Eagles Take the Chris Weinke of the Offensive Line.

Pictures From an Eagles Scouting Trip.

As soon as I got wind there was a 26-year old former Canadian firefighter from Baylor available, I knew that is exactly the kind of player the Eagles would target.  He’s mature!   Some teams wouldn’t touch Danny Watkins because he’ll hit his 30th birthday about midway through his 4th pro season, his prime has already started.  But, the Eagles don’t worry about things like age.  They’re smarter than that.  They worry about mileage (read: wild inexperience).  I suppose if they had taken a punter the fans would have been less interested, but until this guy makes about 4 straight Pro Bowls, the fans are going to hate this pick–especially if Jimmy Smith turns out to be a player for the Ravens.  The good news is, the Birds still have Kevin Kolb.

I said I didn’t care about the Draft, but that doesn’t mean after the 1st round is over that I don’t have some thoughts. There were some pretty interesting developments….

1.  I find it interesting that everyone thinks Cam Newton will be a great quarterback or a total bust.  No one thinks he’ll be just a solid pro.  You look at Von Miller who was taken 2nd and there’s at least a few people who will say, OK, he’s not going to be a superstar, but he’ll be a solid producer for you for 10 years.  Not with Newton.  He’s either going to redefine the position or be out of the league in 4 years.

2.  It’s interesting to see how positions are valued.  I’ve heard a lot lately about the devaluing of the running back position.  Now, there wasn’t a star back in this draft so you can’t judge by yesterday’s results, but in general it seems like teams know they have a chance at getting a decent back in the 2nd round or later.  It makes sense with the sheer volume of backs that come out the same year.  You’d think the same would apply to wide receivers, but it certainly didn’t yesterday.  First round receivers bust with uncommon regularity and yet they continue to go toward the top of the draft.  Is anyone confident A.J. Green is definitely a star?  And, the Falcons gave up a TON to get Julio Jones. An odd move for a team that already has a lot of skill on offense.  Four picks for the #2 WR in the Draft?

3.  Only fans more frustrated than Eagles fans?  Perhaps Minnesota who took Christian Ponder at 12.  There was a run on QBs, and Minnesota needs one, but wow.  Right after that pick I sent a message to Big Dub that said this draft was like ’99 Draft without McNabb.  Couch=Gabbert, Smith=Locker, McNown=Ponder, and Culpepper=Newton.  How’s that for some pessimism?  If not Minnesota, how about New England?  They had two first round picks only to take an OT with the first and trade out of the 2nd.  Will the 1st pick in the 2nd round make up for it?

4.  If I was giving out credit, I’d probably reluctantly give some to the Giants who got Prince Amukamara at 19.  Seemed like after Peterson went to Arizona that everyone lost interest in defensive backs and Amukamara fell right to the Giants in the 2nd half of the 1st round.  We all know they need secondary help.  Other than Patrick Peterson it might have been the best pick of the 1st round.


18 thoughts on “Eagles Take the Chris Weinke of the Offensive Line.

  1. Loved the Prince pick, and loved it even more after they showed his ridiculous family. I’m in. You had me at “ridiculous floral colored hat/dress ensemble on mom”.

    The other thing about the Eagles pick-and it will probably work out, this more a knock on Gruden,et al-is they kept praising the pick, but then one of his cons was “needs time to develop.” Sooooo, contradictory much?

  2. Even though I didn’t really care about the draft, I couldn’t help tuning in for a bit.

    I couldn’t believe what ATL gave up for Jones, who like you said is the #2 WR in the draft. Talk about a Godfather offer. It’s a little alarming that the draft “experts” say he has B- hands.

    The run on QBs was pretty entertaining to track. I had to chuckle when MN took Ponder at #12. With teams so willing to overlook some serious flaws it made me wonder what the heck is wrong with Mallett.

    I also loved the fact that the ‘Skins didn’t take Gabbert and traded down to take a defensive end with a high motor. The phrase high motor to me means he lacks athletic ability but tries really hard. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Are they really going with Turnover-a-saurus Rex at QB? Classic.

  3. yeah, Mallett must be a total train wreck in an interview. either that or it’s his association with John Daly bringing him down.

    at this point, you almost hope he slides to the 3rd round and ends up being the best of the bunch.

    then minnesota really looks like a bunch of clowns.

  4. I’m surprised the birds didn’t take the Wisconsin tackle gabe carimi , who wasn’t supposed to last that long.
    How can you take Jimmy smith? He’s failed 3 drug tests! And I do love seeing WR’s whose main negative is their ability to catch, although I do think julio jones is going to be a stud. He is a specimen who did put up solid production in a big time conference

  5. I fell asleep about 5 picks before the Eagles. I have never cared less about the NFL right now.

    I guess the thing I hate right now is the speculation. Especially as it relates to Kolb. Everyone has some sort of trade worked out in their minds. I don’t think Kolb will get traded, but that’s not even the thing that pisses me off.

    It makes no sense how people think they can get into the minds of the Eagles front office when every move they make seems to be something no one else was thinking of.

    The sign Vick out of jail
    They draft some random OG
    They drafted Jeremy Maclin
    The timing of the Donovan trade

    This organization makes so many strange moves (i’m not saying they are bad, just strange at the time they are made) that it makes no sense to try and speculate what they will do next.

    • I don’t think signing Vick out of jail was that our of the box, rest i agree with, although most mock drafts had the Pats taking the O-line guy you took last night.

    • vick surprised me.

      they appeared to be totally set at QB at the time, and they weren’t really an organization big on taking risks in terms of character or reclamation projects.

      • Maybe I’m misunderstanding your response, BK, but I think the point here is that it is difficult to predict what the Eagles, specifically, will do, and that their decisionmaking is so idiosyncratic that you cannot apply conventional wisdom to them. It was not at all surprising that some NFL team would sign Michael Vick. But it was very surprising that it was the Eagles who did that.

      • I took the initial post to be no one (universal) was thinking. If it meant just that no one thought the Eagles were a fit, then different story i guess. Although i think that statement is probably pretty standard for a lot of team.

  6. i never trust a wide receiver, regardless of how jacked they are.

    is he a andre johnson specimen, or a dave boston specimen?

    i assume jimmy smith was bored in college, was constantly surrounded by the wrong people, is not that bright, etc.

    doesn’t mean he can’t play corner!

    i bet the Ravens shape him up.

    he’ll be better than some workmanlike guard

    **and when he gets arrested in 6 months, feel free to repost this comment.

  7. And I totally misread your text you sent me. I think replied about McNabb getting shit on. As you can tell I was tired and out of it. I thought you meant McNabb was definitely not going to Minnesota as a result of the pick.

    Underdog pick: Blue Jays over Yankees.

  8. Sorry, it was the “pro” on Watkins that made me laugh. “Should only improve with experience”. But he’s 26.

    The g-men will probably blow it drafting some DE out of Middle of Nowhere Community College. B/c you can NEVER have enough DEs. Forget that our O-line is about the same age as “Lucy” and our LB’ing corp was gangr*ped on national TV last year. That does matter. We need another long armed, freak DE who can develop for a few years.

    Kraft-They all fail drug tests, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Brian Cushing was on roids from the time he was 15. Cam Newton went to 3 colleges in 3 years, stole a laptop, was kicked out of florida by urban meyer (notorious for second, third, fourth, infinity chances, and has publicly stated so himself) and his “father” took money. The Ravens assume, and i agree, their locker room will hold this kid in line. If he doesn’t toe it, ray lewis will stab his a*s.

  9. Anyone just catch Tiger’s twitter Q&A session? He answered many burning questions such as “what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”.

  10. It might be my Canadian bias but reading all the analysis on Watkins prior to the draft really makes me a believer in him. He moved up draft boards as people became more aware of who the guy is.

  11. Oh, you mean no one knew him, and then his “measurables” were off the charts and he flew up the draft boards? That NEVER happens.

    Seriously though, you realize that’s literally 50-75% of the draft right? Von Miller was slated in the bottom of the first round when he first came out, Jimmy smith a relative unknown, the list goes on and on.

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