlete.  Tony Romo has gotten headlines with his US Open qualifying attempts, and this week John Smoltz tees it up in a Nationwide Tour event in Georgia with a real chance to make the cut, according to some people–Tiger love’s Smoltzy’s game.

As a long time Brave, Smoltz has taken up permanent residence on my list of most despised athletes, so I’ll be left with no choice but to hope he shoots the Snowman Family.  That’s 88-88-MC for those of you counting at home, but I don’t know if my ill will be enough for Smoltzy to embarrass himself.  His only previous tournament experience came in last year’s Georgia Open where he had a hole-in-one and shot some decent scores.  It’d be a good story if he made the cut, and would certainly fuel the pitcher’s Champions Tour aspirations.   He’s getting underway, literally as I write this after a long weather delay.  His playing partner is none other than Andrew Giuliani, who was once made famous by Chris Farley.  Talk about a feature pairing.  If you want to check in on Smoltzy, you can do so right here.


My favorite fact of the Mets financial fiasco?  They owe Bobby Bonilla 1.2 million a year for the next 25 years.  That’s tremendous.  You don’t hear a lot about deferred salaries when deals take place (either contracts or buyouts), but suddenly with teams in financial straits you realize a lot of clubs owe guys who haven’t seen the field in a long time.  The debts were revealed during the Rangers sale last year and now we hear of the Mets settling with Bonilla for just over a million per until 2035.  Yikes.  They struck the deal to avoid paying Bonilla 5.9 million in 2000.  They deferred the payments and gave Bonilla 8% interest.  Not too shabby.  But, the concession by Bonilla to wait until this year to get paid allowed them to sign Mike Hampton and Todd Zeile.  Bonilla’s original free agent deal with the Mets (not the deal that got bought out was for 29 million.  Now they owe him another 30.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result:  WINNER!  Financial Status: (-1/2 stack).

Two wins a row!  That’s how it is done, people.  An easy, breezy beautiful win by the Rays.  It was never in doubt.  Go to bed early and wake up happy.  I don’t know if Big Dub is going to continue to pick, but his successful reverse hexola on the Phils yesterday has him sitting at (-100 dollars) if he wishes to continue.  How could I stop now?  One more is a streak.

Today’s Selection:  Baltimore (+155) over Boston.

Not a lot of good options on the board today, so I’m swinging for the fences.  That’s called situational underdogging.


Quiz of the Day:  Movie Posters.  Category: Judging Books by Their Cover.  My Score: 19/24.  

Hint:  An American Tail and Fievel Goes West are both IN-correct.


9 thoughts on “Smoltzy’s Going Pro.

  1. Even though he’s a hated player for me as well I’m rooting for him to make a cut.

    Give me the Royals over the Indians tonight.

  2. i thought about that one. I think the Royals are +140, but I’ll double check it.

    Smoltzy is 1-under through 3.

    Ball Striking Clinic so far!

  3. rats of nim was wrong, too? WTCUSS.

    and the rats of nim.

    12. i’m so sad. major league and hunt for red october will give me nightmares tnight.

    and 3-Putt, can you pyramid anything? is that your special talent… how bout movies? condiments?


  4. haha…

    yeah, that turned out to be worse than i was expecting.

    I wonder what he was thinking when he was 1-under.

    probably, holy sheeit, I’m going to win the tournament.

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